This is how modern the cockpit of the new Mercedes E-Class is


This is how modern the cockpit of the new E-Class is

This is how modern the cockpit of the new Mercedes E-Class is-mercedes

The two 12.3-inch screens behind the steering wheel are already familiar from the current S-Class, but they are even better integrated in the new E-Class

Source: Daimler

The interior of the new E-Class offers more than the S-Class. XXL screens, pulsating buttons and comfortable seats suggest that people like to be chauffeured in the Benz. Preferably without a driver.

E.Get in and feel at home – this is how the upper middle class drivers from Mercedes have probably experienced over the past 50 years. This will change now. Because anyone who gets into the new E-Class for the first time in April 2016 will rub their eyes.

This is mainly due to the two 12.3-inch screens behind the steering wheel, which are even better integrated than in the current S-Class, without annoying cover strips or unnecessary switches disturbing the overall impression of the so-called widescreen cockpit.

“Cinemascope instead of a fireplace room” is the motto when razor-sharp graphics flicker across the two displays in real time and you play with the cursor buttons on the steering wheel, borrowed from the Blackberry, through the new menus or largely configure your displays yourself.

Few of them are ready to "let go"

The car of the future will no longer be controlled, it will drive by itself. Autonomous driving is the magic word. However, there are still many fears associated with future technology. Source: N24

Just like in the C- or S-Class, there is a combination of rotary control and touchpad on the center tunnel, and because it apparently corresponds to the zeitgeist, ambient lighting with 64 colors. Depending on your taste, however, it looks just as playful as the rather ornamentally illuminated start button, which also pulsates before starting – so much gimmick fits a Mini, but not to a Mercedes.

As befits a good cinema, the Swabians not only worked on the screen and the displays, but also on the seats. The new armchairs offer more massage functions than the hot stone seats from the S-Class so that you can get out of the car relaxed and rested even after long journeys.

And just like the big sister limousine, all the consoles and supports are heated here too. In addition, Mercedes has developed a seat extension for the first time that eliminates the annoying wrinkles.

Driver must confirm his presence

The fact that Mercedes has put so much effort into the interior is also due to the large number of new assistance systems. Because driving itself is as minor as never before in the W213 series. This is due to the “Drive Pilot”, with which the Swabians push the limits of autonomous or at least assisted driving a little further.

After all, the limousine now stays in lane on its own for long stretches, takes corners without the driver having to do anything with a view of the lane markings or the person in front and only needs a short command with the indicator lever to overtake.

This is how modern the cockpit of the new Mercedes E-Class is-mercedes

The new seats in the E-Class not only look different than ordinary seats, they also have more to offer: even more massage functions than the armchairs in the S-Class and one special seat extension

Source: Daimler

The driver has to acknowledge presence and attention on a regular basis. But instead of reaching into the steering wheel as before, all he has to do is touch the sensor buttons on the handlebars to wrest a few seconds of rest and relaxation from the electronics.

But the E-Class doesn’t just drive largely alone on the autobahn. It also scans cross traffic at intersections or, in the event of an impending collision with pedestrians, evades by itself after a discreet warning from the driver. And instead of just helping the driver to park, she maneuvers into the space herself using the remote control from her smartphone.

With so many electronic achievements, the innovations under the sheet almost fade into the background. The limousine has also stepped up in the classic trades.

There won’t be an E-Class with a three-cylinder

No less passionately than about bits and bytes, chief engineer Michael Kelz talks about the three different chassis and the five preliminary drive programs that he has spread so far that the taxi driver in the bare basic model is just as satisfied as the high-speed driver in the E 63 AMG will provide around 600 hp.

He raves about the new four-cylinder diesel OM 654, which, with its aluminum block, plays a major role in the E-Class losing around 70 kilos and, in the most economical version without a plug-in module, probably not consuming four liters. As an E 220d with 190 hp, this two-liter engine will be on the grid in April 2016, just like the E200 petrol engine with 184 hp.

Kelz calms the conscience with the prospect of plug-in hybrids for gasoline and diesel and a mild hybrid with 48-volt technology and assures frequent drivers that, despite all savings efforts, there will be no three-cylinder in the E-Class as in the C-Class . And he whispers something of the fine-tuning in the wind tunnel, with which not only the air resistance drops to a record level (CW = 0.23), but also the noise level.

This is how modern the cockpit of the new Mercedes E-Class is-mercedes

The new Mercedes E-Class will be seen undisguised for the first time in January 2016 at the Detroit trade fair

Source: Daimler

However, if you want to experience the E-Class in all its glory, you have to dig deep into your pocket. Admittedly, little should change in the basic price, so that the sedan should start at 42,000 euros in the future.

But with regard to stingy fleet managers, all the electronic achievements from the huge displays to the comfort seats to the LED headlights and even the navigation are only available for an extra charge.

Without a surcharge, instead of a cinemascope, it is only enough for a freshened fireplace room with analog instruments, small monitors, conventional armchairs – and for that typical “welcome home” feeling.

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