Tito: Argentinian electro-tiny guy with a mini face

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Behind the car with the political name is the Coradir company

Tito: Argentinian electro-tiny guy with a mini face-mini

Do you know Tito? Of course, those of you who are interested in history will say: The former head of state of Yugoslavia. That's right, but now a far less powerful looking Tito enters the scene in the form of a small electric car the picture plane.

Behind the micro-vehicle with the face of the first Mini Countryman is the Argentine company Coradir. It has shipped a first batch of 10 electric cars to its nationwide network of dealerships and will soon begin selling the model to other dealers and individuals.

The Tito was launched in Argentina in May of this year and, according to the company, "exceeded all sales expectations". It is a small and light vehicle designed for the city and can carry four people. It belongs to the local segment A (Citycar), its design was taken from the Chinese Sunshine M1. Its competitor in Argentina is the Volt Motors, which is manufactured in the province of Cordoba and is already on the market.

Photo gallery: Tito electric city car from Argentina

Tito: Argentinian electro-tiny guy with a mini face-argentinian

Tito's range is 100 kilometers and its top speed is 65 km / h. Its asynchronous electric motor is 4.5 kW and it has a 2000-cycle lithium ferrophosphate battery that takes between six and eight hours to fully charge.

This car, which costs $ 15,000 (the Argentine peso is practically worthless), also allows partial charges and uses a three-prong household socket (plug 2073) which allows it to be charged just as easily as any other household appliance.

It is equipped with a reversing camera, parking sensors and a multifunction steering wheel. It has a five-year guarantee, a steel chassis and a sheet metal body.

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Coradir expects a maximum of 250 units to be sold in the first year and a more powerful engine is planned for the future to achieve a higher top speed. The Tito electric car project has led the provincial government of San Luis to reduce the license plate fee of all hybrid, mild hybrid and electric cars sold in the district by 25 percent.

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