The most likeable electric bulli does not come from VW

Electric Brands XBus

The most likeable electric bulli does not come from VW

The most likeable electric bulli does not come from VW-likeable
Manufacturer XBus from Electric Brands

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

It doesn’t have to be bigger, heavier and stronger. The company Electric Brands introduces a flexible minibus – which is made with a few simple steps to a charging transporter or off -road convertible. The electric bus is visually similar to the first VW Bulli.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. The development has taken more information more than three years so far and in the middle of the year the XBus from Electric Brands from Itzehoe should now come onto the streets. Knuffy appearance and flexibility are reminiscent of the ideas of the Swatch Auto, which became the Smart Fortwo under Designer Johann ThomForde and Nicolas Hayek under Daimler direction.But the XBus of the North German Start UPS Electric Brand has been created around 30 years later and, with commercial vehicle orientation, relies on an electric drive. Similar to the Smart at the time, the XBus wants to score with its cute-sympathetic external points.

The most likeable electric bulli does not come from VW-likeable
Manufacturer/press inform XBus from Electric Brands

XBus: 600 kilograms of light electric flea

"Time is ripe for the XBus", Ralf Haller, founder of Electric Brands AG, is sure, "if we look at the growing traffic density, larger cars cannot be the answer. We need clever, versatile and sustainable concepts that get us all individual mobility and personal lifestyle – and without exhaust gases, but with comfort, familiar reach and appropriate speed. And that’s exactly where we start with the XBus.“Production in northern German Itzehoe should start in the second quarter.

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The 600 kilogram electrical floh is 3.96 meters long, 1.64 meters wide and, depending on the version, around two meters high. In addition to the normal version, there is an off -roader with significantly more ground clearance – all -wheel drive is a series. Up to 56 kW / 76 hp four wheel engines ensure the drive, which are at least 15 kW / 20 hp in continuous operation and were preferably in the city center and are supposed to transport three people. The top speed: 100 km/h.

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Range from 100 kilometers

Depending on the version, the consumption is between 5 to 10 kWh per 100 kilometers. In the basic version with eight battery packs and thus 10 kWh, a range of at least 100 kilometers is possible. Anyone who has integrated the XBus with solar cells in the roof depending on the module can expand the range by up to 200 kilometers a day. The battery pack strengthens a 220-volt standard socket in three to five hours; With a quick loader with eleven kilowatts correspondingly shorter. For longer distances, the XBus can be upgraded with up to 24 other battery packs. Thus, theoretically up to 600 kilometers are in it and if you don’t want to lose time by reloading, you can replace the battery packs at special stations.

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The most likeable electric bulli does not come from VW-bulli

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Changeable like a chameleon

The Electric Brands XBus can change like a chameleon and is thus as suitable for delivery services, trade and business as well as for private leisure use. With the XBus City and XBus off -road, two chassis is available. Both variants are available as a basis and with eight different modules, which are interchangeable in a few simple steps within a short time.

The most likeable electric bulli does not come from VW-likeable
Manufacturer XBus from Electric Brands

As a bus, there is a fond cabin on the side behind the standard module, tailgate, second row of seats and a loading room. By folding the second row of seats and the passenger seat back, there are up to three cubic meters of loading volume. Electric Brands offers a luggage structure for delivery services and construction companies can choose a tipper. The middle structure can be used as a safe for tools or another battery package is based. Other structures are for a leisure convertio, camper or two pick-up versions. The base price: approx. 20.000 euros. CEO Martin Henne: “I think that over 9.000 reservations on our small homepage Electric Brands and the now over 10.000 pre-orders about our 600 service and sales partners speak a clear language."

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The most likeable electric bulli does not come from VW-likeable

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11 thoughts on “The most likeable electric bulli does not come from VW”

  1. My first thought,
    When I saw the pictures: Oh god, see the shit.e from. There are no good ones either … Vehicle values. And he doesn’t look like a T1 or T2.

  2. What is the maximum load (payload) ?
    And how far do you get to z.B. 50 and 100 km/h until you have to reload? Without this information, this is worthless if it should be a commercial vehicle and not a fun car

  3. Commercial vehicle orientation
    In the case of a commercial vehicle orientation, it is of course important to specify a payload, which is unfortunately missing in the article. The vehicle reminds me less of a VW bus but rather a Piaggio small van. Commercial vehicles are mostly moved by using the load, so it would make sense to specify the range with loading.

  4. Construction company
    Can choose a tipper variant … I laugh away … When the loaded tip is driven up, the battery is empty .. Consumption between 5 !! and 10 kWh .. So less than a stove in the kitchen consumed . Well who believes it ..

  5. A bit misleading the article
    The XBus comes with the large battery 600km, through the solar roof and recuperation, up to 200km a day should be possible again. Quick shops on a type2 charging station are also possible, accordingly you will not always have to load 3-5 hours. For families rather not suitable because light vehicle (3 people), but it should be one later "greater" Version come according to the manufacturer.

  6. One
    Rekuperation only brings something if the driving profile also gives. There is no relying on that. Even at best, this only brings about 10% more reach. This structure may be good for gardening in the city park.

  7. Not clear
    Without exhaust gas? As long as only a coal -fired power plant in Germany, Poland or anywhere else is in operation with exhaust gas clouds, electric car cars have an exhaust flag. Each individual part of Eautos is also produced with energy from coal -fired power plants. These are the exhaust gas clouds of the Eautos.

  8. great !
    Looks like the VW bus from the eighties, but in Klein. It takes a little more than the look that you successfully sell vehicles. Don’t think this is one "Gamechanger" will….On the contrary, it will be more of a flop ! But well, the buyer decides……….

  9. For all rural communities,
    Forest farms, local craftsmen and rural companies. I think the economy and the public sector could strike here. More limited for private use. Stop reality for many drivers and larger companies. Let’s see what will become of it.

  10. The bus
    Unfortunately fits in a garage. At most carport and of course under the lantern. If it were lower that it also fits into a garage, then I would be more interested in it. I would also prefer to park it in the garage because of charging on the socket.

  11. The size is right…
    …the rest not. Reach and loading times are miserable, the price is too high. Is a maximum of in the city – but who buys an overpriced bus as a city car? And that where the cities are currently doing everything possible to scare drivers (including e-cars)? Nice idea, but completely over the need, that can only be a flop. Pity.


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