Tips for summer trips: dream areas for charter sailors


Seven dream areas for charter sailors

Tips for summer trips: dream areas for charter sailors-dream

The Mediterranean off Sardinia. The charter offer in the island’s capital, Cagliari, has improved significantly in recent years

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Croatia, Mallorca and the Caribbean remain the favorite destinations of German charter sailors. But other areas also have their advantages. Seven recommendations, from the German Baltic Sea to the Pacific.

D.he offer for vacation on the water is wide-ranging. Experts estimate that between 120,000 and 200,000 charter boats are available worldwide. According to the Association of German Yacht Charter Companies, the industry turned over 13 billion euros in 2016.

Important criteria when deciding on an area are accessibility and the sun factor; On site you have the choice between the most varied of ship sizes, classes and equipment – the possible combinations are almost unlimited. We present seven exciting destinations with exemplary charter offers – as a suggestion for the summer cruise.

Trend destination: Cagliari in Sardinia

Sardinia is best known for the Costa Smeralda and the jet set resort of Porto Cervo. With its wide gulf, the island’s capital, Cagliari, offers a relaxed and cheaper alternative.

The romping ground for the beautiful and the rich can be easily reached under sail from here, without having to moor at the high-priced port: the dinghy is simply lowered into the water for a cappuccino on land. "There have been good boat fleets in Cagliari for a long time," says Jochen Eschenburg, managing director of the Scansails charter agency, "But recently many new ships have been added".

The Hamburg charter company knows the advantages of Cagliari: the port city is served by direct flights from several German cities in the summer and, with Palermo in Sicily and Tunis in North Africa, forms an interesting triangle for sailing adventures – from leisurely strolling around bays to individual one-way trips. In the off-season, a new Bavaria 41 costs around 2700 euros per week. You can save around 550 euros on an older ship of a similar size.

Tips for summer trips: dream areas for charter sailors-tips

When sailing around Sardinia, it is advisable to have a dinghy with you. Then you don’t have to moor with the charter boat in the expensive harbor

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Insider tip in the north: Stockholm’s archipelago

Take one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the 24,000 islands of the archipelago, 1001 hidden anchorages and add cheerful sailing centers and glamorous harbor promenades: this is the sailing summer in Stockholm. Because of the many shoals and rocks, the waters are only conditionally suitable for beginners.

"It is a very beautiful, but demanding area," says Sebastian Kather from 1a Yachtcharter. The agency arranges yachts from local providers for families and groups, for example in the marina in Saltsjo-Duvnas. A two-cabin yacht for a family of four, like a Hanse 315, costs around 2400 euros per week in summer, while larger models like a Hanse 415 cost around 3530 euros.

Stockholm is an expensive area, which is also due to the short season. For July, August and Midsommar the best boats are booked up early. But anyone who has tasted the Swedish summer ease, says Kather, will usually come back: "There are a lot of regulars in Stockholm."

The "Hotel J" in Nacka Strand is well worth a visit: the luxury accommodation is the most popular meeting place for the Stockholm sailing scene and offers a fantastic view over the bay.

Tips for summer trips: dream areas for charter sailors-dream

The archipelago around Stockholm is a dreamy area. Unfortunately not cheap and not suitable for beginners either

Source: picture-alliance / Reinhard Kung

Family-friendly: IJsselmeer

The Dutch Isjsselmeer is still popular with German charterers, to which the manageable cost level also contributes. The large number of providers ensures low prices "Holland is a seafaring nation, there are ships always and everywhere," says Katrin Offenmuller, charter expert at Master Yachting.

The convenient location, the openness and child-friendliness of the Dutch and the many small ports make the inland sea one of the most popular areas in Europe. A newer yacht with three cabins costs around 2700 euros in the summer, older models are available from 1300 euros.

Small ports like Lemmer can be called in the evening. Gourmets get their money’s worth in Monnickendam: In the star hotel "Posthoorn", where Napoleon once stayed, today people cook with a Michelin star.

Tips for summer trips: dream areas for charter sailors-trips

Sailboats in Enkhuizen harbor at sunrise. The IJsselmeer is very popular with German charter sailors because of its moderate prices

Source: picture alliance / Eibner-Presse

Long-running favorite: Ionian Sea

Like Italy, Greece is also benefiting from the charter lull in Turkey. The favorite destination of many sailing holidaymakers is the Ionian Sea, which got its name from one of the lovers of the god father Zeus: Io.

