The third generation of the Nissan Leaf is becoming a compact electric SUV

The third generation of the Nissan Leaf is becoming a compact electric SUV-nissan

Nissan has proven to set standards with the Leaf and was only recently able to achieve sales of 250.000 e-cars sold in Europe. In the future, Nissan wants to sell even more electric vehicles and is talking about a new model for this. Nissan Europe boss Guillaume Cartier has indicated that the new electric crossover model to be built at Nissan‘s Sunderland factory will replace the Leaf.

Certainly another logical step in the development of the manufacturer. It is known to participate in Nissan “Race to Zero”, the United Nations Climate Protection Initiative and thus accelerates its own way into complete electrification and CO2 neutrality. In connection with this very sporty plan, it was already announced in July that the car manufacturer had presented the plan to build a multi-billion euro e-car competence center. Not far from the British Nissan site in Sunderland, a production center for electric cars that is unique in the world is to be built, which is intended to accelerate the decarbonization strategy of the Japanese automotive group and pave the way to climate neutrality. This is where the new e-crossover is supposed to roll off the assembly line.

The combination of crossover characteristics and the ingredients for success of the Nissan LEAF is intended to create a vehicle design of the future. The new crossover will be based on the Renault-Nissan alliance’s CMF-EV platform and will be exported to European markets from Sunderland. The production volume should be up to 100.000 units. How to understand Cartier will replace the E-Crossover the Leaf. The successor model of the Leaf will therefore change around the year 2025 from a hatchback to a crossover body.

Until then, the future model range of Nissan will comprise five models, all electrified crossover: Juke, Qashqai, Ariya and X-Trail and the Leaf Successor. The Japanese automaker will therefore not develop any conventional models such as limousines, hatchet limousines and combinations in Europe. Rather, you sit on the Allianz partners Mitsubishi and Renault, how to understand Cartier: “We will contact the Alliance to get a full range of products and drive strands. A topic that is still open is the entry [in the Micra replacement]. The key point is how we can offer something from the Alliance with the brand Nissan.”

The concentration on the electrification means that Nissan does not invest in the technology of internal combustion engines in order to meet EU7 emission rules that will enter into Europe in the mid-decade. The manufacturer assumes that by 2030 around 80% of all sales will be electric vehicles and that by 2025 the entire product range will be electrified with either electric cars or the E-Power hybrid option.

Compared to other market competitors, however, hydrogen is not an issue for Nissan. Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida confirmed that the company will not invest in hydrogen technology, instead focusing on battery electric vehicles. You have decided to rely on electric cars. “We used to have hydrogen technology at Nissan, and in another world maybe we still would. But so far [EVs] is our advantage and what we want to bet on.”.

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5 thoughts on “The third generation of the Nissan Leaf is becoming a compact electric SUV”

  1. I hope Nissan gets back on track.

    Nissan was pioneers with the leaf of one of the electric cars and was with a reason for the breakthrough

    Nissan was also one of the few traditional car manufacturers who were willing to invest in electric mobility; Nissan was also able to prove that mass production of electric vehicles is possible.

    Unfortunately, at some point, you completely lost touch…I have no idea how that could have happened.

  2. Well, who says it BECAUSE! Apparently this unspeakable hydrogen topic will finally be over when Duessmann & Cartier release such news. H2 may have its justification for ships and larger vehicles, but not for cars. And I thought that this hydrogen wave washed the brains out of all the speedy beeps..


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