To see Polestar 5 for the first time in the serial design

To see Polestar 5 for the first time in the serial design-design

In the latest episode of the Youtube Doku series “Precept: from Concept to Car”, the e-Auto brand Polestar gives a preview of the final design of the Polestar 5. The series documents the transformation of the Polestar Precept concept vehicle in the Polestar 5 – an electric, four-door performance GT, which will come to the market in 2024.

The third part of the series focuses on the outer design and conveys the most accurate view of the vehicle and its way to production. The series shows the main production features that distinguish the concept vehicle presented to the Polestar 5 from the beginning of 2020 and underlines the challenges to find a balance between sensational design and technical requirements.

“With the Precept Doku series, we consciously do something that automakers do not usually do – we look behind the scenes and show how we implement this breathtaking concept vehicle in reality. It makes me very proud to see how much of the design of the concept vehicle in the Polestar 5 is incorporated – a great performance of our designers and engineers.”- Thomas Ingenlath, CEO Polestar

Precept was designed to give an outlook for the future of Polestar. He embodies the most important pillars of the company: design, sustainability, technology and performance. With regard to the series maturity, the Polestar 5 embodies the increasingly independent and muscular design language of the company, which is already recognizable in the Polestar 3, which is expected to come 2022 on the market.

The development of the sustainability, technology and features of the Polestar 5 will be treated in future consequences of the series. The confirmation of the name “Polestar 5” for the concept vehicle Precept is the eve of his North America debut, where in the first week of December Polestar presentations in New York City will take place with exclusive investor, analyst and press events. Subsequently, the Precept will go to a public tour of the US and to be seen in the Polestar Spaces throughout the country.

Currently the brand produces two electric cars. Polestar 1 is a small series manufactured, powerful, electric hybrid GT with a carbon fiber body, 609 hp, 1000 nm and a purely electric range of 124 km (WLTP). Polestar 2 is the first fully electric volume model of the company. The production of Polestar 1 runs out of the end of 2021.
The Polestar 2 model series includes three variants based on different battery levels up to 78 kWh and with a range of up to 540 km as well as dual engine and single engine drives with up to 300 kW / 408 hp and 660 nm.

In the future, Polestar 3 as Electrical SUV and Precept – a 2020 presented study vehicle, which is now developed for future production – added to the portfolio. With Precept, Polestar presents its future vision in terms of sustainability, digital technology and design. In April 2021, Polestar announced the important goal of developing a really climate-neutral car by 2030.

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  1. Exciting contribution. This creates products with a zeitgeist with emotions. Many manufacturers – especially the dinos- do not take the time. They produce unitary porridge and glimpseers their vehicles with new technology such as Z.B. LED or spoilers. There are some manufacturers who successfully build product on this 20 years ago. The golf is one of the worst examples, the mini, the 911er. It will be improved. I congratulate polestar for your investment in future-oriented design. Bravo. Great cars.


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