Tokyo Motor Show 2017: The most beautiful cars come from Mazda


The most beautiful cars at the Tokyo Motor Show are from Mazda

Tokyo Motor Show 2017: The most beautiful cars come from Mazda-2017

Mazda boss Masamichi Kogai poses with the "Kai Concept", one of the most beautiful studies at the Tokyo Motor Show

Source: Getty Images for Mazda Motor Co

Japan’s automakers have been looking a bit sleepy lately. In fact, the big ones are showing little excitement at the Tokyo Motor Show. We discovered the highlights of the fair in other corners. fitting: In the weather report before the fair there was a warning of a typhoon of the century. And stormy declarations of war on the business side. The automakers from Japan, it was said, wanted to finally get the conversation going again on future topics for the home game at the Tokyo Motor Show. Happy news – because recently Toyota, Nissan and Co. looked a bit sleepy.

But there was news material before the Motor Show definitely: with the entry into Mitsubishi has Renault-Nissan Firstly, the ailing brand was given a push for a new strategy and new products. And secondly, the alliance rose overnight to become the largest automaker in the world – a declaration of war on Toyota-Chef Akio Toyoda, which he willingly accepted. Toyota countered with a joint venture with Mazda and supplier Denso. There, in turn, they want competitive electric cars quickly bring it to market and counter the Nissan Leaf with it.

But: The typhoon, which was expected for the weekend before the start of the fair, turned out to be a mild breeze. And surprisingly not just that. Because as many premieres are shown, so few of them are really exciting. And if you ask about European relevance, the matter becomes even thinner.

Another new Supra from Toyota

Market leader Toyota has put a dozen new studies and pre-production models in the spotlight. But the only interesting thing is the very distant view of the upcoming Supra, a coupe that will be the platform for the next BMW Z4 will share.

Others, like the remake of Toyota’s baroque flagship Century, the midsize sedan Crown, a new standard taxi with the London look and a fuel cell bus for the Olympic Games in 2020, arouse mostly local interest. And for concepts such as the robust off-road van TJ Cruiser or an electric, mobile luxury lounge a la Mercedes F-125, even the Japanese only have a polite smile.

Tokyo Motor Show 2017: The most beautiful cars come from Mazda-2017

Other countries … The new generation of the Toyota Century, a quirky-looking luxury sedan that is primarily intended for the home market

Source: AFP / Getty Images

Nissan also missed the chance to get into position. Because the electric Leaf only plays a minor role in Japan and, secondly, it was unveiled a few weeks ago, you only see one version on the show that the in-house tuner Nismo has made a bit more emotional. There is also, once again, a study for the transition to autonomous driving. Too bad that neither the crossover shape nor the automatically retracting steering wheel or the variable seating landscape are really new. And the electric drive isn’t anyway.

Mazda draws the most stylishly

But at least: bigger surprises can be found with manufacturers who are less at the center of perception. So did Honda unveiled a cute electric roadster with halfway realistic chances of series production. And Mitsubishi uses the new momentum, thanks to Renault and Nissan, only for another study, but announces a committed plan how the brand should finally get more market importance again.

And the two most beautiful cars at the fair are once again at Mazda. The studies are spectacular and anticipate the next three and, in a somewhat more abstract way, the new six – if one expects stylish design for global tastes from a Japanese manufacturer, then it is Mazda.

So: the big ones smaller than expected, the small ones with increasing importance and all together pretty tepid – there can be no question of a storm. It is therefore all the more incomprehensible that the manufacturers from Germany, which are also very respected by the Japanese, do not take advantage of the trade fair opportunity. They practically only show familiar things, like the VW ID Buzz, the BMW Z4 study or the electric Mercedes EQ A. What a shame, easier than in Tokyo this year they could not have started a storm anywhere else. And they can actually make wind quite well.

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  1. So Mazda is increasingly becoming the BMW of Asia. I like it very much. There are only a few more hits missing now, such as a sports car with 8 cylinders or something. Mazda dare you!

  2. Yes, but unfortunately Mazda has not gotten the rust problem under control to this day. My son drives the new Mazda 6 and he has rust on the wheel arches, the car is just 2 years old and for the price you should be able to expect more. The Koreans (Kia / Hyundai) do it much better and they also offer more equipment for less money.


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