THG quota: Unusual of the year or salvation of humanity?

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THG quota: Unusual of the year or salvation of humanity?-quota

Germany is not good. Not, if you look more closely at the climate balance in the transport sector. For about two decades, the threatening CO2 exhaustings of this area remain at the same level. Although it is predominant that the focus is on the transport sector: There are other areas that contribute the same to the climate balance. But this is comparatively little spoken. The attentive observer has long since the question of the reason and will be able to deliver profound theses. But that does not change the need to make a closer look at the approach of the THG quota.

To repeat: Why are we required?

Yes, there are natural CO2 stands that are not human. Mostly. These CO2 quantities also build our forests and plants. It is an exchange that photosynthesis. A clear, balanced balance sheet. In Shares, the homemade surplus is comparatively low. Nevertheless, he collects and sums up in the sphere and can not be reduced.

It is clear that the road traffic must be saved in greenhouse gas. Politics decides how. The greenhouse gas reduction rate is a product of the absorption collection and not least consequence of the voter will. The road traffic is composed of all voter layers. It hardly meets a party more or less than another. At least superficially considered: road traffic is not only important for the holder of a vehicle. He is also the basis for many industries. We therefore have to be careful that the decisions are actually in the common good and not one or the other more disadvanting than another. And mobility must remain affordable. Individual mobility, on the other hand, seems to go to the collar, after all, each ride-saved ride moves to 100% in the balance sheet – whereby the public transport itself can also be considered and converted. But nothing saves as much as a car that falls quite.

The strategy has the THG quota hits everyone alike and has not aim to doing individual persons or companies overly hurt. So a round thing.

So the Bundestag has created a law 2021. Actually already in 2015 and this also had their precursors. The purpose of this market-based idea was to introduce the use of more renewable energy in road traffic. A similar impact had the quasi predecessor: the biofuel ratio. The problem with her was the relative futility of the undertaking – why it was so, is shown below.

The current law renewal should obtain higher effectiveness. The result can now be easily measured and reviewed on the concrete savings per company based on its own emissions. The law is aimed at the mineral oil companies. It prescribes you what share the renewables must have.

The entrepreneurs have several possibilities to fulfill their quota – to what extent business goals are to be proceeded to the objective, offers them politics – still – “air”. Yet. In fact, you will be reduced to two options: this is the direct sale of emission-resistant sources. Add to this biodiesel and bioethanol in question. So let’s take a closer look at these two products:

  • Biodiesel (B7)

First of all, there is no other diesel as well as otherwise. The difference makes the admixture up to a share of 7%. The diesel is practically “stretched”. The admixture is generated by a special chemical reaction and comes from other sources. The most important point appears to be biodegradability that benefits this share. But that was all: Already around the millennium turned a hype, which, however, led to increased forest for whaledrodes due to the concrete production and so that the matter ads absurdum. The use of alligator fat and chicken parts were not everyone aware.

The peak in Germany had the “biodiesel” in 2007, when 7% has been reached. The land use changes were particularly negative in the climate balance. So why the proportion should be increased without a corresponding regulation to extract with it, once again is not comprehensible at this point.

The legislator has taken into account in his latest amendment and highly restricted land use changes.

  • Bioethanol

A name that actually beats waves – rightly? Hardly a mineral oil company does not boast the use of bioethanol. This substance will also be included in the fuels for the operation of the vehicles, up to an extent of 5%. It is therefore called E5.

In fact, the only one is the only thing that gasoline can be added and may. At SuperPlus gasoline in Germany, the addition is allowed up to 10% ethanol. Germans know the mixture as “super E10”. This is a really significant alternative that makes sense. However, there are only shares in quantitative terms and these will only help in this extent.

THG quota or what else remains the companies left?

The classic: purchase of THG odds others. First, this idea of the touch of futility swings. However, even here you have to see the thing down to the last detail so you can make a judgment. For this purchase, the acquisition of charging column operators and just bioethane tank station operators are in question. You do not have to be statisticians, nor particularly intelligent to see that this rail can not lead to the desired success. Only the goal of no penalties have to pay for the first.

Nevertheless, the quota scheme offers more than it looks at this point: the company bosses tinker, as it continues and how to solve it. Thus, the research becomes interesting, it will be paid to clever minds. The policy and the consumer look over the shoulder. The purchase of quotas costs and increases the prices that consumed saves more. The transition itself is suddenly interesting for companies, consequently for the shareholders. You too want to be on the safe side. A new system has established itself:

The quota market

The offer of meaningful odds in the “greenhouse gas sector” is logically limited. This means at the same time a certain market power. Who mixes, determines the price – others are outside. So who does not want that? Helper companies for smaller providers have long since been founded and bundle their know-how for those who suddenly achieve wholesale prices. Odds increases in turn make a price boost – upwards. The realization that Biodiesel & Co were nothing more than a biodeway, which no longer pulls, is currently still exhausting and fires the growth of the last option. Increases of the penal and a lot more let the providers and shareholders smoke their heads, as their “product” can continue to grow further.

