The Seat brand has had its day: Electric cars from Spain comes as “Cupra”

New performance: Cupra Born

The Seat brand has had its day: Electric speedsters from Spain comes as "Cupra"

The Seat brand has had its day: Electric cars from Spain comes as "Cupra"-spain
Cupra Cupra Born

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Seats offshoot Cupra is launching its first pure electric car in autumn. According to the brand image with sporting data and the corresponding optics.

The Cupra Born is "An absolute gamechanger", finds Seats CEO Wayne Griffiths. With all understanding of the emotional exuberance about the first electric car in its sports and noble brand Cupra: The new Born has become a small gem – but by no means alone in the large, wide parent company Volkswagen. The same technical basis is under the optically independent and remarkable body as in the VW ID.3, in the ID.4, in the Audi Q4 e-tron or in the Skoda Enyaq IV. All use the one developed since 2015 "Modular e-drive construction kit" (Meb). The Spaniard developed in the Martorell at home near Barcelona is consequently also built together with the e-tron and the IDS in the German plant Zwickau, which was converted specifically for the production of electric cars.

Stylish – from the outside and inside

The main difference to his siblings also make up the stylish exterior and interior design of the Born. From the dimensions, it roughly corresponds to those of the VW ID.3: 4322 mm long, 1809 mm wide and 1537 mm high with a wheelbase of 2767 mm. With the tires, Cupra did not use pure energy saving: In addition to the 215 mm wide tires, which are raised on 18 or 20-inch rims, you can also order 235 mm wide tires.

The Seat brand has had its day: Electric cars from Spain comes as "Cupra"-spain
Cupra Cupra Born

"Shark nose"

According to the brand look, Cupra ensures strong 3D effects on the body at the Born. The copper -colored lettering at the front and the bronze logo at the rear are worked out spatially. According to Cupra, the lush air intake at the front, which normally eliminates in an electric car, should not only provide the Born a sporty face, but also serve to cool the batteries and the drive train. "Shark nose" calls cupra that. New the full LED headlights with the usual jagged daytime running lights. Side sills, sharp fold lines that run over the entire length of the body and the couped swing of the roof to the rear spoiler are also responsible for the sporting look. At the rear, a lush diffuser and a light bar running over the entire wide range of light. "Coast-to-coast lighting" that means in marketing poetry. Behind the loading flap there is a trunk with 385 liters of volume – around a quarter more than with a VW Golf.

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The Seat brand has had its day: Electric cars from Spain comes as "Cupra"-seat

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The loading socket is not on the front of the bonnet, but on the right side behind the rear door under one "Fuel lid". You can connect the born to both AC and DC charging stations. According to Cupra, the born can be charged so far within seven minutes on a 125 kW speed column that it is enough for another 100 kilometers. 35 minutes long to charge the batteries 80 percent. During the journey, energy can be recovered when braking, the engine serves as a generator.

Large shelf instead of center console

The born can also be seen as a Cupra on the inside: the color palette, the steering wheel but also the eye -catching copper -colored elements make it clear quickly. The center console between the driver and passenger seats no longer has a technical function in electric cars – many manufacturers leave them away completely. In the Born it is as wide and high as ever. However, it acts solely as a lavish shelf. Cupra has moved functional elements such as the gear selection lever to the side of the small but clear combination instrument. This has slipped onto the steering column itself and so clearly visible with every steel clamp tendency. In addition, on the dashboard itself, the central, 12 -inch touchscreen, through which infotainment and passenger settings can be operated, as usual. A head-up display projects the most important information in front of the driver onto the windshield. The sports scarf seats at the front can be adjusted enough, are comfortable and offer recognizable good side stop. The place in the back is available in terms of class: usually sufficient, but quite narrow for large drivers. Plenty of assistance systems on offer, voice control, connection to smartphones, navigation, an app to manage and monitor the vehicle from the outside – the born is also based on the state of the art.

The Seat brand has had its day: Electric cars from Spain comes as "Cupra"-cars
Cupra Cupra Born

The performance

Cupra was placed by Seat as a decided sporty brand a few years ago. Accordingly, the performance data of the Born. The electric motor with either 110 kW/150 hp or 150 kW/204 hp and 310 Nm torque acts on the rear axle and thus makes the born the rear -wheel drive. The permanent magnet synchronous engine runs with a maximum speed of 16.000 rpm. and is installed above the rear axle in front of the middle of the wheel. The torque is transferred via an in-hand gear with differential. There is an optional e-boost package that pushes the engine output up to 170 kW/231 hp. The chassis uses McPherson spring legs at the front and a multi-steering axis with five drivers at the back. The weight between the front and rear axles is almost perfectly distributed with 50:50. And at Cupra you are already very hot: "The basic architecture is ideal for tuning."

420 to 540 kilometers range

In the base, the water-cooled lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 58 kWh, which, according to Cupra, longs for a range of around 420 kilometers. There is also an optional battery of up to 77 kWh. That is enough for a range of 540 kilometers, "Inner -city operation" even up to 780 kilometers. Since the batteries are installed in the vehicle at the bottom, the born has a deep focus – which benefits the driving dynamics. The overall stiffness benefits from the fact that the aluminum housing of the battery is screwed to the body. Of the "small" ACHUM enables an acceleration from the stand to 100 km / h in 7.0 seconds, with the stronger battery, 6.6 seconds are sufficient – a little faster than, for example, a Porsche Macan in the basic version. Cupra is still silent about achievable top speeds.The Born is the first model of the markers, which is also delivered net CO2 neutral, notes at Cupra. In this way, energies from renewable sources would be used along the entire supply chain and during the production of the raw materials. Where that doesn’t work yet, the emissions are the same "Through environmental and project investments" out of. Cupra also puts on many materials "eco". The standard shell seats, for example, are made of sea quality fibers: recycled plastic that was fished out of the seas and beaches.

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The Seat brand has had its day: Electric cars from Spain comes as "Cupra"-spain

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