Third Funding Round: 70 million euros for electric car loading infrastructure

Third Funding Round: 70 million euros for electric car loading infrastructure-euros

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has now published its third party to promoting the structure of publicly accessible charging infrastructure for electric cars. From the 22. November 2018 can once again be made funding applications for e-charging stations. With the third call of the federal program charging infrastructure, the BMVI promotes the construction of up to 10.000 normal and 3.000 fast load points. This is around 70 million euros available. The call ends on the 20. February 2019.

“With our conveyor program loading infrastructure we bring charging columns into the area and the electricity to the E cars. More than 3000 applications have been received in the first two funding calls – a great success! Over 15.000 charging points could already be granted. Now we want to eliminate the existing, white spots’ in the charging infrastructure network with the help of our new location tools. For the areas with a particularly high demand, we have therefore increased the funding rate to 50 percent. This is another step to create a nationwide and demand-oriented charging infrastructure for E-vehicles in Germany. At the same time, the BMVI supports the development of the charging infrastructure at the motorway service stations.“ – Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport

The federal charging infrastructure program of the BMVI is in very high demand. All applications received in the first two calls for funding will be decided by the end of this year. So far, applications have been received for a total of 15.803 charging points, 13 of them.473 normal charging points and 2.330 fast charging points approved. This corresponds to a funding volume of more than 76 million euros. This more than doubled the number of existing charging points.

With the third call for funding, a web-based location tool is being used for the first time, which can identify supply gaps in the nationwide charging network. Among other things, traffic and mobile data, user data from electric car drivers and socio-economic data are included there. With the help of this tool, a nationwide and demand-oriented construction of the charging infrastructure is guaranteed.

The aim of the Federal Program Loading infrastructure is the construction of a nationwide charging infrastructure with nationwide 15.000 charging columns, each pillar usually offers two charging points. For this, the BMVI will provide a total of 300 million euros by a total of 300 million euros. Private investors, cities and municipalities can provide funding applications. The promotion includes up to 50 percent of the eligible costs and in addition to the construction of the charging column also the mains connection and the assembly. Prerequisite for the promotion is, among other things, that the charging columns are publicly accessible and operated with electricity from renewable energies.

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