Totalergies equips hundreds of gas stations with HPC loaders

Totalergies equips hundreds of gas stations with HPC loaders-hundreds

The Mulit Energy Company Total Energy (before May 2021 as a totally known), by the end of the coming year, will provide more than 150 of its highway and highway stations in France with charging stations for electric vehicles in France, traditional fast loaders as well as HPC high-performance loaders. According to its own statement, the company takes about 200 million euros in the first twelve months of the project alone in the first twelve months of the project.

The timetable provides that first by the end of 2021 already 60 motorway tank stations with charging options (from 50 to 175 kW charging power) are equipped. By the end of 2022, more than 110 other motorway and high-speed road tank stations of total energy with high-performance HPC charging stations (175 kW charging power) should be equipped. In parallel, total ergies want to actively participate in the upcoming tenders of motorway operators to build charging stations on corporate foreign locations.

By 2023, total energy is seeking to build a total of 200 its petrol stations along the main routes with HPC charging points and 100 additional HPC locations in urban metropolitan areas. With these steps, Totalergie wants to implement his plan to offer its customers a high-performance charging station every 150 kilometers.

“Thanks to the revenue from our oil and gas business, we can invest massively in charging infrastructure for electric cars and accelerate our transformation,” says Alexis Vovk, President Marketing & Services at Totalergies. This acceleration is a supporting pillar in the strategy of total ergies, an important actor in electromobility in Europe, especially in France.

In the future, total ergies also want to build up stronger charging stations with up to 300 kW power to the up to 175 kW HPC loaders. Depending on the vehicle type, a high-performance charge can supply up to 100 kilometers range in six minutes and bring the battery to about 80 percent of its capacity in about 20 minutes from zero. This 20 minutes are also the average duration of the most highway stops from motorists according to total ergies.

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  1. It’s really time that the HPC expansion progresses in France times.
    So far, little time was only Tesla, which is reflected in rain sales of the TM3. Since then, ionity has been building many stations to bring the vehicles of German manufacturers into business. There was no other weighty HPC network drive in F. That can also be because the French manufacturers have captured themselves on CityHoppy so far.


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