The Polish government reliabs the E-Autopremia

The Polish government reliabs the E-Autopremia-government

According to the model of the successful photovoltaic conveyor program “Moj prąd” (DT. My electricity) has decided Poland the new edition of the emotions promotion program. From the 12. July private individuals can provide their applications for promoting “Moj Elykk”. The submission of applications is only possible online.

“A promotion for single buyers is granted on the basis of the reimbursement of a part of the car purchase costs. To get the, you only need to submit the purchase invoice and run a few simple steps on the online form, “said Artur Lorkowski, the deputy head of the authority responsible for the awarding of the buying bonuses, talking to the Polish media.

Funded are emission-free cars, ie electric vehicles and hydrogen-powered cars. The purchase bonus is regular 18 750 zł (CA. 4100 Euro). Children’s families, however, get 27 000 zł (5900 euros). However, if a promoted vehicle is sold within two years, the seller must repay the entire funding amount he has received. This is intended to prevent speculation transactions.

In the up to date strongly to the new value of the car, this fundamental condition was assumed in principle, but the funding is no longer valid only for cars with a new price of less than 125 000 zł (CA. 27 300 euros), but was extended by car models, the 225 000 zł (49 165 euros) and more costs, expanded. It turns out that the new price limit initiated in the past had held many purchases from applying for promotion.

To be awarded are now 100 million zł (CA. 22 million euros). The entire funding program has a budget of half a billion Zloty, which corresponds to about 100 million euros. If the funds are exhausted before the end of the program (2025), no further requests are accepted.

In contrast to Germany is not the purchase of cars, but the lease is not crucial for the Polish new car market. The predominant number of new vehicles is leased in Poland, which brings significant tax benefits just for self-employed and freelancers.

In contrast to the purchase bonus requested by the National Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund (Nfośigw), the payments for leasing contracts are processed by the banks. Applicants who are not natural persons can put on promotion of more than one vehicle. The amount of the subsidy depends on the type of car and the expected mileage.

The funding amount for the purchase of delivery vehicles is up to 70,000 zł (15 300 euros). The prerequisite is an average annual mileage of more than 20.000 kilometers. Only for the leasing commercially used electric vehicles will be 400 million. zł (80 million euros) to subsidies for leasing contracts provided.

Aleksandra Fedorska Is Polish-German Politologist and Publisher. She works as a correspondent for Polish and German media in the fields of energy policy and e-mobility. Fedorska lives and works in the Schleswig-Holstein jail and in the Polish city of Poznań.

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