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E.Go Mobile was able to turn bankrupt in 2020 – now there is a IPO of the German electric car manufacturer in the room. From stock exchange circles it says that the company could be rated at the start with 1.5 billion euros. In the video you can see our test for the extraordinary e-dwarf.

Now under Next.E.Go Mobile SE company-based companies from Aachen has had hard times: the attempt to launch an affordable electric small car from the stand.GO after repeated problems with production, approval and deliveries brought to the edge of bankruptcy.

In September, ND Industrial Investments reported new investors from the Netherlands who took over the company, exchanged management and the production of the small electric car E.Go Life brought you back in mid -2021. In the meantime Next has.E.Go 1.000 copies of the life can build and, according to the business magazine Handelsblatt, even thinks about an IPO.

The IPO should finance the planned corporate growth

So plan Next.E.Go Mobile A listing in the first half of 2022. For this, both a normal IPO and a SPAC deal would be considered, in which a company with a company already listed on the stock exchange, which was often founded for precisely this purpose, merged. In this way, a company can be listed on the stock exchange quickly without having to collect capital beforehand. The Munich electric car start-up Sono Motors also went to the stock exchange in 2021 via a Spac deal to realize the third level of development of its solar e car. However, the stock rose at around 22 euros, but currently bobs around at less than 6 euros.

Next.E.Go could initially be rated at an initial IPO with around 1.5 billion euros. The aim is to collect funds and thus finance an already planned expansion, the Handelsblatt quotes several people familiar with the matter.

"As with other actors in the EV sector (electric automobile), a young company such as ours will eventually come from a private company to convert to a public company to accelerate growth", explained the Next.E.GO Board of Directors Ali Vezvaei. "This time is for e.Go not far away."

So far e.Go still difficult on the electric car market

According to Handelsblatt, Next is.E.Go after renewed problems at the beginning of Corona pandemic now debt-free. Nevertheless, the Aachen company, which is now under the leadership of the ex-Daimler manager Martin Klein, has only celebrated only cautious successes: the sales figures of the Life leave something to be desired, which at the same time spartan equipment at a very high price of 26.560 euros should be before funding.

In addition, there are considerable competitive pressure in the electric small and small and small car segment, established manufacturers such as VW and Daimler can use vehicles such as the EUP and the Smart Fortwo to set up a long-grown production and logistics, while the Aacheners have their business from the ground up had to pull up. On the other hand, the e-up is hardly available anymore, and the Smart Fortwo is slowly but surely running out.

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