Toyota wants to build battery factory in the US

Toyota wants to build battery factory in the US-wants

The Japanese automaker Toyota has announced to invest about $ 3.4 billion (about 2.9 billion euros) in the US $ 2030 in the production of electric vehicle batteries in the production of electric vehicle batteries. Concretely planned is the construction of its own production capacities for batteries at an not yet mentioned location. The investment is part of a worldwide package of a total of $ 13.5 billion (about 11.5 billion euros), which has provided Toyota for the development and production of batteries.

In the US, Toyota Motor North America, among other things, with Toyota Tsusho, a trading company active worldwide in many different areas wants to build a battery factory that is to start 2025 with the battery production. Concrete capacity targets does not name Toyota. At the future battery factory, good 1750 jobs are to be created.

According to Ted Ogawa, the CEO of Toyota Motor North America, this investment will help to produce more affordable electrified vehicles for US consumers and significantly reduce carbon emissions. Further details of the project, including location, production capacity, business structure, etc., wants to announce Toyota at a later date.

Toyota continues to hold stubbornly on the hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology and has no pure electric car in the program in Europe to date. Also available with its hydrogen electric car Mirai, now in the second-generation, the Japanese are an exception in a market that moves more and more direction purely battery electrical mobility. That should change soon: In the coming year, the electric SUV BZ4X should go on sale.

By 2025, the model range of Toyota from 55 to 70 electrified models – hybrids, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen cars and battery electric cars – grow growth. 15 This should be pure electric cars.

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2 thoughts on “Toyota wants to build battery factory in the US”

  1. Toyota has been baking in terms of Bev for years but does not blow. There was something with solids batteries to the Olympics?
    Besides a fun lexus, the Group has so far contributed nothing to the development and one can say with fug and right that they have nothing with substance in the pipeline.
    And now they want to build batteries or cells? There are any loadable information about technical competence or any groundbreaking ideas in terms of cell development or production.

    Interested, the partner is not a cell developer or a trading company – so an industrial ALDI.

    And what want to build in the USA? Cells or battery boxes?


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