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THG quote promises e-auto holders annual barprone-promises

The abbreviation THG quota stands for greenhouse gas reduction rate. An bureaucratic wording, but for owners of electric cars, it means cash. Every year, first by 2030, private individuals can also get fleet operators money for the electric car. The sum will be slightly higher every year. It starts 2022 with bonuses between 250 and 365 euros per car.

Here is an overview of the employee who will first pay out a cash premium in February 2022 for the first time:

providers bonus
for 2022
Target groups annotation
Carbonify 336 €

Private individuals,
Fleet operator

82.5% of the final
CO2.Automobile* 275 € Private individuals,
Fleet operator
Electric part * 354 €

Private individuals,
Fleet operator

85% of the final THG quota
Plus 30 € loyalty bonus for 3 years
Emobia * 345 € Private individuals 80% of the final THG quota,
Tax-optimized premium of 255 €
EMOVY * 330 € Fleet operator Guaranteed
E-Quota * 345 € Fleet operator 80% of the THG Quote, Individual-
Price from 10 vehicles
Fairnergy * 300 € Private individuals Guaranteed
Money for e-car *

275 €

Private individuals,
Fleet operator
Juicifiy *

300 €

Private individuals Guaranteed, donation option
M3e 305 € Private individuals,
Fleet operator
Maingau Energy 260 € Private individuals Only for electricity customers
Polarstern * 250 € Private individuals Guaranteed
Quotlix * 300 € Private individuals,
Fleet operator
SMARTIFICATE * 300 € Private individuals New Year’s action, guaranteed
The Mobility House * 250/300 € Private individuals Guaranteed, THG quota /
With purchase of a wallbox
We buy
Your certificate *
275 € Private individuals,
Fleet operator
Guaranteed, 200 € at
Immediate payment

What do you have to do for the barpremia?

Among the THG quota only pure E cars fall, so no plug-in hybrid. The holder of the vehicles can register their claim with one of the above providers. For this purpose, the personal contact details as well as a photo of the vehicle registration. The providers register the vehicle at the Federal Environment Agency. If the vehicle is entitled, the providers who bundle CO2 savings through emission-free driving and sell in larger quantities of mineral oil companies, as they must meet the THG quota.

How does the THG quota work?

The transport sector is responsible for a fifth of CO2 emissions. By 2030, this area should only eject 85 million tonnes of CO2 per year. That would be halved compared to the level of 1990. The policy wants to achieve this with the environmental bonus, vehicle taxes according to CO2 emissions and CO2 limits for the manufacturer’s new car fleet. Another building block forms the greenhouse gas reduction rate.

The THG quota has existed several years. Companies that bring mineral oil to trade, reduce the amount of fuels that generate CO2 in combustion annually. Currently, this rate is 6 percent and rises to 25 percent by 2030. Sold a supplier this year, for example, fuels, the 100.000 tonnes cause CO2, he may only 94 in the coming year.Remove 000 tonnes of CO2 causing fuel. If he violates it, criminal figures are due. The speech is from 600 euros per ton.

A mineral oil company can fulfill its THG quota in which it sold biodiesel and gasoline with bioethanol (E5, E10). But the sale of charging current for E-cars – currently even with the factor three.

How do private e cars come into play?

For the year 2022, the circle of applications was extended at the THG quota. Now the holder of E-Cars can register their vehicle from the Federal Environment Agency and offer the saved amount of CO2 on the market. This is too complex for private vehicle owners. Who wants to negotiate with BP, Aral and Jet? On the other hand, the mineral oil companies have no interest in negotiating almost half a million e-auto holders. Especially since this number will rise noticeably in the coming years.

Therefore, the above-mentioned mediation platforms have formed. They aggregate the THG quota from many car owners and offer them as large CO2 savings on the market. For each electric car, the CO2 saving is on the order of almost 2.000 kWh annually credited. It is insignificant where it is loaded and whether pure eco flow flows into the electric car. The THG quota is intended for gas station operators to provide incentives to set up more charging columns. Critics complaining that plays the type of power generation when crediting does not play a role. If eco flow would be duty, the incentive to expand renewable energy generation would be greater.

THG-QUOTE VS. CO2 Certificates Trade

Trade in THG quotas is completely independent of the CO2 certificate trading. While the pollution rights for CO2 are traded on the stock market at 50 to 60 euros per tonne, prices are significantly higher at the THG quota. Here are paid up to 400 euros per tonne. The price sank up to 250 euros during the Corona Lockdowns. The prices for the THG quota will not be determined by a stock exchange, but are by brokers or. Traders determined due to supply and demand.

