Traffic Deaths: America’s Most Dangerous Car


America‘s most dangerous car

Traffic Deaths: America's Most Dangerous Car-deaths

The Kia Rio performed particularly poorly in the analysis

Source: Kia

A study in the USA has now confirmed that it is more likely to die in an accident in a small car than in an SUV. How big the security plus is is surprising.

D.he car design is not only a major selling point for manufacturers, it also helps prevent accidents. The material of the body also plays a major role in road safety. In the worst case scenario, which car you sit in can make the difference between life and death in the event of a collision.

This is the conclusion of a study by the US Insurers’ Road Safety Institute (IIHS). The risk of death in newer cars was evaluated.

The organization used frequently purchased US vehicles from 2008 to 2011 model years and actual accident data. For better comparability, the statisticians extrapolated the deaths to one million registered vehicles.

Traffic Deaths: America's Most Dangerous Car-dangerous

Even in the Mercedes GL, not a single driver was killed during the survey period

Source: Daimler

In the nine safest vehicles, nobody was killed in the observed period from 2009 to 2012. In the model with the highest death rate, the Kia Rio small car, an estimated 149 motorists died per million registered vehicles. The data used by the IIHS only provide information about the driver, not about other occupants.

Muscle cars are also vulnerable

The scientists recorded a very high death rate, especially in the case of small and inexpensive models, which is not surprising, since these cars cannot protect their driver as well as larger ones. But the powerful muscle Vcar Chevrolet Camaro is also high on the list of risky vehicles. Likewise the American versions of Ford Focus and Mazda6.

Traffic Deaths: America's Most Dangerous Car-traffic

According to the evaluation, large all-wheel-drive SUVs such as the Volvo XC90 are particularly safe

Source: Volvo

According to the evaluation, large all-wheel-drive SUVs such as Mercedes GL, Volvo XC90 or Lexus RX 350 are particularly safe; no driver was killed in them. But the mid-range Audi A4 sedan with all-wheel drive and the mid-range SUV Kia Sorento with front-wheel drive also performed particularly well, without a single fatality.

SUVs provided the best protection for their occupants across all classes. That was different a decade ago: The Hochbeiner had some of the highest death rates due to their tendency to tip over. With the comprehensive introduction of the anti-skid ESP, today’s SUVs can better exploit their advantages in occupant protection – size, weight and height.

Tesla Model S in the crash test

The Euro NCAP crash test consortium tests the Tesla Model S electric car in this video, and it does so with success: The American electric sedan scores five stars – an excellent result. Source: Euro NCAP

But the trend is reassuring, because the death rate is falling rapidly: In 2012, 33,561 Americans were killed in car accidents, and in 2013, 32,719 were fatally.

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