Toyota becomes part of E-Mobility Power – Japan’s nationwide shop network

Toyota becomes part of E-Mobility Power - Japan's nationwide shop network-japan

In addition to new electric cars as well as hydrogen vehicles, which want to bring on the street, Toyota now also influences the loading of e-cars. As known from a communication of the company, Toyota has participated in e-mobility power together with other Japanese car manufacturers. The company has to 1. April 2021 acquired the charging service and the Nippon Charge Service (NCS shop) in Japan: The charging of electric vehicles is thus done nationwide from a single source.

In addition to Toyota, three other Japanese car manufacturers Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi have joined the shop owner to the shop. In addition, the previous shareholders, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and Chubu Electric Power invested as well as the Japanese Development Bank “Development Bank of Japan”. In total, shares worth 15 billion yen (around 115 million euros) were drawn. Where it should be noted that the four automakers with 380 million yen investment have contributed a rather small proportion to the investment amount. According to the fully completed Investment Round, each of the manufacturers brings a share of e-mobility power from 1.9%.

Forth, e-Mobility Power is now almost all areas around the charging of electric vehicles in itself. Thus, the company will take over construction, maintenance and maintenance as well as the operation of charging columns and corresponding electrical infrastructure. In addition, it also has comprehensive expertise in the development and international standardization of Chademo fast charge. The shopkeeping now adopted by NCS, which is around 21.700 stations in Japan, should be gradually expanded and improved.

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