Toyota solid state battery first in hybrids from 2025

Toyota solid state battery first in hybrids from 2025-solid

The Japanese car maker Toyota extends its investments in electromobility massively. As is known, the Japanese Group intends to invest around 31 billion euros by 2030 by 2030. Among other things, Toyota work on the introduction of solids batteries. First of all, these should be used in hybrid vehicles and non-pure E cars, as an insider was relocated.

Solid batteries allow greater power, greater range and shorter charging times. This actually form the ideal basis for rich power. But Toyota seems to take a different way. The batteries, which are to come to the market by 2025, are first used in hybrid vehicles, as this allows a smaller battery pack that is less costly, so Toyota chief scientist Gill Pratt.

It is also the case that, according to the automobile manufacturer, hybrid also a “harder test” for solid-state technology, as the battery is exchanged more frequently in this application. If Toyota gathers more experience with solid state battery cells and falling costs, the automaker will expand its use on fully electric vehicles, so the boss scientist of the brand continues.

Pratt also states that shorter charging times are not in focus at hybrid solid body batteries. Among other things, because even as optimizations and upgrades on the power grid and charging stations would have to take place to load the batteries accordingly quickly. Pratt did not confirm which model is equipped with solid-state batteries, but the technology could help to revive the hybrid that started everything started. This statement can be relate to the Toyota Prius, once a trendsetter under hybrid.

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4 thoughts on “Toyota solid state battery first in hybrids from 2025”

  1. Now we know where Toyota stands with the solid state technology. 2025 Start of public beta test. Too bad, I had hoped to Toyota would continue.

    On the other hand, Toyota does not necessarily pose the spearhead of BEV development. In this respect, my hope remains for further noticeable improvement in battery technology (especially at the price). Is not that the current models were completely unfit &# 128521;

    Despite promotion, the bargain factor is currently manually manageable. If the chip crisis is over, the delivery times will be measured in weeks and not in quarters, so reigns again a real market, we hopefully see sunny times ..

  2. Toyota is really an announcement world champion .. much better than Tesla.
    The solidakku should already carry the Athets to the Olympiade 2020.
    Even 2021 came there .. Nothing .. Nothing .. Nothing ..
    Since then you tried the dead Gaul H2 wonder. Also did not work. In between a pair of Alibi-BEV through acquisition or verbenner conversion, whose sales figures are somewhere on Aiways level.

    To learn from Toyota Innovation means to raise failure to the development principle.

  3. “… revive the hybrid …”? For this purpose, at least in Europe, it will certainly not come, as the EU lays the burner, ad acta ‘.


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