The “traffic turnaround” for millions of drivers is so expensive

Guest contribution by Carl Christian Jancke

Redistribution from arm to green: that would be that expensive "Turnover" For millions of drivers

The "traffic turnaround" for millions of drivers is so expensive-turnaround
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That "Diesel privilege" abolish, but at the same time with "Innovation premiums" Promote already wealthy? Various eco -NGOs widths for the coalition negotiations – at the expense of millions of drivers.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information the German petrol and diesel prices reach record heights. While the current tip is primarily owed to a strong demand thrust in the Lockdown after a phase of the Lockdown, the basic problem of the prices explosion at the petrol pump of the state is: he bushes drivers a record tax load. At the headquarters of the Federal Association of Medium -sized mineral oil companies.V. (Uniti) This becomes clear in Berlin – with a fuel price table that shows the prices without taxes:

  • For the liter of diesel, drivers currently only have to put down only 70 cents per liter.
  • The liter of Super E10 would only cost 65 cents per liter.

What behind the "Diesel privilege" plugged

In other words, the state is taking up the most when refueling-and has increased this since the beginning of the year with the third CO2-based tax for drivers (according to eco-tax and vehicle tax). The largely uniform reading of politics: all of this is essential for climate protection. In the talk show, the abolition of the "Diesel privilege" spoken. However, two aspects are disregarded:

  • First, the privilege is in it, that the Treasury Diesel fuel is simply less taxed than gasoline. Second, the diesel was taxed years ago for exactly one reason: because diesel cars are more economical than petrol engines and thus producing less CO2. The same argument with which the diesel has once promoted – climate protection – is now used against it. That is at least inconsistent.
  • In the electrical car, on the other hand, the alleged freedom of emission is based on the fact that the emissions of electricity generation are ignored, politics does not speak of "Stromer privilege", but from "Innovation bonus". This premium and the numerous tax advantages for electric car drivers cost the taxpayer per vehicle in the course of the company up to 20.000 euros, as a study by Deutsche Bank calculated . Ultimately, costs are only redistributed.

Kia Xted Plug-in hybrid in the test: the Korea hybrid is better than the VW Golf?

The "traffic turnaround" for millions of drivers is so expensive-turnaround

Site Kia Xted Plug-in hybrid in the test: the Korea hybrid is better than the VW Golf?

Germany really tears its climate goals?

Everywhere you could get the impression that Germany has torn its climate goals. The country in 2020 overfilled its commitment. According to an estimate by the Federal Environment Agency, it was not 40 percent, as stipulated in the commitment, but around 3 percent more, even if some of the reductions can be attributed to the Lockdown. So only 12 percent up to the 55 issued by the EU Commission.

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In 2019 alone, Germany reduced its CO2 emissions by more than five percent and thus reached 35 percent. Experts attribute this to emission trade in the energy sector. Despite the success, climate protectors rely on bans, quotas and tax increases – and one suggests as if 55 percent are still saving instead of the real 15-20.

Of the "Four -year plan of democracy"

Formulated somewhat pointed, one could say that coalition contracts are the four -year plans of democracy. After the decision, only the processing follows. And coalition committees work like the central plane commission in the central administration economy: A flexible reaction to the ever faster reality is actually not intended. The possible technological progress is hidden for at least for the next four years, innovations are ignored. Therefore, the pressure of the NGOs now burns on the negotiating commissions. And the Greens even took the step irritating at first glance to ask the well -being NGOs for support in a letter: they should build up pressure on the FDP and SPD.

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The "traffic turnaround" for millions of drivers is so expensive-millions

Site Ford Mustang Mach-E GT in the test: The E-SUV with 486 hp can do that better than Tesla

Greens call NGOs for help

In total, the traffic light negotiators found four studies and paper in their electronic mailboxes this week alone, who are supposed to supply the Greens and SPD with powerful arguments: a Statement of the Federal Environment Agency, that wants to save subsidies that are over 67 billion euros, which it describes it as climate -damaging. The authority, which is actually primarily responsible for the enforcement of environmental regulations, hurries to help the Greens’ negotiators and excites his mission for political counseling so strongly that the interests of a actually neutrality -bound authority is somewhat in trouble. The demands of the other three differ in detail. Of the Citizens’ Council Climate, The European Pressure Group Transportation & Environment and the Climate Allianz Germany also want the “company car privilege” and the “diesel privilege” on the collar.

