The good mood crossover

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The good mood crossover

The Ford Puma caused a good mood in the 2000s as a sports coupe – now it continues as a crossover.

Ford Cougar.

Compact crossovers are extremely popular these days. Probably because they offer a good compromise. They offer an elevated seating position like a large SUV, but are as compact as a small car.

Since you usually don’t need all-wheel drive and off-road capability in everyday life anyway, you can also do without them – but you are happy to take the more generous space due to the higher body.

This is particularly noticeable in the trunk of the new Ford Puma: under the loading floor, where you would normally find a breakdown triangle or a tire repair kit, there is a large storage compartment in the Ford crossover. On top of that, it is practically covered in plastic and has a water drain at the bottom, making it practically washable when transporting dirty hiking boots or dirty potted plants.

The good mood crossover-crossover

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The good mood crossover-crossover

The good mood crossover-crossover

The good mood crossover-good

The good mood crossover-crossover

The good mood crossover-crossover

The good mood crossover-mood

Ford Cougar

It’s these small details that ensure a good mood in everyday life in the Puma. The same goes for the fabric seat covers, which can be zipped off and easily washed in the washing machine, so you don’t have to let a coffee stain spoil your mood.

The nice little details in the 4.21 meter long compact crossover only come into their own because the basis is right. It shares this with the Ford Fiesta and offers a correspondingly high level of driving pleasure. The Puma feels agile and handy, but cushions potholes and bumps without hesitation.

Under the hood of the test car is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder, which comes with a mild hybrid system to 155 hp. It impresses in everyday use with even power delivery, a robust three-cylinder sound and a crisp 6-speed manual transmission. Ford specifies consumption for the 155 hp Puma as 5.9 l/100 km; in the test it was 6.3 l/100 km, which is quite economical considering the good amount of space and the impeccable driving characteristics.

The Puma is also economical to buy: it can be had for as little as 22,200 francs – and remains well under 40,000 francs even when fully equipped.

The good mood crossover-crossover

Ford Cougar (1999).

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