Toyota starts with hydrogen injector at 24-hour race

Toyota starts with hydrogen injector at 24-hour race-injector

Toyota introduces itself to an exciting challenge. The Group has completed the work on a hydrogen engine, but not combined with a conventional fuel cell but burns the gas directly. The three-cylinder turbo with intercooler will soon have its first official probationary as a piston engine without CO2 emissions – in hard racing. Toyota underlines its way to hydrogen-based society, it says in a message.

While traditional fuel cell vehicles such as Toyota Mirai convert hydrogen and oxygen to electrical energy through a chemical process, the 1.6-liter testing engine compressed the gas compressed to 700 bar via a modified injection system directly into the combustion chambers. According to Toyota, the combustion takes place faster than comparable petrols, which should lead to a better response of the engine. In addition, the vibrations decrease, so that driving experience and vehicle return increase.

The first test drive becomes the prototype at this year’s 24-hour race in Japanese Fuji (21. to 23. May) complete as a Japanese long-distance classic. The engine will drive a hand-switched racing car on the base of the Toyota Corolla on the front wheels. During the race, he is filled with hydrogen from the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field in Namie Town (Prefecture Fukushima). The efficiency of such a motor is currently between that of a gasoline and a diesel.

A market launch of the Corolla prepared exclusively for the motor sports use is currently not provided, is called Toyota. The race vehicle currently serves exclusively the testing of the hydrogen engine. Motorsport is an important element for Toyota to test and improve new technologies as well as develop and improve vehicles. For example, the Gr Yaris resulted from the direct transfer of road and racetrack.

Toyota pursues ambitious sustainability goals: As part of the “Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050″, the company wants to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions. On the way to climate neutrality, Toyota also relies on hydrogen in addition to the electrification over batteries or hybrid drives – by cars, trucks, buses, ships or trains.

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3 thoughts on “Toyota starts with hydrogen injector at 24-hour race”

  1. The only question I’m interested in purposely vague answered:

    What are the cost of the race to be driven with hydrogen, compare with the real fuel expenses of the combustion competition in the same race.
    I think we know why we are probably not experiencing that &# 128521;

  2. BMW has already been tested for the millennium turn gas motors.
    For the future certainly an interesting option for sports cars. That would be a possibility for.B. BMW M can offer models with serial six cylinders and V8.

  3. So I just raced out inwardly, Toyota wants to drive the energy waste really on the top ..
    What do you want to prove that you can easily burn that 20 times in energy and so that nature can show the stinking finger.
    Which full post can come up with something like that and also meant to be strutting, with Toyota you should really consider whether you still have the right developers and managers who lead the company to the future ..
    This is an absolute no-go for the future!


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