The state gambles drivers – and promotes aimlessly electric cars


State gambles drivers at the petrol station: This is how the turnover of the traffic never works

The state gambles drivers - and promotes aimlessly electric cars-state
Daniel Bockwoldt/dpa/Daniel Bockwoldt It probably stays expensive at first: fuel prices for diesel and super gasoline are on the scoreboard of a petrol station.

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

Petrol and diesel have never been as expensive as today. The greed of the state is primarily to blame for this. He distracts billions into e-mobility. It makes sense in the city, but remains hopelessly inferior to the long distance. A comment.

Yesterday I had to tear down 1200 kilometers in one day by car. And of all people at a time when gasoline is more expensive than ever before. On the way I was with a car that expressly promotes the German government: a plug-in hybrid. According to the will of Climate Minister of Economics Habeck (Greens) and Minister of Transport Wissing (FDP), the mixture of petrol and electric motor should finally replace diesel for frequent drivers if the pure electric car cannot already be able to.

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Plug-in hybrid: The greatest fraud since diesel gate

To make it short: Whose driving profile fits this drive technology, it may make sense. However, the fact that politics still promotes this technology with the watering can and that diesel service cars are exchanged for hybrid cars solely due to purchase premiums and tax advantages can be described as the greatest fraud since the exhaust gas scandal. With empty battery, the highly motorized hybrid swallowed 8 to 9 liters per 100 kilometers – gasoline, mind you, compared to 6 to 7 liters in a diesel. By the way, there are no large differences in consumption between the expensive premium hybrids from BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Volvo.

The state gambles drivers - and promotes aimlessly electric cars-gambles
Cattle man Cabbary: three different charging points on a electric column

Four attempts to load the battery in between led to the following result:

  • First try: Charging station on a carof. Connection successful, supposedly electricity flows – after ten minutes only feels like something like for a flashlight. Recorded range: 1 km. thanks for nothing.
  • Second try: Charging station at a motorway service area. Full of hope, I press the charging card against the reader, only to be disappointed by a sticker: “Loading with RFID card is deactivated on this charging station.“Would have been too simple too.
  • third try: Charging station at a supermarket. A place is already occupied by a Dacia Spring. Only the space for which the load socket on the left of the car does not leave enough cable length. So back to the highway.
  • Fourth attempt: In the meantime it is late in the evening, and at least during the meal break, I want to press my fuel costs with a little electricity. Pommes and Hamburgers are already cold and mushy 20 kilometers behind the fast food restaurant, but the charging station is actually there. It stands on the edge of the forest in the back of a unpleasant, graveled commuter parking lot. The atmosphere corresponds to a corpse foundation in the "Police Call 110", but the pillar actually provides me with energy – for a fabulous 6 kilometers after 15 minutes. However, you have to deduct 3 km from it, because the goods are necessary as a detour from the highway.

The state gambles drivers - and promotes aimlessly electric cars-gambles
Cattle man It’s different: Some charging column is not exactly in an attractive place

Conclusion: This drive technology can only replace an economical diesel or petrol engine on the highway if the completely non-world climate ideologist in any ministries and eco-"think tanks" come up with the same way. In real life it fails because of reality like a cargo bike in a blizzard. Why for everything in the world I have to finance something like this as a taxpayer?

Otto normal drivers have to powder the butt electrical buyers

The federal government now wants to check the electrical subsidies, but a quick end is not ahead of. It is extremely unfair to all gasoline and diesel drivers that they have to powder the very best powder of expensive electrical and hybrid cars- in the form of the highest petrol prices that we have ever had. Because the state picks up the lion’s share at the petrol pump. Without taxes we would pay less than half for fuel. Petrol and diesel drivers should also finance the high costs of e-mobility. A new CO2 tax has been created as an additional instrument-the third CO2-based tax according to eco-tax and vehicle tax-whose amount is set as desired for drivers.

The state gambles drivers - and promotes aimlessly electric cars-state
Uniti In the headquarters of the federal association of medium-sized mineral oil companies Unii shows a table what the current petrol and diesel prices would be if the state would not charge tax on it

Anyone who, like our politicians, always speaks so highly of social justice – recently "climate justice" should first start distributing the driver loads really fairly. At the moment she only wears the vast majority of petrol and diesel drivers. My demand: Set all electric car bonuses and immediately abolish the tax exemption for these vehicles. Because a three-ton electrical or plug-in SUV uses the road exactly like me with my petrol engine. And the supposed electrical climate caretaker also causes emissions, only that its exhaust is in a power plant. The charging infrastructure can also be financed by private investors. In return, the price pressure on the petrol pump must be significantly alleviated.By the way, Mr. Habeck: The fact that Mercedes has just asked to extend the funding for plug-in hybrids should be an incentive not to do it. A group that makes a whopping profits should be financed by its cars. And a government that will soon make car driving for normal citizens priceless, maneuvering itself out the sidelines.Surf tip: petrol station – super gasoline: cheaper E10 instead of recharge or mixing, I may do that?

