The S-Class becomes the Tesla class: the new luxury sedans of the Germans

Mercedes, BMW, Audi

The S-Class becomes the Tesla class: the new luxury sedans of the Germans

The S-Class becomes the Tesla class: the new luxury sedans of the Germans-tesla
Daimler S-Class, A8 and 7 Series under pressure: Luxury current should save the noble sedans

Limousins were the symbol of automotive luxury for a long time. However, the classic models are currently experiencing a decline because many customers switch to equally status -charged SUVs. Whether the electrification can reverse the trend?

Anyone who speaks of a luxury sedan initially comes to mind the Mercedes S-Class, which has not only dominated the segment since its official premiere in 1971. The German competitive models of the BMW 7 Series and the Audi A8 are similarly known. To date, the S-Class is considered the car with which most innovative technologies come onto the market, which can then be found in the other segments. At best, Jaguar XJ or Opel diplomat competed for comparison tests, because the Bentleys and Rolls Royce play in another price league.

The eternal struggle between BMW, Audi and Mercedes

It was only at the end of the seventies that BMW sent another competitor into the race with the 7 Series. In 1994 a new challenger was added to Audi’s A8. XJ and diplomat have long since disappeared. And so today the trio from southern Germany is considered the crowning glory of the series limousine building. The analysts of Jato Dynamics have therefore looked closely at the evolution of the three figureheads and analyzed the changes since 2002.

The S-Class becomes the Tesla class: the new luxury sedans of the Germans-tesla
Press Inform / BMW S-Class, A8 and 7 Series under pressure: Luxury current should save the noble sedans

Analysis: larger, heavy expensive

First of all, it is noticeable: everyone got bigger, everyone became significantly heavier and of course everyone became more expensive. And something else is remarkable: less and less are sold out of all three. This is amazing, the current models come from different epochs. The BMW (G11) has been around since 2015, which Audi (D5) has been since 2017, only the Mercedes (W223) was only introduced last year. But there are more differences.

In this S-Class you feel like Helmut Kohl

The S-Class becomes the Tesla class: the new luxury sedans of the Germans-luxury

Site In this S-Class you feel like Helmut Kohl

Above all, the number of versions offered varies greatly. In 2002 there were only two versions of the A8 – with 3.7 and 4.2 liters of displacement and only as a petrol engine. Today there are eleven variants, with three or. Four liters, but as a diesel and petrol engine, as mild and plug-in hybrid. The BMW 7 Series can be ordered in 15 versions today. The motorization ranges from 3-liter diesel to the V12 with 6.6 liters and it also exists as a plug-in. 19 years ago there were only seven variants with displacement between 3.6 and six liters. The S-Class, on the other hand, is quite different. If you could choose under no less than 16 different versions in 2002, today there are only modest six variants – all petrol engines.

How blatant the luxury limos have increased in weight

The changes in weight are much more exciting. Was the Audi 2002 with a good 1.800 kilograms almost a lightweight, so it is today with 2.175 kg the hardest of the three models. The other way around the course at the 7: it was the hardest in the early 2000s with almost two tons and is today with 2.070 kg the lightest in the field. In the meantime it had really slimmed down: in 2016 the BMW even weighed under 1.950 kg. The S-Class was a good 1 in 2002.900 kg and weighs almost 2.1 tons today. Almost for granted that the outer dimensions of the candidates have increased over time – especially the Audi has grown properly over the years. All models are longer than 5.20 m and wider than 1.90 m. Only the BMW has kept measure: the 7er is still exactly as wide and a good two centimeters lower today.

The S-Class becomes the Tesla class: the new luxury sedans of the Germans-s-class
Press Inform / BMW S-Class, A8 and 7 Series under pressure: Luxury current should save the noble sedans

E-limousines are pushing onto the market

All of this seems to have done all of this very well. The number of admission has been steadily declining since 2002. This may be due to the increasing number of electric vehicles from the luxury segment, because the Mercedes S-Class is now getting competition from its own company through the EQs. The upcoming BMW 7 Series will not only be available with combustion engines and as a plug-in hybrid, but also offered as an electrical version from 2022/2023. However, it is particularly clear that many customers switched from a classic luxury limousine to an SUV.

The 7000 hp wind turbine: Mercedes in the storm

The S-Class becomes the Tesla class: the new luxury sedans of the Germans-tesla

Site The 7000 hp wind turbine: Mercedes in the storm

At that time there was neither an Audi Q7 / Q8, nor a BMW X7 or a Mercedes GLS. But it is certainly also due to the price. This has increased – technical progress or not -. The entry variants still cost between almost 59 19 years ago.000 and around 66.000 euros, the price for all three models is more than 90.000 euros increased. At the "cheapest" Last year the 7 Series BMW was 90.200 euros. The A8 already cost 4.000 euros more and the S-Class only existed from 101.400 euros. At some point even the brightest star sinks. Were more than 10 in 2002.Discontinued 000 pieces, the over-Mercedes came to just under just 3 last year.900 units sold. In 2006 he even found around 11.000 buyers. The paragraph from the 7er also decreased properly: decline of almost 9.000 to almost 3.000 pieces. And the Audi? He had to drop in sales by around 1.Add 700 units, from a good 4.000 in 2002 to 2.300 models sold.

