TOGG: Everything about the electric SUV from Turkey

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Compact newcomer is scheduled to hit the market at the end of 2022 – also in Germany

TOGG: Everything about the electric SUV from Turkey-electric

There are days when one new electric car chases the other, but on other days nothing changes. Such quiet days give us the opportunity to deal with electric cars that were introduced a long time ago – according to the motto: "What about the XYZ?"

So here we are now summarizing the state of affairs on the subject of TOGG. The abbreviation does not stand for a car, but for the "Turkish Automobile Initiative Group" (Turkiye’nin Otomobili Giri┼čim Grubu), a consortium of five Turkish companies. This revealed in the December 2019 two electric cars, a compact SUV and a notchback sedan.

Picture gallery: TOGG SUV (2019)

TOGG: Everything about the electric SUV from Turkey-electric

Apparently, the SUV should come onto the market first, as early as 2022. Two drive versions and two battery packs (for a range of 300 or 500 kilometers) have been announced, and on the TOGG website it appears that the data is still valid:

  200 hp version 400 hp version
drive Rear wheel drive all wheel drive
power 147 kW 2 * 294 kW = 588 kW
0-100 km / h 7.6 sec. 4.8 sec.
Range 300 or 500 km 300 or 500 km

The battery sizes – apparently there are two different ones – have not yet been revealed. But it should be possible to charge the batteries to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes.

Neither the name of the new model nor the exact dimensions are known so far – only the wheelbase of 2.80 meters was mentioned. For comparison: the VW ID.4 has a wheelbase of 2.77 meters, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is 3.00 meters. The chief designer for the Turkish SUV is Murat Gunak, who was responsible for VW design until 2007.

Inside there is an unusually designed center console:

TOGG: Everything about the electric SUV from Turkey-turkey

The pictures also show four large displays; Added to this are the displays for the exterior mirrors, which are attached to the A-pillars. Because, like the Audi e-tron, the vehicle should apparently have cameras instead of exterior mirrors. There will also be over-the-air updates supports and the car should have autonomous driving skills ("Level 2+"). There is also talk of an augmented reality system and car-to-x technology.

TOGG: Everything about the electric SUV from Turkey-electric

Construction of the TOGG car plant began in summer 2020

The Yerli Otomobil (literally "domestic car") is to be built in the port city of Gemlik, which is about 90 kilometers south of Istanbul. The factory is currently under construction and, according to the TOGG website, should be ready in the third quarter of 2021. The current status of the construction work can be seen in a YouTube livestream. After that, the factory is still under construction:

The electric SUV is to be built in Gemlik from the end of 2022. The production capacity should be no less than 175,000 cars annually. First, of course, the car should be available in Turkey, and at the same time in Germany as the first export market.

The battery cells will initially come from the planned German battery cell plant of the Chinese battery manufacturer Farasis, later they will be manufactured in Turkey, as the Handelsblatt reported in October 2020. Even lithium from western Anatolia is said to be used.

The TOGG consortium wants to bring a total of five models onto the market by 2030, including a hatchback, a compact van and a small SUV in addition to the compact SUV and notchback sedan.

The construction of a Turkish electric car is a long-term project of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Cars are already being manufactured in Turkey, albeit from foreign brands, such as the Fiat Tipo.

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