Toyota gives technical data of his first e-car BZ4X price

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Toyota gives technical data of his first e-car BZ4X price-first

Toyota has introduced the first technical details of its first completely purely electric vehicle, the compact SUV BZ4X. It is based on a specially developed and exclusively designed on electric drive platform. Under the abbreviation “BZ” (“Beyond Zero”) wants to bring Toyota in the future a whole range of battery electrical vehicles to market. The BZ4X makes the beginning. Design and technology largely correspond to the concept vehicle presented in the spring.

The BZ4X is available in two model variants: with a 150 kW front drive or as a four-wheel drive with 80 kW each axle, a total of 160 kW. The front-driven model needs Toyota to accelerate 8.4 seconds to speed up to 100 km / h, the four-wheel drive is a good piece of thread with 7.7 seconds. The maximum speed is 160 km / h for both variants. Both versions have a battery catching a 71.4 kWh between the axes, which should enable a WLPT range of more than 450 kilometers. The official premiere of the series version has Toyota for the 2. December announced.

Due to the so-called “single pedal drive”, the Toyota BZ4X can only be driven with a pedal regardless of the drive: as soon as the driver takes the foot from the accelerator pedal, the vehicle delays thanks to increased brake generation recovery – and the up to a standstill.

The new four-wheel system has developed Toyota in cooperation with Subaru specifically for electric vehicles. For perfect traction, various driving modes can be selected via the X-Mode Allradmanagement: snow / mud, deep snow and mud (under 20 km / h). For particularly sophisticated terrain, there is the Grip Control (less than 10 km / h).

A heat pump as well as a special heating system should increase the efficiency especially in winter. In addition, the BZ4X has a CCS2 port that allows charging to fast load columns up to 150 kW. With the optional solar roof can also be used the power of the sun for charging. It is expected to bring up to 1800 kilometers per year to additional range.

The production model shapes a clear appearance as the concept vehicle, which only offer E cars. Because the front area comes out without a large grille. The “face” framed by narrow headlamps and aero elements is the trademark of all new battery-electric Toyota vehicles, which should convey strength and presence. A long wheelbase also meets relatively short overhangs. The episode is a spacious cabin with five seats and generous loading capacity.

Toyota gives technical data of his first e-car BZ4X price-technicalToyota

Responsible for design freedoms and space conditions is the new, modular platform E-TNGA designed for battery electrical vehicles, which Toyota has developed together with Subaru. The battery is mounted as part of the chassis under the vehicle floor, which is accompanied by several advantages such as a low center of gravity, an optimal weight distribution between front and rear axle and high body stiffness. With the optional four-wheel drive, which includes electric motors on each axis, the SUV offers high stability and agility, without losses in the off-road capability, as Toyota says.

The side view shapes a dynamic profile. The lower bonnet goes into slim A-pillars. The Toyota BZ4X is 85 millimeters flatter than its compact SUV sister model RAV4 Hybrid, but has shorter overhangs and a 160 millimeter wheelbase. In conjunction with the low center of gravity, which also results from the new platform, the dimensions give the Stromer a belonging portion of sportiness. The turning radius of 5.70 meters testifies to the agility and maneuverability of the vehicle.

Nevertheless, the BZ4x is a true SUV: up to 20 inch tires in exhibited wheel boxes and striking sill claddings should underline the off-road character. The rear with the eye-catching taillights and the precise angled rear window should emphasize the vehicle width.

Toyota gives technical data of his first e-car BZ4X price-givesToyota

For the highest possible efficiency and range, the fully electric SUV moves with numerous aerodynamic details: Deep into the corners of the front bumper, for example, openings are embedded, which produce a gentle air curtain. A diaphragm in the narrow lower radiator grille also redirects cooling air to the battery and reduces the air resistance. The complete underbody cover, a two-part roof spoiler and rear diffuser and spoiler complete the aerodynamic fine cut.

In the interior, the driver looks at a low instrument panel that highlights the open character of the cabin and at the same time improve the view forward. Due to the brand-typical, crowded approach, the hands can stay on the steering wheel and the eyes on the road: the seven inches large TFT screen of the instrument and information display is above the steering wheel line and thus in the natural field of view.

Toyota gives technical data of his first e-car BZ4X price-givesToyota

The up to five occupants, which find place in Toyota BZ4X, also benefit from the long wheelbase. He not only care for great legroom on all seats, but also that between the hip points of the front and rear passengers is a meter distance. The trunk equipped with a height-adjustable floor fits equipment dependent up to 452 liters of charging volume.

With the fully electric Toyota BZ4X also debuts the third generation of Toyota Safety Sense: the tight-scale network of assistance and security systems offer even better protection thanks to new and extended functions. This makes it a important contribution on the way to safe road traffic, in which no one is killed or seriously injured.

Toyota gives technical data of his first e-car BZ4X price-firstToyota

By improving millimeter wave radar and monocular camera, dangers can be detected earlier, so Toyota. The advanced pre-collision system discover oncoming and enhancing vehicles at an early stage and react accordingly by adjusting the speed and if necessary initiates a brake maneuver. With the help of “over-the-air” updates, the software is also updated continuously and further improved.

Toyota Beyond Zero

The Toyota BZ4X is the first model from the new “BZ” portfolio. The abbreviation for “Beyond Zero” signals the company’s pioneering role in terms of environmental protection. The first electrified model of the brand was introduced in 1997 with the Prius, the first serial hybrid vehicle in the world, and thus almost 25 years ago. In addition to hybrid vehicles, the Japanese automaker also offers plug-in hybrids and a fuel cell model as well as with the new BZ4X now also the first independent, battery electric vehicle. This mixture should pave the way into climate neutrality.

With various approaches and initiatives, the company also wants to eliminate emissions across the entire vehicle life cycle – including production, distribution, use, recycling and final disposal. Toyota is not limited alone on emissions, but also goes beyond – just “Beyond”. The brand strives for better mobility, through products and services that increase the driving pleasure, ensure the safety of all road users and contribute to building a better society.

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