Toyota Mirai: Number of sales rises noticeably

Toyota Mirai: Number of sales rises noticeably-sales

The quantities in itself are low – but the new Toyota Mirai develops into a bestseller. In March 2021, the second-generation vehicle extraditions began in Germany – and in the past six months, 222 Mirai were admitted. This emerges from a press release of the company. Never have so many vehicles with hydrogen drive were brought to the German roads in this short period of time, it says. A total of currently 525 fuel cell vehicles from Toyota in Germany are traveling.

The Toyota Mirai is for private individuals, commercial customers as well as municipalities and authorities from 63.900 euros can be ordered and eligible as a hydrogen-powered electric vehicle with the environmental bonus in the amount of 7500 euros. The leasing rate for commercial customers begins at 399 euros (net, duration: 48 months / 10.000 kilometers annually). The second generation brings it to high ranges and short refueling times of five minutes. Because the gas station network is acceptable at least along the main transit axes acceptable, there are also trips over long distances.

The Mirai bears his name, which means translated “Future”, not wrongly. As an emission, only water vapor arises. The almost five-meter limousine with fuel cell technology illustrates according to Toyota on the way to a hydrogen-based society – and that environmentally friendly vehicles do not have to be associated with a waiver of range, comfort or waiting time. Due to the commissioning of the new production facility in the Motomachi plant in Toyota City, Japan, the annual production capacity was significantly expanded.

The Toyota Mirai is an important element of the vision “Let’s go Beyond Zero”. Null emissions are not just the goal. In addition to the electrification, which began before 25 years with the idea of hybrid technology in Toyota Prius and continues with plug-in hybrids, battery electrical models and fuel cell vehicles, Toyota is aimed at mobility and lives of people, society as a whole and the To improve planets. The topic of hydrogen gets a significant role in this context, because besides the Mirai, buses, trucks, boats and electricity generators receive the clean fuel cell drive.

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6 thoughts on “Toyota Mirai: Number of sales rises noticeably”

  1. The Mirai illustrates that environmentally friendly vehicles need not be inexpensive. I ask myself how high the service costs are. Fuel is likely to be slightly over 10 € at 100km.

  2. Unfortunately, I can not read this message without succumbing.
    There are more combiers in Germany during the same period &# 128521;

    Actually, Toyota should be for the hydrogen
    Loading infrastructure – similar to Tesla that has done in the electromobility in the beginning – then this H2 car madness would also be done quickly by itself.

  3. What you are reading ..

    Toyota can not produce costs covering with hydrogen drive, hopes, however, to pave the way for use in buses, vans and similar cars, where hydrogen is acted as an attractive alternative to diesel.

    (Source: Efahrer.chip.DE – 04.03.2021)

    … and …

    In particular, the west-oriented countries South Korea and Japan set Heavily on hydrogen for cars and commercial vehicles, for production they use gas reform and nuclear power but not really environmentally friendly procedures. For the independence of oil imports they accept high fuel prices.


    Toyota, on the other hand, wants to finally make the fuel cell with the new edition of the Mirai and reach six-digit quantities – however works Toyota with high pressure on the alternative solid state batteries.


    The fuel cell stacks in the latest car models cost In the production of five-digit dollar or euro amounts, among other things, because expensive precious metals like platinum are needed.


    … the cell should endure minus degrees, water remains must be blown out of the stack. So that the reaction can start, the cell must be preheated, in operation is necessary for cooling because the reaction generates waste heat. The sucked air must be very elaborately filtered: ..


    The technical effort for the fuel cell drive conditionally, that such a car can barely cheaper than a pure electric car with lithium-ion battery. In addition, the tanks are complicated, heavy and expensive: ..

    (Efahrer.chip.DE – 24.03.2021)

    Toyota probably wants to rather from polar reasons or. In the interest of the gas lobby, bring his Mirai among people and thus secure their gas sales in the E-Auto Age – environmentally friendly is not.

  4. Who laughs about this car has not understood anything.

    Jaja clear, BEVs will prevail. Nevertheless, hydrogen will play an important role in the truck area and certainly partly in the luxury segment of cars.

    I’ve already driven the transactions Mirai and have refueled him too. Super car. And the leasing rates mentioned here are absolutely acceptable today for a wide range of customers.

    For me, although definitely only one BEV in question, but there is a market FPR hydrogen car – that is obviously except question

  5. Hello Toyota
    If you get the price of about € 67000 to € 20000, the little man could buy a hydrogen vehicle
    Oh, just about it there are BEV vehicles with about 15000 €
    Since the little man can access


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