The new Mercedes S -Class celebrates its premiere – can Daimler still?

Mercedes S-Class W 223 2021

Can Daimler still? The technology of the new S-Class

The new Mercedes S -Class celebrates its premiere - can Daimler still?-premiere
Mercedes S-Class W 223

The new Mercedes S -Class celebrates its premiere - can Daimler still?-celebrates

Mercedes S-Class W 223 2021: A Star is Born

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

The new Mercedes S-Class soon celebrates its premiere and it seems as if the whole world are preparing for it. Together with development chief Jurgen Weissinger, we took a look behind the well -served backdrops of the new top model.

The signs for the start of the new Mercedes S-Class could be better. In addition to the ongoing pandemic, the development hooked powerfully and so the premiere was pushed back several times. But at the beginning of September it will finally be time. The new generation W 223 celebrates its official premiere at the headquarters in Sindelfingen and should roll on the market shortly afterwards. Not only in Munich, Ingolstadt, Tokyo and Seoul all eyes look at Stuttgart, because when a new Mercedes S-Class comes, the automotive world stands still for more than a short moment.

New S-Class from Mercedes is coming in September

"We started a new architecture in 2015," introduces Jurgen Weissinger, "for our innovation carrier in the luxury segment we have developed a completely new platform, some other models from our brand will also benefit.“The new S-Class is more than the figurehead of Mercedes; In addition to the VW Golf, it is probably the only serious predicate of the German auto industry, because worldwide all other luxury sedans are measured by the prestige object from the Landle.

The new Mercedes S -Class celebrates its premiere - can Daimler still?-premiere
Daimler Mercedes S-Class W 223

The challenges for every Mercedes S-Class have so far been great, and the competition has long since caught up. BMW 7 Series and Audi A8 in particular are in the same league and have passed in some disciplines. In addition, there is the increasing risk of electromobility – led by fear opponents Tesla with Elon Musk. Tesla still has no serious competition with the S-Class; But the competition in the coming years is likely to become tougher.

Diesel cruisers with Wumms: Audis A8 could drive automatically – but must not

The new Mercedes S -Class celebrates its premiere - can Daimler still?-daimler

Site Diesel cruisers with Wumms: Audis A8 could drive automatically – but must not

For this reason, the Mercedes S-Class gets an electric brother, the EQs in mid-2021. It is hardly smaller, has a completely different design and should address other customers who want to roll into a purely electrified future. From November, the new S -Class should not only lure traditionalists – on the contrary.

The new Mercedes S -Class celebrates its premiere - can Daimler still?-premiere
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design Mercedes is planning an electric luxury coupe that is called EQS

There is a separate luxury series for electric drives

But the pure electric drive is reserved in this league to the EQS. The S-Class, on the other hand, is extensively electrified. The versions with plug-in hybrid drive are said to have electrical areas up to 100 kilometers. Three wheel stalls, rear and all-wheel drive as well as tank versions for politics and heads of state are set. There are also Maybach and AMG variants with even more steam and even more luxury.

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In addition to the pleasing design, the be-all and end-all of the new S-Class is a new rear drive platform that will be a new home for the large Mercedes models. A large number of future models are to be created on it and the costs should be reduced noteworthy. The related components start in the shell architecture and go to seats or automatic climate automatic to crash behavior. Therefore, the development effort in the new S-Class was particularly high because the W 223 series will be the first model on the new technical basis.

For the time being, twelve cylinder remains on board

Initially, the Daimler managers had considered to delete the top model with twelve cylinders. However, it has long been leaked that the previous V12 engine will remain in the program as long as possible – for the first time as an all -wheel drive version. However, AMG has already shaken its head and the normal S-classes must also be satisfied with six and eight-cylinder engines. Only the Maybach versions and, if necessary, the heavily armored guards. In contrast to the smaller models, the Mercedes S-Class will not come with a four-cylinder in the future either in Europe or the USA, nor in Asia. Instead, six- and eight-cylinders with a 48-volt-sector network indicate the tone, which is already well known from the current E / S class and the GLS.