What causes the THG quota?

The THG quota is an incentive for gas station operators amplified in more environmentally friendly fuels or. To invest propulsion types (charging columns). Presumably, the big providers of charging points will jump on the train. You too can bundle the THG odds of your customers and market. Charging current from the public power grid is currently counted in the odds calculation with the triple factor. Who operates its charging columns with renewable energy (direct physical connection to the charging point), the amount of energy can multiply again with a factor of 2.5.

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15 thoughts on “THG quote promises e-auto holders annual barprone”

  1. Actually, e-car drivers should refrain from these “new stitch of drainage” so as to increase the pressure on CO2 issuers to become neutral fast CO2.
    Change only works on the purse, otherwise “the market is governed by this as here again over a backtell !!!

  2. This is the first article / contribution to the topic where I believe the “concept” understood. Especially this is because concrete numbers are shown.

  3. While this is a bit strange concept that I get money from the oil companies as an e-motorist so that your CO2 emissions buy well but well ..
    If you think of the environment, you may not do that, but on the other hand you pull the oil companies the money out of your bag so that that hurts sometime, if you continue to buy so much of the THG Kram …
    Of course, it is not bad for your own purse. 160 € correspond to 30ct / kWh (very soon history) and a consumption of 15kWh / 100km around 3500km the e-car pays its driving power itself every year. Not bad. Are around 25% of my annual driving performance.

  4. Moin in the round,

    I find really good. E car driving is awesome. Although I have “only” a 2017 yaris hybrid, but it will soon follow an e car. E cars are just better. I find good that you are still rewarded now. Look, the German state is not so bad &# 128578;

    I wish you all a nice weekend here.


  5. I have now registered at Smarantificate, currently get per year 250, – € for my THQ quota plus once 30, – € bonus.
    It is clear that the polluting industry is “reveased” with these certificates. On the other hand, however, the Federal Office would sell these certificates. Then I prefer to put myself the “coal :-)”. With this money I can then finance my vegan diet the yes more expensive than animal meat and sausage. So I have made a contribution to the environment and the animal welfare, paid by companies with fossil pollution ..

  6. How can this be agreed with the application for the environmental premium? Finally, you have signed the following: “… I did not ask for the vehicle to be promoted for the vehicle to be promoted to grant other public funds and will not put such a request for this vehicle in the future …” Source BAFA application.

  7. Thank you for the post! Could you please execute how or where you come to the surcharge for the supply of the charging station with your own PV at the end?

  8. But do not forget, from 256 € the money is taxable.
    From the page “Money “seen:
    Our knowledge to include “rewards” to other income from § 22 no. 3 EStG, for which there is an annual free limit (not free allowance!) of 256 euros. But since we can not make tax advice and can, we recommend to ask your tax adviser.

    Free limit is: from 256 € the tax is due to the total sum.

  9. At electric rape.DE There are even more than 400 € bonus. There only 15% commission is collected and you do not have to bind for several years as with the other providers.

  10. E-cars are currently not the future.. But that just understand the most allest. The topic of e-mobility stands and falls with the battery. As long as you have to win the raw materials in the way that is currently common and the production of batteries devours such resources, this will not prevail in the mass.

    I am rather think that one will make E-Fuels with the eco-electricity, as it is “only” build a production but no completely new infrastructure.

    The topic of E-car I once played – I just want to make every 5th, then the light goes out in winter, if the PV systems, private or public, only weak yields deliver.
    Because that’s what the sun does not seem, somewhere runs a coal power plant, AKW or a gas turbine. The pair of wind turbines do not make any compensation and then there is also the opponents of new electrical roads, because the electricity comes out of the socket.

    You will need forever to cover our needs completely “green”. So the end of suffering will be – price up and thus the demand throttle.

    Is probably no longer experienced as a actively working person, that many are electrically driving … Everything only SchOnrechnerei and nature helps it to date a shit, if you look at the landscapes in which lithium was degraded.

    Here you calm down its good conscience and other sites you destroy nature and other people’s livelihood. great idea.

    Someone has heard the discourse around the Tesla factory in the East? And of which water convertions there is a speech? We need a new technology … Do not ask me which … but what is currently running is just crap.

  11. This premium is awesome &# 128521;
    Not only that the dirty plug-in burners must stay outside, the height varies greatly.
    I pay while loading max. 49 € cents per kW / h “green electricity” and now get 360 €.
    Great, so power Bev ride more fun.


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