Find the cheapest fuel prices thanks to the app

The "traffic turnaround" for millions of drivers is so expensive-millions

CHIP Find the cheapest fuel prices thanks to the app

However, all NGOs have apparently recognized that the energy prices explosion endangered the social acceptance of the energy and traffic transition this autumn. Even citizens with medium-sized incomes have difficulties to pay fuel, heating and electricity if they do not have a home, on the roof of which they can assemble a few solar panels to benefit from the “Renewable Energy-Law surcharge” (EEG).Nevertheless, it is clear: if the traffic light coalition follows the NGOs’ proposals, drivers – and not just for the – will become a historical increase in mobility. An overview of the suggestions.

1. Citizens’ Council Klima wants to ban combustion by 2027

The Citizens’ Council Klima, 160 randomly selected citizens, came up with 80 demands: by 2040, the energy supply should be covered from 90 percent of regenerative energies. To do this, 20 demands concern traffic. The only new one is the ban on new registrations of internal combustion engines by 2027 and with plan rates until 2030, which allow certain exceptions. Otherwise, 30 km/h in town, 80 on country roads and 120 on motorways, avoidance of domestic flights, deletion of the so-called company car privilege, promotion of electric cars, charging infrastructure, e-bikes, public transport and rail traffic. By 2024, 80 percent of the employees should no longer come to work with a climate -damaging vehicle.“The employers should pay for this. 70 percent of the funds available should be plugged into the expansion of the railway and not in road construction. As long as the privilege of the electric car is not questioned, one wants to allow synthetic fuels for the transition.

2. Federal Environment Agency: Distribute subsidies

To the "Climate -damaging subsidies" the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) counts, among other things, the reduced VAT rate for meat. According to the estimate, which refers to 2018, 30.8 billion. Euro. The UBA also mentions car and agrardiesel (8.2 billion. Euro), the private use of company cars (at least 3.1 billion. Euro) and the commuter flat rate (6 billion. Euro). But also the subsidies of biofuels in the amount of almost one billion euros sees the UBA as climate -damaging.

Wunderku is specifically: China-Akku should load with absurd performance

The "traffic turnaround" for millions of drivers is so expensive-expensive

Site Wunderku is specifically: China-Akku should load with absurd performance

3. Climate alliance: "Social-ecological evolution"

The organization, including the Association of German Catholic Youth, various churches, the German Cultural Council, the Future Council of Hamburg or the Institute for Economics and Ecumenism “Sudwind”,. The German Environmental Aid, German Watch, German Zero, the Global Marshall Plan or the Global Nature Fund are also included. Overall, the climate alliance claims to reach 25 million people. It remains to be seen whether the same opinion is represented.Of course, the climate alliance calls for the “abolition of the company car privilege”, “because it mainly promotes cars with high-emission engines. In addition, mostly men with above -average income benefit from it", it says in the reason. The distance flat rate is to be converted, because “it particularly benefits households with above -average income and long pendulum paths in suburban rooms.”For this purpose, an attractive“ public transport offer in the city and country ”is required, the speed limit in the city, on the country road and motorway is just as much a tone as the demand for a timely“ admission stop for the internal combustion engine ”with a clear reduction in the car Traffic. The import of raw materials “must be linked to human rights, social and environmental requirements. In addition, the collective and recycling rate for battery fabrics must be significantly increased.""

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

The "traffic turnaround" for millions of drivers is so expensive-turnaround

Site Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Incidentally, the club is not one of the wealthy organizations. 841.The association takes 758 euros. Around half of this (the sources are only shown in one diagram) comes from the European Climate Foundation, around one eighth of the Mercator Foundation, which in turn also subsidizes the European Climate Foundation. The Federal Ministry of the Environment has paid about another eighth.

How the taxpayer finances green NGOs

In general, it is interesting to pursue the flows of money behind all the alliances. One of the cited organizations, which also had a member at the press conference, is Germanwatch. The Mercator Foundation also appear here as financiers and – you already suspect – “European Climate Foundation” with approx. 250.000 euros on the schedule. However, this is nothing against the 3.1 million euros, with which the public sector finances the lobbying, 1.57 million come from the Federal Ministry of Technical Cooperation, 187.ubel from the budget of the Federal Ministry of Research, almost a million from the Federal Ministry of the Environment. Even the Federal Chancellery is 82.000 euros.

