This is how the car becomes winterproof: the 10-point check against frost and snow

This is how the car becomes winterproof

The 10-point check against frost and snow

This is how the car becomes winterproof: the 10-point check against frost and snow-becomes
ZDK The 10-point check against frost and snow

Before the first snowflakes fall and the temperatures drop below zero degrees, your own vehicle must be well prepared. You should pay attention to these ten points as a driver.

Driving in winter is exhausting. This applies not only to the pilots, but also to the vehicles. If the first snowflakes fall or the thermometer remains below zero degrees, the technology has to do hard work. Therefore, you should prepare your own vehicle thoroughly for the cold season. With the 10-point check you are on the safe side.
Battery: A well -maintained battery starts the engine even at low temperatures. Therefore, the six chambers should always be filled correctly and the battery should have enough voltage. If the battery made difficulties in autumn, only an early change helps.
Brakes: slices, coverings and liquid must always work perfectly. If the coverings are still strong enough, the brake fluid is not yet too old?
Body: So that road salt does not gnawing too much on the sheet, regular car pockets also help in winter. But do not forget the underbody and a subsequent wax seal. Incidentally, clean slices – also from the inside – increase the perspective and security.
Cooling water: Only with sufficient frost protection the cooling unit and the engine survive extremely deep temperatures. The addition is significantly lowered by the addition and the aggregate is sufficiently cooled even in extreme situations. Otherwise, the expansion of the frozen water can tear lines.
Oil: Modern engines drive with an additional area oil such as 5W40, which offers sufficient viscosity at different temperatures, even in extreme cold. In order for the lubricating film to keep, a regular oil change is part of the service obligation. Because if the oil is too old, foreign substances, such as water, can deposit and damage the engine. Modern, fully synthetic oils offer greater viscosity stability and enable better lubrication.
Headlights: Anyone who is traveling in the dark months of the year without a flawless lighting system endangers themselves and others. A regular check helps. Having a small reserve of headlight lamps, rear light bulbs and fuses on board also gives a safe feeling.
Wipers: lots of rain, fog and often also snow – the wipers are now in continuous use. In order to have a clear view even in worst weather, the wipers should be checked early. Heckwipers in particular are often neglected. You can also scratch the rear window quickly with heavily damaged rubber ribs. With torn rubbers, these must be exchanged. So that the wiping water finds its way onto the pane even at low temperatures, it is advisable to fill a cleaning additive with frost protection into the washing container. So the disc always remains clear during the trip.
Door locks: drops of water in the locks can freeze overnight. The next morning the car remains blocked. With oil or graphite you can keep the inside of the castle smooth. For safety, a de -icing spray is advisable – but please do not store this in the car overnight.
Winter tires: In winter road conditions, they are now part of the mandatory equipment anyway: at low temperatures they offer significantly more grip, a shorter braking distance than summer tires and thus a thick safety plus.
Accessories: A flat spare wheel is of no use in the event of breakdown. Therefore, the air pressure of the fifth tire should also be checked regularly. A look at the expiry date of the association box cannot hurt either and the warning triangle should also be checked for its functionality. A filled reserve canister in the trunk and a hand -ready warning vest are recommended. The vest should be created before leaving the vehicle. Sure is certain, especially in winter. And if the car remains, a blanket can warm the passengers.
Leave the vehicle. Sure is certain, especially in winter. And if the car remains, a blanket can warm the passengers.

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