Tibber: Smarter “Smart Charging” as other provider on the market

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Tibber: Smarter

At the beginning of the week we have on electric car news.Net reports that Tibber wants to help “use energy intelligent, green & cheaper”. Tibber is the first completely digital energy company in Norway that its customers are supplied with the cheapest price with exclusively green electricity and digitization brings into the energy industry. Also in Germany you want to take foot in the future.

Smart Charging” promises invite to cheapest prices

According to the motto “The greenest energy is the ones you do not consume,” will help the customer through transparency and smart tools to reduce their own power consumption. The most important starting point is the fact that Tibber deserves nothing with the power consumption of his customers. Instead of a year-laid kWh price you pay flexibly at Tibber. This is used for a hourly tariff, as it has long been established in many European markets. The electricity price is adjusted every hour and passed on directly to the consumers. The company itself earned at a monthly package.

With “Smart Charging” the Norwegian company also wants to load e-car more interesting. As explained in the article mentioned in the beginning, this means that the E-Auto driver connects his vehicle with Tibber, stupid to the charging station, the app tells when he needs the car again and Tibber ensures that the car is then loaded when loaded the stream is the cheapest. It should be noted that Tibber can be connected to all common car brands. Due to the direct correlation with energy prices, Tibber also gives an overview of the resulting costs. After the company’s statement, e-car driver SAVE> 200 € / year.

Not all alternatives can be set to a level

In the first article about Tibber I have already received similar solutions. And was also pointed out in the comments that there are appropriate alternatives already. But the difference is in detail how it should be shown in the afterth. This is how the E: Progress project of Honda / Vattenfall is based on an equal algorithmitized process, however, only the cheapest price from the power mix of Vattenfall gets. Whether, one actually always paid the cheapest price is not really clarified.

Awattar is the only one actually a power provider of which the same model offers flexible prices. For e-car owners, however, is the big difference, to Tibber that AWATTAR only provides a remote control to deliver the loading on and out, but not a fully automated process in which the frame parameters only once. Whereby the company is quite aware of the cooperation instadrive and go-e.

Comment by Tibber to alternatives on the market

“It is important for those examples to distinguish between two things: the offer of a pure, hourly electricity tariff and the automated control. The Tibber feature “Smart Charging” makes a hourly electricity tariff correctly, as the owner does not have to worry about cheap current times or charging intervals – this does the Tibber app automated. You just put the car in the socket, says how long it stands there and the Tibber algorithm starts and stops the charging process exactly how the cheapest time intervals are used. This is not possible with a hourly tariff alone, if you do not sleep in the garage and want to face the alarm clock.”- Tibber

Basically, it is therefore up to date that Tibber compares to these alternatives an unbound complete package, without additional hardware (such as E: PROGRESS), which is only loaded by the app directly connecting to the car and then fully automated is.

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  1. We only know expensive tag stream and cheaper night and weekend stream . The latter has the same tariff as the nightstream. In addition, the 70 m2 PV system comes from the roof. Depending on the use of our 2 eV s, we invite you as with the free current from PV system. Only in an emergency with night stream and never with the expensive tag stream. To do this, simply manuel is infected accordingly. Neither an expensive computer control nor memory or a company that controls this we need. This company is only talking about the price ………….
    The requirement of E motorists is 100% natural stream. At PV power ok, at night TJA, yes …………


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