The popular small electric car, the VW e-Up, will soon be available to order again

The popular small electric car, the VW e-Up, will soon be available to order again-e-up

The VW e-Up is coming back to the dealers, as reported by several media. First, the electric car rental company Nextmove reported on YouTube that the e-Up in the “Style Plus” variant, with a list price of a good 26.500 euros and a range of around 250 kilometers should be offered again. Electrive has had this news confirmed by VW – from mid-February, the popular small car, ranked 2nd among the best-selling electric cars in 2021 behind the Tesla Model 3 and ahead of the VW ID.3, can be ordered again. According to Nextmove, the first retailers already have lists of interested parties.

Minus the environmental bonus, the e-Up is available from around 17.000 euros, which is why Nextmove assumes there will be huge demand: “The run will be epic and quick reactions will be crucial,” said the e-car rental company on Twitter.

In 2020, Volkswagen imposed an order freeze for the e-Up. A reaction to the sharp increase in demand at the time, when the e-car purchase premium was increased as part of the Corona stimulus package under the keyword innovation premium. However, it was not clear how long the increased purchase price premium should be paid out. The delivery times at the time were a good 16 months and it was unclear whether customers who would not have received their e-Up until 2022 would still be able to receive the bonus. Because the delivery date is decisive for the payment of the environmental bonus. According to the reports, the e-Up was also hardly lucrative for VW due to the higher manufacturer share in the e-car premium.

This situation has now changed, they say. In which quantities VW is now going into production is not known. “Production figures depend on several factors, such as.B. Parts availability, factory capacity and incoming orders,” a VW spokesman told Electrive. “We cannot provide any information at this time.But one thing is clear: The e-Up closes a large gap in the range of small and inexpensive electric cars, and will certainly do so for a longer period of time. At VW, for example, a new, smaller model below the ID.3 is only planned for around 2025.

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5 thoughts on “The popular small electric car, the VW e-Up, will soon be available to order again”

  1. Now VW have obviously processed the backlog of orders halfway and can now continue. I hope they have secured enough cells and other parts at good prices and are now producing the e-upmiigo more profitably. – Shouldn’t really be a problem

    Vw is in a comfortable position with the vehicle: Very attractive car and reasonable range – e-twingo and dacia spring can only retain customers with huge price reductions and the e-500 is and is a vehicle for the chic-micki scene anyway not interesting for fleets.

    There can be a better equipment as a starting package – the order books will still be full.

    How was that: VW sets the production? – All latrine paroles but that’s just how it’s about VW.

  2. Although the e-up can improve the sales figures and prevent the avalanche of customer losses. But the return is not better. Because with this car no money can be made. However, it hinders the expansion of earnings-generating capacities.


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