"You have to get away from the private car"

Apparently you have enough change in the postage of postage to switch on the negotiators of the traffic light. And you don’t need a fire letter from the Green Party Center. The more drastically the climate catastrophe is painted, the higher the willingness of the upcoming federal government to increase the grants.

Range, price, technical data: How good is the New Tesla SUV?

The "traffic turnaround" for millions of drivers is so expensive-millions

Site Range, price, technical data: How good is the New Tesla SUV?

Lutz Weischer, Head of the Berlin Germanwatch Office, calls for the coal phase-out until 2030, a minimum CO2 price and an “investment offensive for public transport” in the climate alliance press release. In his statement, he becomes clearer: the “years of standstill” should have an end and you have to “get away from the private car”.

4. Transport & Environment (T&E): four -year plan with penalty taxes

This organization also receives more than one million euros from the European Climate Foundation, the European Commission paid up to 100 euros in 2020, up to 100.000 came from Germanwatch and the Federal Environment Ministry. Total has T&E income of 7 million euros in 2020.T&E has commissioned an expert opinion, with which the taxation of company cars 43 billion has been changed. Euro taxes should be taken more: by halving the tax depreciation and tripling of the 1 percent rule on the income tax if the company car can also be used privately.

40.000 euros approval tax, 2.50 euros for petrol

Already at the beginning of the coalition negotiations t&E from the forecast institute commissioned a four-year plan that takes into account two different scenarios. An increase in the CO2 price or a package of measures. "The new government will also have to introduce a new admission tax and emission-free zones in cities, reform the vehicle tax and have to invest extensively in rail transport and public transport in order to reduce the demand for burners and, on the other hand, generally reduce motorized private transport"&E. Otherwise, the CO2 price must increase to 450 euros per ton, which would be priceless for socially disadvantaged. By 2030, the fuel price would increase to EUR 2.50. The approval tax would be up to 40.000 euros per car due.

Car traffic should go away – at any price

The demands are becoming increasingly radical – and it becomes increasingly clear that the "Turnover" There is much more than the reduction of emissions: BUND, Environmental Aid, Federal Environment Agency and Co. To the great general attack on the car as a form of individual mobility. This should be pushed back at all costs – either by bans or by a state -forced cost explosion.Many arguments of the NGOs run into nothing when you look at the facts. Some examples:

  • the Commuter is already ecologically formulated. Because with it only the distance between place of residence and work is remunerated, regardless of the means of transport you are traveling with. Anyone who rides by bike or train gets the same amount as the driver. Each member of a carpool can also calculate the commuter flat rate for their income tax.
  • Anyone who is traveling by bus and train in the times of rush hour knows that the Public transport Additional capacities can no longer record. It is overloaded on many routes anyway. On the Falkensee-Berlin route, for example, there is only a single-lane route for the regional railway, which is completely overloaded. It’s not just about new trains, but about a massive expansion of the rail system. However, this takes years to decades with the necessary plans.
  • The required Abolition of private car traffic Would also put a massive burden on the rural population, which has been living in the village for decades and has to cover long distances by car because public transport is not called local transport and mainly works efficiently in metropolitan areas. An empty regular bus with 5 passengers is also not more climate -friendly than a corresponding number of cars.
  • That Diesel privilege As mentioned, none is actually. Because diesel cars consume less fuel and emit less CO2 than petrol engines, an incentive should be created that frequent drivers switch to a corresponding, earlier less powerful drive. Therefore, the vehicle tax for diesel engines was increased and the mineral oil tax at that time was kept lower. This is also designed for trucks and vans so that the transport of goods is not more expensive. And that is urgently needed in a division of labor.
  • The private Use of the company car Is already taxed today. With one percent of the list price. It is part of the income tax. Because it is a monetary advantage and part of the income. So if the company car is abolished, the employee’s income is increased accordingly. And the employee collects the commuter flat rate and submits his travel and travel expenses to the employer. The commuter flat rate reduces the tax revenue directly, the increase in income and the assumption of travel and travel expenses to win the company and thus its tax liability. In addition, the journeys made with the company car do not eliminate just because you drive the car privately. The specified savings on CO2 and taxes are therefore illusory. Transport & Environment mentions 43 billion euros in savings potential, the Federal Environment Ministry three.

