This is how the fully electric Volta Zero looks like

This is how the fully electric Volta Zero looks like-volta

The Swedish start-up Volta Trucks presented its first fully electric powered truck in mid-July last year. Since then, the company’s first clients around her and builds its own E-offensive further. At the beginning of November 2021 then the presentation of the serial tire design of the Volta Zero. Massive has not changed, yet differences are to be determined in detail.

The start-up has designed the world’s first fully electric 16-ton commercial vehicle, which was specially developed for inner-city movement of goods. In the design you set the help and input of Asttheim Design in Warwick, United Kingdom. When presenting the electric vehicle, Volta Trucks makes it clear that there is a close visual relationship with the original demonstration vehicle. Most notably, the all-new cab and high-quality operator work environment, with its low, central seating position to improve visibility and safety, has been retained from initial design to the start of production.

In the process, all body panels were redesigned and updated for the final design. The most noticeable, albeit minimal, visual changes include the elimination of the horizontal headlight bar and the replacement of the previously diagonal connection between the driver’s cab and the load compartment with a vertical line in order to improve the efficiency of the vehicle design. In the interior, only the color and material palette have changed.

“In close cooperation with the design team of Asttheimer and our own engineers, we have designed a modern, advanced and elegant vehicle – just as a factory-designed electric vehicle should be. The production-ready Volta Zero represents a paradigm shift in the safety and sustainability of commercial vehicles.— Ian Collins, Chief Product Officer, Volta Trucks

The Swedes also reveal that the production of the first 25 prototype vehicles for design verification will begin shortly. From early 2022, these prototypes will then undergo a comprehensive and rigorous testing program. This will be done first by Volta Trucks engineers and then by customers to ensure the first production vehicles, due to go into production late next year, are of the highest possible quality.

Overall, the company is aiming for over 27 by 2025.000 electric vehicles on the road. In the meantime, the company had confirmed that it was examining the production of the Volta Zero in Spain. This has been abandoned and the Volta Zero is produced in Steyr, Austria. For this you have secured the cooperation with Steyr Automotive, former Man Truck and Bus Austria,.

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  1. If the diagonal line between the passenger and cargo space would be a tremendous styling element, one could simply create the effect with the paint.

    I could imagine the vehicle well as a carrier for a motorhome. The unused payload could be used for more batteries.


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