Toyota, Mazda and Subaru want to save the combustion engine

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Climate-neutral fuels should make gasoline and diesel engines environmentally friendly

Toyota, Mazda and Subaru want to save the combustion engine-subaru

It reminds a little of the story of the small Gallic village: The entire automotive world is striving towards electromobility, but Toyota wants to keep the combustion engine alive. It should be made climate neutral with alternative fuels.

Toyota announced the initiative together with four partners. Subaru, Mazda, the motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha and the Kawasaki group (which is behind the motorcycle brand of the same name).

The five Japanese companies want to form a "Team Japan" so to speak, as Automotive News Europe writes. The team wants to fight to ensure that the internal combustion engine is not forgotten on the way to climate neutrality.

"The enemy is carbon, not the internal combustion engine." (Toyota boss Akio Toyoda)

The environmentally friendly fuels that the partners are thinking of include climate-neutral hydrogen, but not to generate electricity on board as in fuel cell cars, but as fuel for an internal combustion engine. Biodiesel and other biofuels should also play a role.

The five companies announced their initiative at a joint press conference at the Okayama International Circuit. A race from the "Super Taikyu" series took place on the racetrack on Saturday and Sunday. The car brands involved want to use alternative fuels in this racing series and other motorsport events.

Toyota, Mazda and Subaru want to save the combustion engine-subaru

Study of the Mazda Demio (known to us as Mazda 2) with biodiesel

The following initiatives are planned:

  • Mazda and Toyota: Using Next Generation Biodiesel in Racing
  • Subaru and Toyota: Use of biomass-derived synthetic fuel in the Super Taikyu Series from 2022
  • Yamaha and Toyota: Use of a hydrogen-powered vehicle in Super Taiku races
  • Kawasaki and Yamaha: Development of hydrogen engines for motorcycles

The initiative is apparently also related to Toyota‘s refusal to abandon the production of internal combustion models to be signed from 2040. Daimler had signed the aforementioned disclaimer on combustion engines, as had Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover. VW, BMW, Toyota and Stellantis, on the other hand, had refused.

More about Toyota’s climate strategy and its new electric car: Toyota, Mazda and Subaru want to save the combustion engine-engine Toyota’s path to CO2 neutrality: a lot of hybrid, little electric

Toyota, Mazda and Subaru want to save the combustion engine-want Toyota bZ4X: engines and battery of the production version

Basically, Toyota and partners vote for the well-known technology neutrality with their initiative: They believe that battery electric vehicles are not the ideal way to solve climate problems, but that there are other ways too.

Toyota and Subaru have just unveiled their new bZ4X and Solterra electric models; With the MX-30, Mazda has had an electric car on the market for a long time. However, Toyota has long been known for its numerous hybrids, which make up a large part of sales in Germany. In addition, with the Mirai, the brand still holds the flag of the fuel cell high. The hydrogen combustion engine and the use of synthetic fuels would be another route for the group.

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