This Tesla fuels petrol! Electric hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers – electric car

2-3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers and with eco-prit at least as little emission as an electric car: engineers from Austria have a Tesla for "Hyperhybrid" converted. Site tried it. Is the German "Electric only"-Strategy a mistake?

Germany should become a pure electric nation: the car manufacturers – above all Volkswagen – and politics want to bury gasoline and diesel cars as soon as possible. A new Tesla factory in Brandenburg is funded with billions, another billion flow into a year-on-year subsidy up to a current price capping on quick charging stations. All drivers of petrol and diesel cars with exploding fuel prices should pay . But how can it be that a technology that is said to be superior to the combustion engineer in all points is dependent on massive subsidies at all corners and ends?

When the Tesla suddenly fuels petrol

There must be alternatives, the Obrist Powertrain company thinks. The developers have equipped the model 3 of the Tesla electric car manufacturer with a serial hybrid drive – a concept that the Austrians as "Hyper hybrid" describe. That is not completely new. BMW, for example, already has one with the i3 "Range extender" Offered as a electricity generator and the first Chevrolet Volt worked according to a similar principle. However, there are quite differences in detail.

This Tesla fuels petrol! Electric hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers - electric car-petrol
Site Electrical or hybrid? An electrical Audi e-tron GT in addition to a hybrid prototype based on Tesla

Up to a speed of 65 kilometers per hour, the "Hyperhybrid" still battery electrical. At higher speeds, however, there is a combustion engine that is not directly connected to the drive, but drives an electric machine that acts as a generator. The electrical energy generated here is then forwarded to a second electric machine that is responsible for the drive.

Without a charging cable fueled in just 3 minutes: This electric car packs 800 kilometers

This Tesla fuels petrol! Electric hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers - electric car-fuels

Bavarian radio Without a charging cable fueled in just 3 minutes: This electric car packs 800 kilometers

The highlight: The converted Model 3 should be cheaper and more efficient than its series of series. Thanks to the combustion engine, a smaller lithium-ion battery can be used to press the weight and costs of the electricity. Obrist assumes that a hybrid of the size of a Tesla Model 3 or VW Golf only 21.000 euros would cost. Of course, the company still has to prove this in a standard application. You can see the first test drive of the car in the video.

This Tesla fuels petrol! Electric hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers - electric car-petrol
Obrist Group This Tesla drives with liquid electricity: Austrians build the hyper hybrid

Electric car 2022 (display)

All electric car and plug-in hybrid models at a glance
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Obrist hyperhybrid: technical data

The data is temporary – the car is still a prototype.

  • Serial plug-in hybrid with an electric motor and petrol engine as "Range extender"
  • An electric machine with 100 kW output drives the rear wheels
  • A two-cylinder petrol engine ("Zero vibration generator") with 40 kW performance that loads the battery while driving
  • The 17.5 kWh large lithium ion battery enables approx. 100 km purely electric driving. According to the manufacturer, the total range is up to 1500 kilometers based on a gasoline consumption of 2 liters / 100 km and a 30-liter tank. As a total consumption, the manufacturer specifies 3.3 liters, CO2 emissions: 24 g/km
  • The total vehicle is said to be around 250 kg lighter than the purely battery -electric basic vehicle (Tesla Model 3)
  • The battery can be charged at a normal household socket or wall box
  • In future, Obrist also plans Metanol or synthetic fuels as a fuel

Germany’s cheapest electric car checked: The Dacia Spring Electric is so good

This Tesla fuels petrol! Electric hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers - electric car-this

Site Germany’s cheapest electric car checked: The Dacia Spring Electric is so good

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14 thoughts on “This Tesla fuels petrol! Electric hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers – electric car”

  1. Yawn…
    At least once a week, any super clever developer "the" sensation for … E-lawn mower before. Strangely enough, none of the potent carmakers jump on the train. Are they just too stupid?

  2. Precisely!
    This concept – serial hybrid – is the only thing that could prevail on the market would not be the state interventions. A 30 kW engine is probably enough if the interaction is controlled smart. At 65 km/h stubborn to switch on the generator, there is still plenty of primitive. It would be better to tell the car in the morning what you can do and whether the battery can be empty in the evening; The computer then optimizes this in two seconds. A year of average, petrol or methanol consumption of 1 liter/100 km is possible because 90% of the mileage are possible without combustion engineers.

  3. A hurray on the electrical cars
    Let them switch to electric car. At the latest after the coal and nuclear power plants are switched off, we will be back in the Stone Age. There are no wind turbines or solar cells. The energy price will increase in the infinite. Thanks to the FFF and the Greens.

