This is the last Bugatti with combustion engine

Bugatti Bolide

1800 PS: This is the last Bugatti with combustion engine

This is the last Bugatti with combustion engine-engine
Manufacturer Bugatti Bolide

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Bugatti will become electrical in the future. Until with the help of Porsche the first electrical athlete is created, the Bugatti fans can look forward to a final highlight for the racetrack-the Bolide.

“With the bolide we triggered great enthusiasm last year. After the presentation, many enthusiasts and collectors asked us to develop a series vehicle of the experimental vehicle bolide. The reactions and feedback from customers from all over the world overwhelmed me, ”explains Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti,“ so we decided to put on a small series of the bolide to give 40 customers the chance to experience this incredible vehicle be able. Our team is now developing a series model, an ultimate driving machine for the track."

Bugatti’s last expansion stage for the 16-cylinder

There is a final expansion stage of the spectacular 16-cylinder with eight liters of displacement and turbocharging. The bolide becomes a much more extreme hyper -sports enthusiast than the previous versions of Veyron and Chiron.

This is the last Bugatti with combustion engine-combustion
Press Inform Bugatti Bolide

The Bugatti Bolide is not intended as a hyper sports car for the street, but solely for the racetrack. Officially presented and now confirmed, the small series of 40 vehicles at the Nobel event "The Quail", unofficial highlight of the Monterey Autoweek. Visually, the Bugatti Bolide is more reminiscent of a Le Mans touring car with elements of a Formula 1 vehicle and thus immerse yourself in the racing history of the French carmaker, which now also says goodbye to the Volkswagen brand conglomerate.

This is the last Bugatti with combustion engine-last
Bugatti/dpa-tmn The Bugatti Bolide is to be built in a small series of 40 vehicles. The French manufacturer estimates the price per copy at least 4.8 million euros.

In addition to the martial face, the design of the flat Bugatti Bolide is dominated by the open rear and a massive wing. The rear wing in combination with the diffuser ensures high output forces and accordingly optimal traction.

600 Newton meters and racing gasoline with 110 octane

The Bugatti Bolide is driven by the most spectacular combustion engine that exists worldwide. The eight liter W16 cylinder with 1600 hp and 1.600 nm maximum torque from 2.250 rpm, which also drives the Chiron models, gets an atmospheric performance to 1 with 110 octane with 110 octane.850 PS. With a weight of 1.The Frenchman has 450 kilograms of less than one kilogram per h. The engineers for the circuit use coordinate the drive at higher speeds, discover, among other things, intake and exhaust system to achieve an even faster, more spontaneous and extreme response.

This is the last Bugatti with combustion engine-last
Bugatti Bugatti Bolide

Likewise. The safety equipment includes Hans-System compatibility, an automatic fire extinguishing system, pressure refueling with fuel bubble, central closure for wheels and a six-point belt system. In the next three years, the new hypersport car will be developed for series production, the first deliveries are planned for 2024, at a unit price of four million euros net. Then it becomes electrical at Bugatti, then under the Rimac roof.

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  1. Just take a look
    Let’s see if such a monster can get the sprint from 0 to 100 faster, so one such a … Electrocarre for 1/20 of the price (i.e. for such a lappische 200.000.00 €). The Bugatti will surely be faster. Cars that the world doesn’t need. I would like to drive such a cart? Yes, probably, but not with full throttle.

  2. Spectacular
    What is possible when technicians and engineers have a free hand. Of course you don’t need that, but it just fascinates. If Bugatti then becomes electrical, this should only make the previous models more valuable. Happy who can afford something.


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