The Tesla plant in Austin / Texas is due to be completed in 2021

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Approval documents provide for the completion of the construction work by December 31st

The Tesla plant in Austin / Texas is due to be completed in 2021-plant

Tesla’s Gigafactory 5 in Texas has been built since July 2020 and should be finished this year. To meet this schedule, Elon Musk wants to invest over a billion dollars, as reported by Elektrek, citing approval documents.

According to the documents, Tesla wants to complete the construction of the assembly, paint shop, foundry, stamping shop and body shop in 2021. These five buildings will be built over an area of ​​0.4 square kilometers and will cost a total of $ 1.06 billion:

  • Shell: $ 182 million
  • Final assembly: $ 493 million
  • Paint shop: $ 126 million
  • Foundry: $ 109 million
  • Stamping: $ 150 million

The approval that Tesla has now obtained from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) is not a building permit, but apparently an assessment of the accessibility of the buildings.

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The Model Y, Model 3, Cybertruck and Semi are to be built in Austin. Tesla wants to start with the Model Y. Musk plans to build up to 500,000 of the mid-range SUV in Texas per year.

After the factory is completed, the first copies will be built, but the real challenge is supposed to be ramping up production. That process could take much of 2022 to complete, Tesla said.

Also the factory in Berlin-Grunheide (the Gigafactory 4) should actually be finished in 2021. Construction there has been going on since the first quarter of 2020, but only with partial permits – an overall permit is still pending. Production in Grunheide is also scheduled to start this year. Because the process of public participation has to be started again for formal reasons had to, it remains to be seen whether the schedule can be adhered to.

The Berlin Tagesspiegel reported at the beginning of November, that contamination of the groundwater is being checked. Rainwater that ran off roofs and sealed surfaces could have brought pollutants into the environment, according to the suspicion expressed by an environmental organization.

In both Grunheide and Austin, Tesla wants to use its Giga Press for production for the first time. With this die-casting machine, larger body parts are produced in a single work step.

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The Tesla plant in Austin / Texas is due to be completed in 2021-austin Tesla Model Y: Manufacturing started before Giga Texas is finished

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