The petrol station of tomorrow will become an energy hub

Change in the petrol pump

Patch, shop, exchange: The petrol station of tomorrow will become the energy hub

The petrol station of tomorrow will become an energy hub-energy
Christoph Michaelis Charging instead of refueling: Aral also wants to get big into the business with emobility

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The number of petrol stations has more than halved in the past decades. The growing electric trend shows that the petrol station of the future has to earn with something other than just with petrol or diesel.

The petrol station operators have long since recognized this and gradually change their business. In any case, the petrol stations have developed into true supermarkets in many federal states, in which beer, frozen pizza, handkerchiefs and chips are not only bought after the shop closes. The best example is Bavaria, because while other federal states have long since softened their shopping times and give customers flexibility, at least six days a week, in Munich, Nuremberg and Augsburg from 8 p.m. This means that even food can only be bought at train stations, airports or at petrol stations. Since the margins are lower than ever in the liquid fabrics, the petrol station operators see the outdated shop closure anything but reluctant to buy, because the bare essentials are bought at, at least outside of these times.

Still petrol pumps for decades – but more and more charging stations

The charging stations are also increasingly an issue, because the large petrol station operators know that the future of new vehicles will be electrical. But the number of existing vehicles will grow first and so the used cars secure the petrol pumps for decades. Nevertheless, petrol and diesel will be much less in demand in the next few years – because in addition to more and more electric cars on the market, the real consumption of the combustion engines is decreasing.

The petrol station of tomorrow will become an energy hub-tomorrow
Audi A charging hub from Audi

In order for future business to no longer pass at the normal petrol stations, more and more operators in inner cities, as well as on expressways and motorways, are targeting loading points for electrified cars. In Germany, for example, around 90 percent of these rest areas is hosting the former state -owned company Tank & Rast, which was privatized in 1998 and holds the concessions for around 360 petrol stations and around 400 rest areas including about 50 hotels.

Tank & Rast also wants to save Monopol for e-cars

According to an analysis of the federal material testing and research institution, many petrol stations will soon use their excess solar energy from their own photovoltaic systems for the production of their own energy. In addition to electricity and hydrogen for electric vehicles, synthetic diesel and gasoline fuels could also be produced.

What is the problem at the e-car shop? Researchers are looking for testers

The petrol station of tomorrow will become an energy hub-station

Site What is the problem at the e-car shop? Researchers are looking for testers

According to a joint study that the petrol station operator Aral and the German Aerospace Center commissioned, the petrol stations of tomorrow are becoming traffic junctions and locations of a new mobility.

Petrol cones, loading electricity and exchange batteries

It would not only be conceivable to refuel combustion and the quick charging of electromobiles, but also possible battery changes as car manufacturers Nio already offers it and want to offer some others as a supplement to the lengthy reloading. According to the ARAL study, the petrol stations of the future would also be conceivable as stations for personal robes, from which electroscooters or autonomous taxis or e-bikes can be switched.

The petrol station of tomorrow will become an energy hub-petrol
ENBW ENBW charging park for electric cars

Hardly any of the large petrol station operators are currently not involved in not supplementing the existing petrol pumps for petrol, diesel and natural gas by further electrolade points. Aral currently wants to build 500 charging points at 120 petrol stations with his sub -brand Pulse. With the 350 kilowatt charts, reloading is almost as fast as the normal tank process with the combustion engineer. Aral Board Board Patrick Wendeler: “In view of the increasing demand for electric vehicles, the time is ripe to accelerate the expansion of the charging infrastructure.“The charging stations provide 100 percent green electricity and depending on the location have a charging capacity of up to 350 kilowatts.

The petrol station of tomorrow will become an energy hub-energy
Aral/dlr Forecast: By 2040, the drive world will change at the petrol station

Synthetic fuels as a climate fuel

Competitor Shell is currently in two tracks. On the one hand, Hamburg offer synthetic fuels and offer a liquid alternative to normal fuels. In addition, there are also more and more large Shell petrol stations for fast charging stations. In 2018 Tamoil started to make your own petrol station network fit for electronics. “We are also increasingly relying on the expansion in rural areas in Germany, in order to be able to guarantee the possibilities and the offer for the end consumers over a large area. At HEM we are service providers for the mobility of people and want to continue to be customers who choose e-mobility in the future, ”explains Yvonne Moldenhauer, district manager of Deutsche Tamoil GmbH. Greater and in particular more open than other petrol station operators, petrol station operators Westphalia is committed to the charging stations. The Westphalia with headquarters in Munster make no secret of the fact that they see electromobility at their petrol pumps as a real alternative to the liquid fabrics.

State introduces new traffic signs: have you ever seen them?

The petrol station of tomorrow will become an energy hub-become

Site State introduces new traffic signs: have you ever seen them?

Now learn more about the future of mobility

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  1. How could "Petrol stations" look in the future?
    You could create additional offers on the upper floor. A) Meals (restaurant/mini market) … B) Post/parcel services c) hairdresser, pharmacy, … Small mini malls to fill the 20-30 minute stops profitably for both sides. And who drives the fully charged electric car from the "Pump" Away, if it takes a little longer, the good old one will "Fabric" reactivated? No, the electric car of the future will drive autonomously and thus independently from the charging station to a waiting area. Hopefully it will not forget that the owner is still shopping or crouching on the tank at the hairdresser at the hairdresser… And the charging cable should also be removed beforehand.

  2. That’s how it looks !
    Well then do it ! I’m curious when it will be noticed that the loading hubs have no juice. Then the Audi station does not work either. Defend me personally against progress, if one is really one. However, the gigantic subsidies alone show that the people have almost completely different understanding of progress. Of course there are always exceptions…..

  3. Oh Mr. Grundhoff,
    Before optimizing the new structures of the petrol stations, please tell me where you want to take the electricity from all electric cars from. Perhaps you have missed that we are currently switching off almost all power plants in Germany, regardless of the operating mode. Seriously believe that abroad will provide us with energy in the future? Even if you could, you would want that? Well, just dream away from reality, I tell you, e-cars will not give my life expectancy on our streets for the foreseeable future.

  4. My inspections see it differently
    In the long term, the modern Zapfseule is still petrol, great and diesel. Because the trend will go back when Germany throws the towel after the final blackout. With a voelly unusable technology, one "energy transition" – The word is stupid – never can succeed. With us in the United States, the e-mobile native does not prevail. On the contrary, politicians as well as our president are prevented from making a turn because the population simply does not want them. And against the buerger, no democratic state can do politics – not even in Germany, as it will turn out quite soon.

  5. Don’t bet
    That will not happen. Just because some do not want to deal with changes will not be able to stop progress! USA are not the USA either. In California it looks different. You are probably in Texas. There is a lot different anyway. 🙂

  6. The Charging Hub
    Has to support Reyclelre Autoakkus.In principle, this is not bad, but there are two charging losses. In addition, higher loading losses are created when you quickly store "Normal". I consider the whole thing to be a marketing campaign in the area of the Nuremberg Messe.

  7. Audi shows it
    how "Petrol stations" the future will look. You could create additional offers on the upper floor. A) Meals (Restaurant/Mini-Markt) B) Post/Package Services c) Hairdresser, pharmacy, … Small mini malls to fill the 20-30 minute stops profitably for both sides.

  8. Yes Mr. cuts minutes
    In 15-20 min you load around 200-250km (5 minutes on the V3 SUC are enough for u100km), if I started completely, I already have about 400km behind me. I usually only load as much as I need to get to the goal or the next SUC. You can’t think in "combustioners"..


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