Tibber: full transparency and up to 20% savings in the eco-electric shop

Tibber: full transparency and up to 20% savings in the eco-electric shop-full

Marion NOldgen, Germany boss of the digital eco-energy provider Tibber, has been talking to me about the topics of transparency, green electricity and electric car in a good thirty minutes, which combines Tibber all skilfully under one roof. On average, users of their app save 20% electricity costs per year. Without that they have a great effort on their side.

Tibber is the first completely digital energy company in Norway that its customers are supplied with the cheapest price with exclusively green electricity and digitization brings into the energy industry. Also to Germany, where in relation to eco flow and transparency still a little behind Sweden and Norway afterwards. But we pick up how Marion is talking about. According to the motto “The greenest energy is the ones you do not consume,” will help the customer through transparency and smart tools to reduce their own power consumption. The most important starting point is the fact that Tibber deserves nothing with the power consumption of his customers.

Instead of a year-laid kWh price you pay flexibly at Tibber. 3.99 Euro basic fee per month will be due. Not more. There are no surcharges on the electricity prices, which tibber shopping on the electricity stock market. These prices will be passed on 1: 1 to the customer. The electricity price is adjusted every hour and passed on directly to the consumers. For this purpose, a so-called Smarter Counter is assumed. This is not available to benefit customers of the start-up yet of favorable green electricity average prices.

In practice, this means that the owner can connect its electric car with Tibber, his car plugs in the evening, the app tells when the car has to be ready to drive again and Tibber ensures that the car is then loaded when the electricity is loaded is. It should be noted that Tibber can be connected to all common car brands. Cheap prices arise in everyday life through an excess of regenerative electricity, which can not be stored and therefore is sold cheap. Purely theoretically, it is possible that you get money for the decrease of electricity. Due to taxes and fees, these negative prices do not end up at the E motor driver. This nevertheless benefits from lower additional costs. In detail, I explained the Tibber cycle in everyday life in detail in this article.

But not only E motorists benefit from the offer. Other users of the Tibber service. Whereby the savings do not result from particularly favorable use times of the washing machine, but of a sensitization of customers themselves. Because by the clear look at the own electricity consumption, the question can be determined whether the lamp in the hallway is just how to save electricity, now also underpin with data. To name only one of many examples.

In my view, a fairly informative podcast episode, which shows where Germany can effect greatly in terms of digitization with small steps. And where, above all, end consumers still benefit from falling costs. But best listen myself.

You are welcome to send me questions about e-mobility by mail, which deal with you in everyday life. The answer to it could also be of interest to other listeners of the podcast. As always, reviews, comments and co. Of course I am happy. So gladly, also for the topic suggestions already mentioned. And about a positive rating, at the podcast provider of your choice, I am of course very happy! thank you.

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1 thought on “Tibber: full transparency and up to 20% savings in the eco-electric shop”

  1. I have my post office now at Tibber and My consumption of 1419 kWh for 2020 input.

    In the graphics are for the last 4 months of the years 2020 158 euros – 12 months would be 474 euros.

    At the Suwag (basic supplier) in the favorable tariff “Suwag Strom 24max” I paid 473.95 euros.

    For the 8 months 2021 Tibber shows up from 41 to 46 euros / month increasing average 42.75 per month.

    42.75 Euro / month would be 513 euros.

    At Verivox, the first 20 offers (without bonus) are cheaper – from 492 to 512.41 euros.

    Even if I do not move up the rising price curve at Tibber, but leave at 46 euros in the months, then I come to 342 (first 8 months) + 46 + 46 + 46 +46 = 526 Euro.

    Tibber would be (at the 526 euros) 13.59 to 34 euros more expensive than the providers (without bonus) at Verivox.

    My uncouth belly feeling seems to be true, probably only a hip smarter ver “App“Elevation.


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