Traffic club: traffic jam over 450,000 kilometers


Traffic jam over 450,000 kilometers

Traffic club: traffic jam over 450,000 kilometers-cost every commuter euros year

Compared to 2010, the length of traffic jams in Germany increased by 50,000 kilometers last year

Source: adac / spx / spx

According to the ADAC traffic jam record, drivers in Germany waited around 185,000 hours to continue their journey in 2011. The trend is clear – it will take even longer in the future.

D.he total length of traffic jams on German autobahns last year was 450,000 kilometers. This corresponds to an increase of 50,000 kilometers compared to 2010.

The waiting time for drivers added up to a total of 185,000 hours – the equivalent of around 21 years, as can be seen from the current ADAC traffic jam balance.

Drivers on the A 5 Darmstadt – Basel were particularly affected last year. There traffic stood still for 8,300 hours. Front-runner in terms of traffic jam length was the A 8 Karlsruhe – Munich – Salzburg with 31,000 kilometers.

North Rhine-Westphalia suffered the most traffic jams among the federal states. In the most populous federal state, there were disabilities over a length of 139,000 kilometers. Second place goes to Bavaria with 74,000 kilometers, Baden-Wurttemberg comes in third with 60,000 kilometers.

On the other hand, traffic is relatively flowing in the eastern federal states. They accounted for only six percent of all traffic jam kilometers.

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