Toyota: ambulance with hydrogen drive and power generation

Toyota: ambulance with hydrogen drive and power generation-hydrogen

A Hospital of the Japanese Red Cross and the Toyota Motor Corporation start with the test of the world’s first rescue vehicle with fuel cell electric drive and hydrogen power generation. The project starts in the summer of 2021 and should confirm that commercial fuel cell vehicles in the medical sector and catastrophe protection can be operational and at the same time contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

Vorture storms, heavy rain and other natural disasters have become increasingly common in recent years, which not only threatens the power of residential buildings and evacuation centers, but also increases the need for medical care in the affected areas. Against this background, Toyota has been working since the summer of 2020 with the Kumamoto Hospital of the Japanese Red Cross on Solutions.

The result of this partnership is a hospital based on the Toyota Minibus Coaster, which uses the fuel cell system of hydrogen sedan Mirai. On the road, a range of just 210 kilometers is ensured without CO2 and other pollutant emissions. In normal times, the vehicle for medical care services can be used, while after a disaster, it also contributes to the power supply of the affected region.

Toyota: ambulance with hydrogen drive and power generation-generationToyota

About numerous inside sockets and outside the vehicle can supply a variety of electrical devices with electricity. In addition, it has an external powerful DC system with 9 kW output power and around 90 kWh capacity. Inside, air conditioning with HEPA filter for infection protection.

The Kumamoto Hospital and Toyota are convinced that the fuel cell rescue vehicle offers additional added value compared to conventional medical vehicles. Permissions see the two partners in numerous health care fields, for example for the power supply of blood donation buses and examination vehicles, as ambulances for remote areas and as a mobile PCR test vehicle.

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