Threatens the battery work construction in Bitterfeld that?

Threatens the battery work construction in Bitterfeld that?-work

In Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the Chinese supplier Farasis wanted to produce battery cells for Daimler in the coming year. Now the construction of the factory could be delayed for years – or even completely fail, reports “ “. As it is said, the project could come to the test again internally. The company has therefore to be communicated on request, to revise its Europe-wide “localization strategy”. It deals with the basic decision which battery cells were produced where.

Ask for how to delay the construction of the planned factory in Saxony-Anhalt or whether the construction of the factory could even be tilted, Farasis loud “ “unanswered. It was only called, Bitterfeld is still part of “potential localization strategies”. Further details of the revised plans wanted to do within the next six weeks.

The “Handelsblatt” had previously reported, possibly the project in Bitterfeld no longer concluded – but at least should be assumed by a delay in the construction of about two years to the fall of 2024. Only last year Daimler involved himself with about three percent of Farasis.

In the factory in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the Chinese supplier wanted to invest around 600 million euros after earlier information for the first construction phase. Should therefore be created up to 2000 jobs. The site should also be the new European headquarters of the Group according to previous ideas. Farasis was founded in 2002 in California and now sits in the Chinese gymna. His Germany headquarters has the company in Frickenhausen near Esslingen.

Farasis is one of several battery cell suppliers of the car manufacturer Daimler. The Stuttgarter build the batteries for their electric cars even, but they buy most of the cells that put in the batteries, but so far too. Farasis shared with the delivery of Daimler and is also secured for the future. A Daimler spokesman pointed out loud “mirror.De “speculation back, the cooperation of both companies was already burst. The cooperation continues, it was said.

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3 thoughts on “Threatens the battery work construction in Bitterfeld that?”

  1. yes, they look like “fast” it goes to Tesla in Brandenburg with the approval. Would not wonder if you build your new headquarters outside Germany.
    If you know the joke “a German and an American want to build a high hook after a certain time of the Americans still 18 floors and I’m finished then the Germans still 18 forms and I can start” Unfortunately, this joke is now the reality in Germany

  2. That would be bitter … but beyond the wordwitz, unfortunately, it also shows that the delay at Tesla leaves effect in Germany because of the absurd approval procedures in Germany.

    I mean, what would I do if I need to build a complex industrial plant, for which some undeveloped land would be sealed, energy needs, water requirement and a certain demand for disposal? I would not build the system in Germany, but z.B. directly behind the border in Poland or the Czech Republic, if I want German workers.

    Musk will have already annoyed that he did not go to Frankfurt / or the other river side for his factory. There are no water querulants that prepare him that his battery work can be used to go. But only people who are looking forward to jobs.
  3. Again, the German automakers go in dependence from foreign corporations because they want to come as possible without great investments in cheap batteries – the old game could go wrong this time, because China is no longer the extended workbench of the West.

    Europe has to set the battery production with European companies Or the e-cars will come in the future, as have been the televisions and computers from Asia for many years.


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