TOGG and Farasis to build 20 GWh battery plant in Turkey

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There is no longer any talk of the planned plant in Bitterfeld

TOGG and Farasis to build 20 GWh battery plant in Turkey-togg

The first plant for electric car batteries in Turkey should go into operation in around twelve months. The factory is being built by the joint venture company Siro, in which the Turkish electric car manufacturer TOGG and the Chinese battery specialist Farasis each hold half.

TOGG announced the battery cooperation with Farasis a year ago (our cover picture). At that time, TOGG announced that its e-cars would be equipped with Farasis batteries, but joint production was also mentioned. Now the plans have apparently become concrete.

In the new plant, batteries with a storage capacity of 20 gigawatt hours are to be produced annually. That should be enough for around 250,000 electric cars, assuming 80 kWh batteries.

The battery plant is being built around 60 kilometers south of Istanbul in Gemlik, where TOGG's electric cars are also to be built. The TOGG plant has been under construction for about a year and should actually be ready in the third quarter of 2021, at the latest in September. But so far TOGG has not yet announced the completion. The live stream, which has been used to follow the progress of the construction work since summer 2021, has been deactivated.

According to the original planning, the TOGG electric SUV should be built from the end of 2022. Initially, 175,000 cars are to be produced annually. However, the battery factory supplies more batteries than is necessary. The rest of the batteries are to be sold to other manufacturers – possibly Daimler or Geely, which Farasis already counts among its customers.

Initially, Farasis battery cells will only be assembled into modules and battery packs in Gemlik, but battery cells will also be manufactured later. It is obviously about NMC cells (with nickel-manganese-cobalt chemistry).

Farasis currently has two battery plants in Ganzhou and Zhenjiang, which together produce 21 GWh per year. A third plant is currently under construction, also in China, in Wuhu. 24 GWh are to be produced there annually. The Gemlik site is Farasis’s fourth. The originally planned battery factory in Bitterfeld is no longer mentioned in the Farasis press release. The circular economy magazine found out in July on request, Farasis is currently revising its pan-European localization strategy. Obviously, a realization of the work is on the brink, as the Handelsblatt reports had.

Picture gallery: TOGG SUV (2019)

TOGG and Farasis to build 20 GWh battery plant in Turkey-togg

TOGG stands for Turkiye’nin Otomobili Giri┼čim Grubu (Turkish automobile group). Five Turkish companies have come together in this. In 2019, TOGG presented a notchback sedan and a compact SUV, both with a purely electric drive. The so far unnamed electric SUV will be the first to launch. A total of five models are planned, all of which are based on the same platform. TOGG plans to produce one million vehicles a year in 2030.

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