This is how you do your motorhome Winterfit

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This is how you do your motorhome Winterfit

This is how you do your motorhome Winterfit-your
Authors-Union Mobility/Michael Kirchberger Guide: hibernation for campers

Even if winter camping is becoming increasingly popular – many owners of a motorhome are now sending the Rolling Home into hibernation. So that there is no evil awakening in the next spring, a whole series of precautions have to be taken.

First of all, there would be the question of the appropriate parking space. If you don’t find it on your own property and also shy away from the way to a special winter camp, you have to consider some parking regulations.

1. Parking regulations for motorhomes

The leisure vehicle must be approved and needs a valid TuV badge when it is parked in the public traffic area. This applies to all vehicles up to a maximum of 7.5 tons permitted total weight. Park markings on the street have to be observed, the camper protrudes beyond the side lines or the front or rear marking, threatens nodules.

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This is how you do your motorhome Winterfit-motorhome

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Not every parking lot is the same. If under the white P is on a blue reason, which usually exposes traffic room as a parking area, an additional board with the inscription or the “only car” symbol is attached, only vehicles may be parked here that are actually approved as passenger cars. At most, this applies to camper vans such as the Marco Polo on Mercedes-V-Class-Base or the VW California on T6, which sometimes do not have the approval as a "other car motorhome".

2. Where you are allowed to park caravans

It looks different again with caravans. Like any other trailer with up to two tons of permitted total weight, you can park on the roadside for a maximum of two weeks. After that, 30 euros are threatened. Some bypass this rule by pushing the caravan back or back a few meters after the parking period has expired. This is legitimate, but basically not legal, still extends the deadline by two weeks.

This is how you do your motorhome Winterfit-this
Authors-Union Mobility/Michael Kirchberger Guide: hibernation for campers

Boards that are heavier than two tons of total weight may not be parked in residential areas between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. as well as on Sundays and public holidays. The same regulation applies to motorhomes with more than 7.5 tons of weight. They fall into the class of heavy trucks, for which the old class 2 driver’s license or today’s driving license C is necessary.

3. Better book a parking space

Camper that live in cities mostly searches for a storage facility in the surrounding area. The motorhome in shelves such as rural barns survives the cold and wet weeks exceptionally good. Hibernation is undisturbed there because dry and safe.

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This is how you do your motorhome Winterfit-this

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However, you should pay attention to other residents. If pigeons have moved into their domicile in the roof beams, an unpleasant surprise in the form of bird droppings can wait for the structure in spring. Such places are usually offered for monthly rents between 40 and 60 euros. In metropolitan areas, professional providers also provide special garages in different sizes. In the Rhine-Main area it is among other things the Garagenmax company, which provides such comfortable remises, they are equipped with power supply, video monitored and alarm, but also cost 240 euros a month.

This is how you do your motorhome Winterfit-Authors-Union Mobility Michael Kirchberger Guide hibernation
Authors-Union Mobility/Michael Kirchberger Guide: hibernation for campers

5. Before hibernation: clean properly

Before hibernation, however, it says: off to the bathroom. Because the paints, decors and roof hoods have added flora and fauna, not only dirt, but also moss must be eliminated. A passenger car can quickly turn a round through the car wash, but the camper would not get that good. There are suitable truck systems with large portal brushes, but the sensitive acrylic glass windows, the usual decorative strips and the roof hoods of the motorhome can be significantly damaged by them. So hand washing is the order of the day, there are well -equipped wash places everywhere.

This is how you do your motorhome Winterfit-your
Authors-Union Mobility/Michael Kirchberger Guide: hibernation for campers

But be careful, not everyone of the boxes has sufficient height for a large motorhome. There are usually height information on the systems, mostly there is at least a washing box that is also suitable for higher vehicles. As a rule, this includes the beam lance of the high -pressure cleaner to remove the coarse pollution and a washing brush. However, caution is particularly advisable for high pressure laundering. A motorhome has a lot of ventilation in the roof and walls.

6. Where you need winter covers

In the roof hatches there is forced ventilation for adequate oxygen circulation, in which the side wall are the plastic grilles that allow the fridge to breathe. Before the laundry, the winter covers should be attached that offer a little protection against the moisture. The high -pressure beam may only be used at the proper distance anyway, at least 30 centimeters should be preserved. Because the glued -up decors can easily loosen up to 120 bar pressure and are then difficult to fasten again.

This is how you do your motorhome Winterfit-this
Authors-Union Mobility/Michael Kirchberger Guide: hibernation for campers

Even seals on doors, flaps and windows should not be cleaned directly with the sharp jet. Rework with soft non -woven towels and mild cleaning agents is advisable. So that the roof can also be cleaned, a ladder belongs to the luggage when driving to the car wash. Especially with vehicles equipped with a solar panel, their cleaning attracts with higher energy yield. If the mobile is finally freed from dirt from top to bottom, the windows come in it. Usual glass care products can be clouded or make the plastic brittle, but not too sharp and, above all, alcohol -free essences such as gentle vinegar cleaners are very suitable.

This is how you do your motorhome Winterfit-motorhome
Authors-Union Mobility/Michael Kirchberger Guide: hibernation for campers

If you distribute a lot of wet with a rubble lobe and scrubber, risk that the excessive moisture creeps into joints and lets the wood swell. The vacuum cleaner and a moderately moist microfiber cloth proves better services. Foam cleaners are also allowed here.

7. Don’t forget rubber care

After the laundry it goes to the wellness studio. Seals want to be maintained with suitable means that not only clean, but maintain the elasticity of the rubber or even reproduce it to him. Especially in the case of panel vans, at the side sliding door and the wing doors in the rear, their careful care is urgently recommended. And last but not least, it is also worth looking at the sealing rubber of the cassette toilet. If it only has the slightest signs of wear, it is advisable to replace it immediately. It costs only a few cents in specialist shops, so unpleasant smells remain absent in the next season.

8th. The technology check

Finally, the vehicle technology is on:

  • the Valves of the bottles and the shut -off taps of the gas system will be closed.
  • the Water supply must be emptied, The pumps are particularly sensitive to frost. If the vehicle stands in the winter warehouse unheated, they are the first to give up their minds as well as the hot water thermal bath. So empty the tanks and then let the pump run dry for a few seconds. Before that, the valves on the thermal bath and like all taps are to be opened, but not the shower in the wet room forgotten.
  • The construction battery is disconnected over the winter, or if there is a power connection, because the battery always keeps the highest capacity via the on -board charger device.
  • Furniture flaps and closet doors should be open, This ensures sufficient air circulation and prevents moisture and mold formation. Up just stands on the substructure of the beds or benches protects upholstery and mattresses from stick stains and other impairments.

  • Of course, the basic vehicle must not be forgotten with all of this. If you increase the tire pressure by 0.5 bar, or relieve the tires over possibly existing lifting supports a little, effectively prevents a stamp, which leads to unbalance.

  • The frost protection in the engine cooling water and the windscreen was checked, the fuel tank should be filled to avoid condensation in it. So -called winter diesel is best suited, which does not flow out even at temperatures below minus ten degrees. The petrol stations hold it from November.

  • The handbrake should not be put on, Otherwise the brake pads could be stuck on the brake drum. It is enough to take the first gear or to put the automatic on "P". If the storage space is sloping, additional wheel wedges ensure the mobile reliably. It is also no mistake to stop by every three to four weeks in the winter camp to see the right one. This is subjectively perceived the waiting time for the longed -for first exit in spring. (AUM/MK)

This article was written by Michael Kirchberger
Car editor.Net

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