  4. Einstein
    As Einstein said: "Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but I’m not quite sure about the universe yet."

  5. Nothing like here
    The promise sounds great. At 2 l/100km, of course, a large proportion of electrical charging is calculated (S. Comment from ), but for € 21,000 I would buy the car immediately. Possibly. Can you replace the combustion engine at some point with exchanges or BZ.

    Ulrich Schreiber
  6. Interesting as in the article physics …
    is ignored. Let’s start to expect: 1 l gasoline has a heating value of 8.4 kWh per liter. The max. Effect with an Otto motor are approx. 40 % (in the Atkinson cycle). You can produce 3.36 kWh from one liter of gasoline. With the specified consumption of 17.5 kWh to 100 km, 5.2 l gasoline is therefore required. And it has not yet been taken into account that an electric motor does not have a 100 % efficiency and there are of course also loading losses on the battery. To prevent misunderstandings: A car can be justified depending on the driving profile and the purpose. But the concept presented here is simply as wrong as the 2 L consumption propagated by the manufacturers at 100 km in hybrid cars.

  7. The battery fetishists
    Have not yet understood that the central part of the automobile is not the engine but the tank that is energy storage, because it really makes the car really mobile! A tank is so superior to every battery that even the disadvantages of an internal combustion engine fade: small, light, high energy density/capacity, 100% efficiency, to be full, as often as possible, unlimited durability, no self -inflammation possible, closed even unboundable, cost -effective , in an emergency reigned (reserve canister) and a lot more. Until a battery only gets halfway, many years will pass, if at all…

  8. nonsense
    … Every single km must be picked up at the gas station. The battery, on the other hand, is loaded where the car is standing. And with combustion engines, fuel cells and the like. Is the engine etc. Very relevant because the service life of the battery is many times higher.

  9. No false hype about the "hyper hybrid"!
    An electric car with a mini battery that primarily drives with gasoline power – what should that be? Climate protection in Austrian? If serial hybrid, then like in the BMW i3 Rex: I drive i.D.R. With network ecostrom from the battery, 33 kWh, & only in an emergency generated with onboard generator current from the 600 cm³ petrol engine & 8-l tank. The OBRIST concept is the other way round: Miniakku with 17.5 kWh for only 100 km on an eco-power base & I.D.R. (from 65 km/h) drive with "gasoline current" from 1.000 cm³ V-engine & 30 L tank. Even if he only needed 2 l to 100 km, which I doubt, that would not be climate & environmentally friendly. With e-fuel that does not exist, energy efficiency would drop to 13%, a No Go. Conclusion: The "Hyper Hybrid" does not meet two Sine-Qua-Non criteria of the energy transition: climate neutrality & high efficiency.

  10. @Schnitte – demands "ridiculous"?
    Climate neutrality by 2050/60 is the goal of the international community. Germany wants to be climate -neutral by 2045, the state of Bavaria until 2040. Efficiency is one of the three core targets of the energy transition. Both goals are not ridiculous, but seriously meant & also accessible. And other things are ridiculous, z.B. Calling these goals according to e-fuel with 15% energy efficiency.

  11. Hybrid is something where most can live with it
    or could. But their days are also counted. And then the big break -in comes with the approvals. Past the dream with huge new registrations. Gone with the jubilant storms that the new technology has prevailed thanks to compulsion. Because with a pure electric car, most cannot make friends. No matter how in the forums, in politics and in automotive advertising for it. Those who can afford it will do it to have a good green conscience. The others will pay the additional costs to get to work. Until you notice, nothing gets stuck and it no longer pays off. Then the basic income comes into play. Hopefully the other countries will take our way, otherwise we are dark in Germany. Literally meant.

  12. Life with BEV
    … is much easier and more unproblematic than the established forms. Live with it for three years and it is "without alternative".

  13. Principle opel ampera
    I drove this total misconstruction more often. Consumption LT. Manufacturer was 2.99 l in reality between 7 and 11 liters. The mini battery is quickly empty and then the thing needs plenty of fuel due to the multi-weight and gets really loud. The principle had only disadvantages.

  14. Then the testers were traveling with it
    Probably something like a Fata Morgana as the one with O.G. Hybrids have covered test tracks on board without any perception of the combustion engine? Apart from the fact that Obrist has apparently succeeded in using further optimization potential for the combustion engineer, on top of that, you can see a full capsule in interaction o.G. Optimization seems to be able to be able to successfully be able to do exactly this effect.


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