THG quota: Unusual of the year or salvation of humanity?-year

2021 it was once again so far and the “quota market” received his booster. In May, the law reform was put on her legs. As a real useful, the mandatory reduction of feed and food productions to judge, which can only be credited to some extent. Also interesting is the development, accordingly no longer the electricity supplier, but the operator of the charging stations becomes more significant. Thus, a power shift is accompanied by a sustainable effect.

Booster of the other kind: What does the Federal Constitution say?

The Federal Constitution tells the same, as with all other areas of life also: Schwah-laws do not. You can not pursue any goals by law if the overall concept is not up and can not even rise. At least not when constitutionally protected values are at the game: Fundamental rights. And here the legislator has to fulfill a proof of protection. This requires some statements:

Let’s take the right to life, which u.a. but also protected in the European Human Rights Convention in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, as an example: a state that does not create and receive criminal laws and criminal courts, acts human rights or. unusual. So far, so well-known. “The Purge” and similar events can not be considered with us. Thus, in addition, the future generations are socialized, so not to think about that. Also indirect does not work. A law that was too diluted to achieve its objective does not comply with the constitutional requirements. Climate change is currently the greatest danger and have long since organized opponents to meaningful counter strategies and anchored their advocates in society and politics.

On the 29th.04.In 2021, the Constitutional Court for Germany has drawn a stringent border: Who does not end his legislation, as in the partially repealed amendment, is not constitutional. The policy must therefore continue thinking than by 2030 if that is scientifically detectable. How far the greenhouse gas quota can contribute to it remains open anyway. It is clear that she contains meaningful approaches. It is also clear that the one who finds meaningful measures will be a practicable example of all others. It is just as clear that such decisions will be a booster of the special kind.

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4 thoughts on “THG quota: Unusual of the year or salvation of humanity?”

  1. E10 is not great+

    Superbenzine E5 / E10, lead-free, DIN 51626-1 Mind. 95.0 ROZ / 85.0 Moz
    Super Plus / 98, lead-free, DIN EN 228 MIND. 98.0 ROZ / 88.0 Moz

  2. A reduction in individual traffic is just as important as future discussions on population growth and the associated consumption increase.
    Why are the cities of individual motorists up to the collapse, though many cities have excellent public transports?
    Why can many children can not drive without a car in the schools and kindergartens, though they have feet?
    Why need delivery services, care services, driving schools, taxis and many more with a burner, although they travel the same routes daily?
    Why is a fuel tax exempt, although the largest climate damage is created by aircraft?
    Cities with sufficiently good public transport should become carefree and, above all, exhaust-free, or pay high usage fees as in London.
    Tempo restrictions on highways are important, but seem to have been just choice-blabla.
    Bev drivers should be rewarded much higher via THG.

  3. This article is pretty weighted. People, like our Thorsten, he does not help because he does not explain important facts. Six points have changed, the author refers to three, the others he probably knew, otherwise the conclusions would have been different:

    • The THG quota is raised by today six to up to 25% in 2030 gradually
    • A crediting of biofuels from food and feed plants on the THG quota is frozen in about today’s quantity
    • a gradual increase in the sub-quotes of biofuels from residual and waste materials from today 0.1 to 2.6% in 2030 and overfill a double crediting on the THG ratio
    • A threefold credit of the THG quota from charging current
    • The operator of a charging current system may now be able to calculate the THG quota, not the electricity supplier
    • Increasing the penalty in case of non-fulfillment of the THG quota: from 470 to 600 € / TCO2

    The solution would be easy for committed operators: organicmEthan to take more focus, because you could sell the underlying in the next few years, if you were really good. This is a biofuel of residual and waste materials. So out of garbage. And charging electricity provider. Both are close for committed operators because it is in the classical business area.

    The classification of biofuels from food and feed plants is wrong. This is not a thigh, but an important building block. There is certainly no degradation of this subsidy, but a freeze because the meaningfully manageable area was achieved for such plants. There we come to the target audience for this post: That reads everything, like an uneasant advice for THG-committed. But probably not so many CEO of mineral oil companies with.

    Therefore, I now take the advantage of the THG-Novelle for us electromobiles together: We reach here almost without your own to do 300 € off and can enjoy us at the idea that the totality of super fumbling with gasoline SUV Personally pays us personally these 300 € pay. 1 € per 100 km, trend rising. thank you very much!

  4. This premium is awesome &# 128521;
    Not only that the dirty plug-in burners have to stay outside, the height varies greatly.
    I pay while loading max. 49 € cents per kW / h “green electricity” and now get 360 €.
    Great, so power Bev ride more fun.
    Here, however, it shows that the financial economy with mathematics can not be good. Here is 1 = 2, as logical.
    For a BEV, 2 dirty burners may be sold by the German diesel fraud companies that come from China and built in Germany with Eastern European temporary workers (up to 70%), which do not deposit in pension and health insurance.


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