The linchpin of the charter business is the Lefkas Marina on Lefkada with its 620 berths. The fourth largest of the Ionian Islands has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and the nearby Preveza airport. It is located on the mainland, but is connected to Lefkada via a swing bridge and can be reached in 20 minutes.

Tips for summer trips: dream areas for charter sailors-dream

The Ionian Sea is a paradise for sailors. Clear water, wonderful beaches, and in some ports you moor directly in front of the tavern

Source: picture alliance / Bildagentur-o

"The easily accessible area with its many bays is particularly suitable for people who only have a week to spare," says Scansails boss Jochen Eschenburg. "In some of the small city harbors you are right in front of the tavern."

A Hanse 388 for a family of four costs around 2300 euros in the preseason and 2700 euros in the main season until July 28th. The small but very lively Gaios on the island of Paxos, whose port is protected by the two offshore mini-islands Panaghia and Nikolaos, is recommended as a trip destination for the weekly charter.

Bargain prices: German Baltic Sea

After two rainy summers in a row, the Baltic Sea to fight as a charter area. "We are feeling the decline," says Dirk Kadach from 1st class yachts in Heiligenhafen. Anyone who counts on the fact that next summer can only get better will benefit from significantly reduced prices for easy-to-use yachts with furling sails, joysticks and bow thrusters that are waiting for holiday crews in the marinas in Flensburg, Heiligenhafen or Greifswald.

The Flensburg Fjord, protected from all winds, is the ideal area for family crews and beginners. The Danish South Pacific is just around the corner. "You don’t believe how wonderful such a cozy Baltic Sea evening can be!" Says Kadach. "In good weather it is one of the most beautiful areas in the world."

In July, a small Sun Odyssee 30i with two cabins costs just under 1200 euros for a week, an elegant Dufour 460 GL with four cabins for up to ten sailors for less than 3000 euros. The expert recommends circumnavigating Rugen: With its fishing villages and its splendid seaside architecture, with its long white sandy beaches and the rugged north coast, the island is an absolute dream area.

Tips for summer trips: dream areas for charter sailors-dream

You don’t have to travel far to experience a dreamy sailing area. The German Baltic Sea (here the Heiligenhafen marina) has a lot to offer

Source: picture-alliance / DUMONT Bildar

Rediscovery: French Riviera

“Windy, warm, sunny. Dream setting! "This is how Steffen Brunn describes the area of ​​the Côte d’Azur in four words. The founder of the online provider Yachtico from charter yachts knows that the French south coast owes its popularity not only to its calanques, a series of picture-book bays.

Short distances, pretty harbors, rugged coastlines and sufficient draft make sailing for carefree pleasure. A Mediterranean cruise doesn’t have to start in the glamorous ports of Cannes or Nice. Brno recommends the area between Hyères and the offshore islands: "This is one of the nicest things you can do down there."

Yachts, with which you can get to the hidden beaches of the main island Porquerolles, are available here from 2000 euros per week. The most beautiful spots for swimming and snorkeling are on the north side of the island. If you can, you can go here in June or early July before the summer holidays start in France.

Tips for summer trips: dream areas for charter sailors-tips

On the Côte d’Azur, there is one picture-book bay after the next

Source: UIG via Getty Images

Natural event in the Pacific: Galapagos

When the Galapagos Islands were discovered by the Spanish by chance in the 16th century, the Pacific archipelago was initially given the name "Islas Encantadas" – the enchanted islands. It was not until the 19th century that the former pirate refuge, which is now part of Ecuador, was named after the giant tortoises that lived there.

In order to protect nature, the so-called bareboat charter, renting a boat on your own, is not allowed in this spectacular area. Families and groups can instead book cabins on small cruise lines. "Some customers rent large yachts with crews to celebrate a milestone birthday," says Michaela Kube from the Yachtcharter-Connection agency.

“This will make a dream come true.” What has its price in this remote paradise: The one-week charter of a 35-meter-long motor yacht with nine cabins and three decks can be booked from 60,000 euros, a 44-meter luxury yacht costs between 93,000 and 122,000 Euros including meals, guides and port fees.

Tips for summer trips: dream areas for charter sailors-dream

The Galapagos Islands are a spectacular sailing area – but also a very expensive one

Source: UIG via Getty Images

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