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The "traffic turnaround" for millions of drivers is so expensive-expensive

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The "traffic turnaround" for millions of drivers is so expensive-expensive

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Traffic expert: "Interventionism poison cabinet"

The economist and traffic scientist Prof. Dr. Alexander Eisenkopf from the Zeppelin University of Friedrichshafen and the scientific advisory board of the German Institute for Networked Mobility and Technology Open Office (DIMT) keeps the definition of sectoral goals for pure planned economy: "The growth of traffic is ignored by 2030". He sees a handle in the "Interventionism poison cabinet": "Nobody apparently comes up with the idea that a generally acting, market economy instrument such as the emission trade of this small -scale, strangling regulation could be superior", so iron head. The dimens takes up a counter position, but also works as a lobby – especially for the use of synthetic enrollings as a supplement to the emobility.The traffic expert also considers the calculations of the green NGOs to be incorrect. “The fact that this result has nothing to do with reality already shows one of the few open assumptions of the CO2 scenario. A price elasticity of -0.15 should massively underestimate the reactions of car users. With a stronger reaction, however, the driving performance of car (and truck) would go back much more than assumed and show the serious effects on mobility such a restrictive policy.""

Infrastructure costs "unspeaked"

Professor Thomas Koch from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, also an advocate synthetic fuels, also sees it similarly. ”Further electricity consumers will be operated mostly for a long time and must be generated at significantly higher CO2 costs than the previous electricity mix. Electricity storage can long for a long time to contribute to a moderate share of the additional power requirements, but they only solve the problem in parts. The infrastructure costs and the risks of the pronounced electrification strategy are not satisfactory in the analyzes and holistic life cycle analyzes are not comprehensively accounted for.“His alternative proposal: Instead of relying on e-mobility alone, a quick addiction would reduce synthetic fuels in all vehicles by 25 percent of the CO2 emissions.

Alliance for e-fuel grows

The call of the introduction of synthetic fuels as a supplement to emobility is also hotly discussed in the current climate negotiations in Glasgow. In addition to car manufacturers such as Porsche. On the one hand, it is about use in new vehicles, but on the other hand also in the existing fleet. Because even if the combustion bans targeted by several countries come, millions of gasoline and diesel vehicles continue to continue for decades.

This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

The "traffic turnaround" for millions of drivers is so expensive-turnaround

Site This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

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  1. Who believe to represent the NGOs?
    The majority of the population probably not. The dear God? Or just a very elitist … Minority with completely non -world ideas? It is good to have it, only you should be careful when you stand and speak for others … who do not share this view or do not even know about it, "that someone speaks and demands for them". The NGOs should always clearly represent who exactly they speak and demand for. NGOs who have to harm our state, there are also some of them, should not receive benefits from this state. Instead, the protection of the constitution should be better eye on it. At least I don’t want to be represented by these organizations, whose concern is not mine.

  2. @Osterloh Greenpeace seems too
    believe to speak for all humanity. I welcome many activities of them, but not per se all. If NGOs ignore applicable law, it becomes critical. Than oneself "Activist" abseiling from a motorway bridge, there were accidents, injuries and traffic jams. I doubt whether this was beneficial to the environment. Such are punished for their crimes. And hard.

  3. It will be honest with site!
    Thanks to the site, there are not many media that focus on the mobility climate swindel and its governors as well as profiteers via facts. Actually, the myths of the Greens and NGOs are easy to emerge. It is more difficult to uncover the network of myth developers and political implementers. Why don’t you stay with the truth when the climate is said to be so close to your heart: The Paris 1.5 degrees correspond to an existing one that is still available directly with the temperature increase residual budget of approx. 60 ppm CO2 increase. It is also consciously or incompetent in Glasgow that the investments in networks including charging stations as CO2 footprints must be deducted from the remaining budget. It would be honest: e-mobility is by no means climate-friendly.

  4. @Peter Lange – please details
    Since you are very well informed, I would like to ask you to deliver a few details. How many BEV battery burns have been available so far? Which pollutants were released in which quantities and what loads they represent for the environment? For comparison, the values of the "Diesel fleet" interest. So you can underpin your claim or was it just..?

  5. We get lost in detail
    None of the climate activists mentions our excessive population growth. In 1960 we were still 3 billion people. Today we are 8 billion people. 5 billion more people who first eat and drink need 5 billion more need living space and energy and we continue to grow. The growth mainly takes place outside of Europe, as is the massive environmental degradation that causes this growth. Unfortunately, this problem is not addressed and solutions are sought for it. This is one of the key to the climate catastrophe ….