More and more new competitors on the market

Even if the S-Class has been considered a benchmark of the segment for decades and with every new generation, its popularity, like that of the entire trio, has significantly decreased. It will be exciting to see whether your electrified successors can change this again. Because the – supposedly more environmentally friendly – competition is getting bigger. Especially the start-ups among the electric vehicle manufacturers push into the luxury segment with power.

This article was written by Patrick Solberg
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12 thoughts on “The S-Class becomes the Tesla class: the new luxury sedans of the Germans”

  1. Status symbol represents unwanted status
    The time in which the people, the general recognition from the large luxury sedans … The time in which the people who came out of the large luxury sedans were over. This weakens the “prestige” and “belonging” purchase motif. Anyone who wants to underline the perception of their personality as contemporary, successfully and responsible with the vehicle in this country no longer reaches the extincing burn-dinos. Only those who really enjoy quality do that, and these are fewer buyers.

  2. luxury
    This is not just about the thickest battery and the best acceleration. Think of the processing of fabric and leather in the interior, haptics of surfaces, noises when closing the door, comfort drives, etc. This is exactly what German luxury manufacturers deal with entire rods from engineers. In many countries, this effort and perfection are estimated. For years, brands have developed that have always delivered consistently high -quality products. Funnily enough, even in China, your own start-up products are not bought or Tesla. In the upper class segment there are German manufacturers who trust customers.

  3. I give that,
    Most pro and contra commentators right. A Model S is rather category Audi A6 etc. Also should not be eight that z.B. German manufacturers have over 50 years of experience in the processing quality. Tesla is a young company that learns quickly. You should therefore not underestimate Tesla.

  4. When a Tesla owner says,
    Tesla is the new SCHLAST for me, then that’s okay. Anyone who identifies with a product connects it with something, that can be the "charismatic" Elon Musk, the high spare parts costs or the aversion to German products in the Tesla case Tesla, the "California Dream" case.—— one can certainly not mean “–- high sustainable vehicle construction. This has been the trademark of the Mercedes S class for decades.

  5. From a Tesla
    will never become an S-Class. The American boxes are miserable, have gaps as with trucks and are incredibly unfriendly built. The only good after Tesla are the drive units. The rest of the rest can confidently knock into the famous bin. Spare parts that cost € 670 on an S-Class beat with a Tesla times in no time with € 1.800 to beech (rear apron)! And getting a spare part can also take 4-6 weeks. Sorry Elon, prefer to fly into space!

  6. image
    German manufacturers only sell through their image. You want to impress the neighbor through an expensive car. Similar to company vehicles. There must also be certain brands and models. There are also luxury from cheaper manufacturers and models.

  7. I’ll give you a tip!
    Try to buy a spare part at Tesla. You will experience a nasty surprise! Delivery times of 4-6 weeks are not uncommon. Often the original spare parts are so bad that hours of reworking are necessary. Anyone who comes from mechanical engineering, like me, will definitely not get such an American freshness heap.

  8. S-Class of Germans?
    In my view, not quite right. It should be said: “The S-Class of German entrepreneurs.“Who from the mass of Germans can afford an S-Class. If you still buy an old S-Class car and cannot repair yourself, you will have to separate from it at the latest when you repair. Luxury limousines are in, through state subsidies, candy to the rich and the automotive industry. There are hardly any other investments in which the pure luxury can be deducted from the tax office. Hand forged rims, delicate leather, 500PS, and much more. Almost no problem. And not even the left takes care of it.

  9. Oh well,
    Tesla class is only available at Tesla. Who should seriously compete ? The upper class is still divided under the usual suspects. Newcomers definitely have no chance there. Tesla will not be able to score there either. This clientele would like a little more than "rocket -like acceleration" Would be revealing who and how much of these entire startups sells something at all ? Then there is more to it like a great idea…..

  10. Mr. Hahn
    Take a look at the production and sales figures of the upper class on the Internet. You will be surprised who there "the nose" Has in front.

  11. Start UPS press with power into the luxury segment?
    Seriously? Which startups should please be? In the S-Class, Seven and A8 segment, the manufacturers certainly have no startups to fear as a competition. Not even Tesla, the only really established one "Start up" Can really win market shares in the luxury segment. Model S and Y are selling worse and were never a competition for the top models of the German manufacturers. Nothing will change because Daimler, BMW and Co. Build too good vehicles and also expand the e-range more and more across all segments. They only have to fear politics, because nobody knows for sure what madness is decided.

  12. @Herr Chowaniec
    But they compare apples with pears. Drive a Mercedes S-Class current design and compare the Tesla Model S. Then quickly find out what differences are in terms of driving comfort. And that’s what the luxury class is about, which Tesla does not count. Or is a car luxurious for them just because it is sold more? Then a golf should be the luxury slide.


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