The new Mercedes S -Class celebrates its premiere - can Daimler still?-premiere
Daimler Mercedes S-Class W 223

But in addition to the image-prone V12 king, a new S-Class also deals with central topics such as security and comfort. The top model with star should not only offer level three driver assistance, which can later be refreshed at level four, but also have a completely new operating concept or seats that should set standards. “You have to fall into the seat and feel comfortable immediately. We will show completely new spheres, ”says Jurgen Weissinger,“ The fund is becoming increasingly important. Therefore there are also four centimeters more wheelbase and many new features in the rear."

For the first time with rear axle steering

The chief of development of the star cruis. It means waiting until the premiere in September. There should also be a clear look. For the first time there is a Mercedes S-Class with rear axle steering. This does not bring dynamics and agility at high tempos, but a turning circle less than 1.20 meters lower.


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The new Mercedes S -Class celebrates its premiere - can Daimler still?-class

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The new Mercedes S -Class celebrates its premiere - can Daimler still?-class

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  1. Fuel cell until the end of the decade..
    Daimler slept for a long time and rested on his fat margins. This applies to Zetsche … As for Schrempp. Massive mistakes are still being made now. The development of the GLC F-Cell is set at a time when the other only discover the hydrogen area for itself. Trucks should only be in the joint venture with Volvo "by the end of the decade" hydrogen. 10 years until series production for a technology that Daimler has been researching for decades? Is it what has become of Swabian entrepreneurial and inventive spirit? A huge chance of Daimler is wasted here.

  2. so what ?
    …Almost every manufacturer has its special models in the program that you don’t really need: Porsche G-Class AMG Audi RS BMW M etc…. And with the whole sports car and luxury car manufacturer. In fact, someone believes that they will die out in the next few decades ? They are still being built with combustion and also sold, that is safe.

  3. Of the king’s new clothes
    Except for Protz and Suff, nothing is really new from the star. Why too? As long as these baroque noble carriages are promoted here by tax depreciation models, there is no need to rethink and what really new in terms of mobility. Lightweight construction ? False! Low air resistance? Unnecessary! Spatial economy? Foreign word! ecology? Never heard! They only know "keep it up". It’s just a shame about the human potential.

  4. Yes / Yes
    However, models like the EQS are punished for lies. Or know an electric vehicle that is superior in the overall package of an EQS? Just because there is none.

  5. 12 cylinders stay on board…
    …also for the group of people who receive their mobility costs from the taxpayer. No, no envy, soder environmental protection!

  6. dinosaur
    A species threatened by extinction. As soon as energy can be saved sustainably and combined with efficient drives, the days of this kind are counted. The competition from the Far East or the USA does not sleep. Is also reflected in the share prices. If the Germans don’t get better than an overpriced BMW i3 or luxury Stromer for 80k+.

  7. Lord KOren!
    How long has the luxury class in the car area with 7 Series, S-Class and Audi A8?How long have other manufacturers tried in vain to get a tip of the ground in this area worldwide? For decades unsuccessful!Technology that ends up in household waste at ever shorter intervals is manufactured cheaper abroad. An S-Class is driven forever, even as a used one!

  8. I laugh myself limp…
    …When I read something like "Tesla still has no serious competition with the S-Class". Right and that will always remain so forever. Who is so naive to want to compare a Tesla with the S-Class first. They are as far apart as Mars from Earth. The German manufacturers will continue to dominate the luxury market as clearly as no one else, basta. Everything else is just wishful thinking of e-car fanboys, nothing more.

  9. The stock market course
    is never an indicator of successful companies, but for expectations, hopes, wishful thinking and greed. Also, the stock exchange often covers, which is clearly the case with Tesla. Oh yes, how was it on the new market? What courses do we see there, which companies are still there today? Then there is Telekom. How high was the course once, how high is it in the past 10 years?

  10. The S-Class has a future.
    However, a perhaps still more elitist than before. Politicians and other powerful will not want to do without safety, strength and reach. Several prefer the protected variants – electrically in view unimaginable. However, it can be – or if it is not already – that the foot is the car. Through taxes and other regulations. Then maybe even the elderly S-Class becomes priceless as a used car.


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