Toyota Landcruiser 2022 in the first check

Toyota Landcruiser 2022

The true world SUV: This is how the new Maxi Jeep from Toyota comes

Toyota Landcruiser 2022 in the first check-first
Toyota Toyota Landcruiser 2020

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If you think of a real off-road vehicle, you will not only dream of Mercedes G-Class, Land Rover Defender or Jeep Wrangler, but also Vomtoyota Land Cruiser. After 2007, the Japanese let a completely new model roll on the world markets for the first time.

The Toyota car brand is significantly more than economical hybrid models or the American permanent bestseller Camry. From the wide model portfolio with many intercontinental orientation, the unspoilt Land Cruiser has been an integral part of decades. There is also all -purpose weapons for terrain and hard work all over the world as a luxury model, so far under the internal name LC 200. The previous LC 200, which has not been offered in Europe for a long time, has had its day and is getting a successor this summer, which is not surprisingly bearing the internal name LC 300. In Europe, the competitor of Range Rover, Mercedes GLS or BMW X7 plays no role and is offered in Russia alone.

Toyota Landcruiser is the Range Rover of the Desert

In the United States or the United Arab Emirates, however, the battleship has been a model for decades and that should hardly change with the new edition in almost identical dimensions. Since the market launch in 1951, more than 10.4 million vehicles have been sold worldwide in more than 170 nations. The Land Cruiser family is around 300 each year.000 vehicles produced – no real off -road vehicle is more successful.

Toyota Landcruiser 2022 in the first check-first
Toyota Toyota Landcruiser 2022

The appearance of the new generation of the Toyota Land Cruiser is more modern, but especially massive. Visually no thought that it has slimmed down by new materials and corresponding technologies by up to 200 kilograms. The front with the massive grill and the narrow headlight eyes is downright monolothic. The impressive design continues on the flank with the corresponding high window parapet and a massive rear design also. Inside, the five -meter -long off -road vehicle offers lavish space for five adults and if it has to be, two people can sit in the third row of seats.

Baic gets in with Daimler – the next Mercedes G -Class looks like this?

Toyota Landcruiser 2022 in the first check-check

Site Baic gets in with Daimler – the next Mercedes G -Class looks like this?

Lots of space, little high-tech climbing

In the interior, it is classic with a view of the main markets in the Emirates and the USA. There are somewhat surprisingly analog round clocks that indicate a central digital display in the middle and a non -dimensioned multifunction screen in the middle of the dashboard, under which there are switches for air conditioning, main menu items, as well as driving modes and all -wheel drive programs. The center console is dominated by a lush gear election lever, two large cup holders, charging cradles for smartphones and a leathered center armrest. Not only the various operating functions can be viewed via the central screen, but also see how the Land Cruser 300 strikes in hard terrain use by staging the individual bikes along with the flow of force and steering angles or shows objects that seem to be invisible in front of the vehicle and could damage it.

Toyota Landcruiser 2022 in the first check-landcruiser
Toyota Toyota Landcruiser 2022

Unlike it would have expected, the Toyota Land Cruiser is not offered as a hybrid variant in its new LC-300 generation. With a view to the main markets, there is mandatory all-wheel drive along with ten-speed automatic.

Hybrid, no thanks: petrol engine with 415 hp and all -wheel drive

The luxury Japanese, on the new GA-F platform, is powered, optionally by a newly developed 3.5-liter V6, which does 305 kW / 415 hp by a double turbo charging. In addition, there is a particularly economical and torque-strong 3.3-liter commonrail diesel with 227 kW / 309 hp. For special markets with low fuel quality, there will be an additional V6 vacuum cleaner with a six-speed automatic. Because for years the Toyota Land Cruiser has been very successfully used by aid organizations or as an armored version in embassy service in remote regions all over the world that appreciate the indestructible character. The previously available V8 engines – diesel and petrol engine, each with a displacement of 4.5 liters – were completely banished from the drive portfolio. This should bring a consumption reduction of at least ten percent.

Jeep shows leg-hard electrical offriader

Toyota Landcruiser 2022 in the first check-2022

Site Jeep shows leg-hard electrical offriader

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