  6. @Schmiedt is right, the biggest problem of people
    Is man himself, especially his exponentially rising number. Everything has to grow, including the population? How should everyone be fed, where should they live and work? Is less not more? The resources disappear. China had given it hard to counteract the population explosion. In other countries, those who can’t even feed a child have 10 and more

  7. Make bad
    Has always been the past decades, something is made "innovation" is, and a few years later it is bad, or is badly talked or. So expensive that you can no longer afford it. You want to force consumers to buy a new product because your old one "totally out" is. In a few years, the same will happen with e-cars, which will be so expensive that you can no longer afford it, plus the life expectancy of those vehicles is currently designed by 9 to 11 years, later at a maximum of 12 13 Years, the end of the flagpole has been reached. You buy an electric car for around 40.000 €, and knows that after 5 6 years it no longer has the performance, how perverse is that please?

  8. 9 to 11 years of life expectancy
    Perhaps at the Tesla, BMW (internally) there is a lifespan of 7 years, then the battery is through and a rep. exceeds the current value. Have already looked at the mobile stock exchanges? A hybrid loses 60 – 70 % in the first 3 years. The lifespan of an e or hybrid vehicle is the lifespan of the battery and it will never create 12-13 years ..

  9. Now you get what you have chosen
    First you let the climate hysteria be scared and then you choose the parties that capitalize them from it, your capital. But don’t worry, your money is not gone, only someone else has it! The simplest and cheapest option would be to convert the fossil energy source to regenerative hydrocarbons made of biomass. But the politicians don’t want that, because then you don’t have to spend your savings, which is the goal of the whole thing. Only one party consistently rejected the madness, an existing and well -functioning infrastructure for thousands of billions of euros (your euros!) to destroy to achieve something that would also be possible with a fraction of the costs. But you don’t want to choose that…

  10. 40.000 € for vehicle approval, € 2.50 liter price fuel?
    Anyone who covers the audience with such crazy ideology -dripping eco -alibus requirements is not of this world, even more crazy than the wrong psychosite and a clear case for the sect representative. Such dark green metastases in the form of completely crazy NGO eco-cosects should immediately be turned off before the D and EU is finally being decayed. XI Jinping laughs at the hysterical economic fool circus that has not only broken out in and EU but is still wrongly tolerated and promoted. Competitive about facts for China as an economic power No. 1 to create. goal? That D+EU could be collected for the next Africa for the donations in China in the future?

  11. The trick at the electric car is that,
    that the electric car itself does not emit CO2 itself. The CO2 of the e-car falls where the electricity is generated. So also a car, which is refueled from a domestic diesel electronotaggregate, is formally climate-neutral or what is only at nuclear power. And the CO2 for the production of the vehicle does not count either, it also falls in China and therefore does not go to the DT. Climate balance. The Chinese are not really interested anyway. Nd how much electricity an SUV does not consume, but only the range. Practical or if you can live according to the Pippi long stocking principle: I turn the world as I like it?

  12. privilege!
    If you read it that way, it is not about the privilege of the diesel subsidy, but to be able to drive the privilege of the rich undisturbed and without traffic jams! Who can still afford that? Only the rich! You kept red/green for a good choice? Now the financially weaker ones can pay for it! The SPD was once the worker’s party, today it is the party of rip -offs and the rich. The voter runs into the abyss like a lemming! Finally watch!

  13. Completely wrong
    Both the SPD and the Greens clearly have the social in the program, financed by rich and wealth tax. The FDP rejects this. So if you want to complain that only rich people are being prepared, then you have to take the right address, the FDP! The most anti -social party in the whole parliament, because Liberal is unfortunately called, performance principle without social justice .

  14. Fuel prices
    Man needs the car essential. There are enough people in the cities who do not have the privilege that a charging station is near their apartment block. Even in the rural area, the charging infrastructure is not so far! Have the green women ever have a real report created whether the electricity from renewable energies can be enough at all? I can drive a burner for 30 years and longer. In the case of a Stromer, after 14 years at the latest at the second battery change, it is over. The vehicle is then much less worth it than the new battery would cost – unprofitable! The resources and energy that is then put into the vehicle on the km is many times higher than the combustion engineer! You shouldn’t just calculate driving!


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