Petrol much cheaper: German storms petrol stairs in the Czech Republic

The state gambles drivers - and promotes aimlessly electric cars-drivers

Site/Wochit Petrol much cheaper: German storms petrol stairs in the Czech Republic

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12 thoughts on “The state gambles drivers – and promotes aimlessly electric cars”

  1. And continue in the text!
    Source 22.01.22 "Paid households 2021 on average 31.9 cents per kilowatt hour, … In early 2022 there are already 34.6 cents. As the Strom-Report portal calculated, the average price for new contracts in January 2022 is already 43 cents per kWh." 2025 the end of oil and gas heating for new buildings, old buildings with any obligation to renovate on heat pumps. Today the Federal Environment Agency reports with a claim, wood -based heating, pellet heating including, no longer to be promoted, or. even not to be allowed in the new building! Nuclear power and coal phase-out, plus massive e-mobility. Everything is based on electrical energy. At best you can only guess which direction the electricity prices will go in. You can reach astronomical heights!

  2. It will still be really exciting
    It is clearly evident that the electricity prices will continue to rise strongly. What is bad for e-cars. Today we already have the highest electricity prices in the world and no end in sight. It is a mystery to me how some for-participants seriously believe the electricity price would decrease if many electric cars drive and nuclear power plant and KKW are switched off. How this should work is like to explain someone in a comprehensible manner, I am very excited. The sad truth is that Fanboy lies into his pocket, either because mentally unable to see the truth or not willing. Both bad. With this energy price development, this becomes nothing with mobility turnaround, especially since there are other brake pads, such as the expansion of infrastructure. The German wrong path.

  3. I will only get one then
    Add electric car or hybrid when electricity becomes affordable again. According to ADAC Ecotest, an eGolf consumes 17.3 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. With a budgetary price of 31 cents per kilowatt hour, costs of 5.36 euros – and thus more than in the comparable diesel (as of 2020 – for 2022, electricity prices over 40 cents are predicted). Incidentally, you also pay 77 cents/kWh and more at motorway charging stations. The Greens must finally wake up and realize that a large part of the population simply cannot afford this madness.

  4. excuse
    But I can’t understand the comment. We have a plug in hybrid. Even if we do not charge it with the photovoltaic system, the current costs us 36 cents. As you say, 31 cents and come to 5.36 euros. I am not a diesel opponent. We have one ourselves. But with your logic you need 3 liters at current prices??? For a diesel golf? I think that is unrealistic

  5. For long -haul are hybrid
    With a small battery and slow shop absolute nonsense. Hybrids are good for city drivers, MKT loading connection in the garage that continues on the weekend. So a very small target group.

  6. An absurd
    Yesterday at Shell’s diesel at € 1.72 the liter. The Corona Zeche we pay drivers and commuters while the 10 richest Germans are the winners of the Corona crisis. It will soon no longer be worthwhile in this country.

  7. Subsidies for plug-in hybrid
    Is really the top order. Leasing providers have increasingly reported on TV that cars were often only driven as a combustion engine when returning. Because you just get safer from A to B. But with eco-subsidies.

  8. I experienced something similar
    With an Audi e-tron Quattro 50 from Regensburg to Lubeck! I needed 1 1/2 days for it! And had 80 € electricity costs! Plus private shops to friends where I stayed with! Even if many do not want to hear it: the AfD is the only party that does not go along with this fanatical, almost hysterical OkOwahnsinn and was unanimous against the CO2 tax. And not only that. The AfD also wants to reduce taxes. And not just placebo, but consumption taxes, electricity tax, VAT. ! We citizens are completely fooled and ripped off by this policy! So I choose AfD!

  9. why
    you don’t even look at other countries in Europe. You could lower VAT to make the current times a little more bearable for the many commuters. Because these people finally keep our system running.

  10. Why do you get upset in D????
    In Greece Z.B. the fuel price has been on many islands since last year in summer on over 2.- on the mainland now just before, but the salaries are around 2/3 lower, but the cost of living is just as high as in D, butter 2.5 -3.- Milk 1.20 etc. The rents also take around half of the salary away etc. If you compare the fuel price with the salaries in D, the liter would have to be at least 4.- costs. So not whine, but away with the SUVs, large cars, to smaller, fuel -saving vehicles. Instead of a 3 -liter SUV, a central treasury with a displacement of 1.4l is also sufficient.

  11. Yes no, it is clear
    You forget that we otherwise have a very high tax and tax load in Germany. In addition, living costs a lot more than in Greece. The electricity price in Germany is already the highest in the world, and the trend is rising. Please do not compare apple with pears. But because of people with their attitude we have this disaster in energy policy.

  12. Hybried thought differently
    E-car is certainly a great thing in local transport, if charging station etc. is available (but not all of the funding, which is possible to go home with +2000 EUR after 3 years of e-car)). The current hybrids are only nice, but do not bring the environment, climate or the owner not except for a reasonable burden. Why don’t e-cars with a small bat. + Range -extreme promoted? Association all advantages of both worlds – the price and environmental polish would be reasonable.


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