Toyota under pressure: car manufacturers threatened with gigantic recall campaign


Car manufacturers face a gigantic product recall

Toyota under pressure: car manufacturers threatened with gigantic recall campaign-gigantic

Sensitive topic: if the safety of the occupants is at risk, the car manufacturers must not joke. They checked the reliability of the systems in countless crash tests. Weil there are technical problems with passenger airbags on 2000-2004 models, millions of cars are now being recalled

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Japan’s automakers have already had to order over three million cars back from workshops. A highly dangerous airbag is to blame. Because BMW, VW and Daimler have the same supplier, they too tremble.

D.he Japanese automakers are recalling around 3.4 million cars around the world because of possibly defective passenger airbags. According to their own statements, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mazda are affected, all of which had the airbags manufactured by the same manufacturer, as the Japanese Ministry of Transport said. The airbags were installed between 2000 and 2004.

They do not inflate properly in the event of an accident. A Toyota spokesman said the airbags could even catch fire. So far this has not happened.

The world’s largest automaker Toyota is recalling 1.73 million vehicles, 490,000 of them in Europe. The models Yaris, Corolla, Avensis, Picnic, Camry and Lexus are affected, said the spokesman. Owners are called upon to take the car to the workshop, have the passenger airbag checked and, if necessary, replaced. Depending on the model, this takes one to two and a half hours and is free for the customer. Honda says it has 1,135 million cars in its workshops, Nissan 480,000 vehicles and Mazda 45,000.

Stocks slide dramatically

The affected airbag manufacturer Takata said it had been informed by the automaker of a recall in the order of two million vehicles, not 3.4 million. Takata shares lost nine percent on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The spicy thing is that, according to the Bloomberg news agency, Takata supplies almost all of the world’s major automakers. In addition to the Japanese, the German car manufacturers Daimler, Volkswagen and BMW are among them as well as the US manufacturers Ford and General Motors and the Italian group Fiat or Hyundai from South Korea. The Takata website was temporarily unavailable.

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