Toyota and BYD build electric cars together

Toyota and BYD build electric cars together-cars

Two giants make common cause: the automaker BYD Company Ltd. (BYD) from China, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric cars, and Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), total sales number one worldwide, want to build electric cars together in the future, as Toyota announces.

Thus, the two manufacturers together want to develop electric sedan and SSUV as well as the batteries necessary for the vehicles. Is planned to introduce the first streamers in the first half of the 2020s under the brand Toyota in the Chinese market. Whether electro cars from BYD-Toyota should also be offered in other markets is not yet known.

BYD was founded as a battery company in 1995 and has developed into a company for total energy solutions, which produces not only electric vehicles, but also other products such as large-format energy storage cells. The company name BYD stands for “Build Your Dreams”. Core parts for electric vehicles such as batteries, motors and power electronics belong to the products that BYD develops in their own house. Since 2015, BYD has launched the worldwide list of high-speed suppliers of electric cars in now four consecutive years.

In 1997, shortly after the founding of BYD, Toyota became the first company in the world’s hybrid cars in mass production and has since developed a pioneer in electric vehicles. The company has a variety of technologies in the development, production and sales of electric vehicles.

In order to contain global warming, both BYD and Toyota are trying to reduce CO2 emissions through the use of electric vehicles. To achieve these goals, both companies believe that it is necessary to give up and work together their rivalry. Therefore, the two companies have agreed to develop electric cars together.

Toyota has reinforced new partnerships in the past to advance the development of electric cars. Only in June did the automaker announced to cooperate Catl in batteries with the Chinese company. At the beginning of the year, two similar subcompact crossover vehicles were presented in China – the C-HR and the Izoa. These electric cars should come to the Chinese market in the coming year.

ByD in turn, a few years ago, a partnership with Daimler for the production of electric cars for the Chinese market under the brand name Denza closed.

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  1. Toyota … has since developed for a pioneer in electric vehicles. The company has a variety of technologies in the development, production and sales of electric vehicles.”

    Well, that sounds something “misleading”. They are strong in hybrid vehicles and they have a buyable but expensive hydrogen car, but in which in the near future rules the market of electric vehicles – BEVs – they had nothing else. BYD helps you with technology.


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