Traffic law: what to do when the license plate is gone


What to do when the license plate is gone

Traffic law: what to do when the license plate is gone-gone

If they are stolen, it gets annoying – a car is not allowed to be moved without a license plate.

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Whether it’s a stupid prank or a criminal act: If the license plate is lost, it means costs and running around. If you want to avoid that, you can at least attach the sign more securely. a car without a license plate still drives. But for anyone who wants to legally move it, it is as unusable as a car without wheels. Because without an official registration number, a car may not be moved in public space. And if one of the sheets is lost, it becomes annoying, time-consuming and annoying.

Sometimes a lost license plate is just a stupid trick and if you’re lucky, you can find your plate in the closest bushes. More often, however, the license plate has been stolen by someone who has intentions to do something wrong with it.

Petrol thieves in particular love foreign license plates. Because if you mount them on your car, the surveillance cameras lose a lot of their horror. Occasionally, TuV badges or approval seals are also transplanted. As a rule, thieves have an easy time of it – most of the cars have the signs in plastic holders from which they can be removed quickly.

If in doubt, always report it

But what do you have to do if the license plate suddenly disappears on your own car? First of all: Even if only one of the signs is missing, you are no longer allowed to move the vehicle. If you get into a control, it costs 40 euros in the worst case as well as one point in Flensburg. Repainted signs are not a legal solution, even if there are supposed to be police officers who turn a blind eye.

If it looks like the license plate has been stolen, drivers must first report it to the police. If only because the police issue a certificate that protects the stolen from suspicion. For example, when crooked things happen with the license plate or when the thief with the signs on the car creates an accident.

With the loss certificate and the other necessary papers, it goes to the admissions office. There you get a new license plate, the old letter-number combination is blocked for five years due to theft, annoying for everyone who was traveling with a desired license plate.

Screwing instead of sticking helps

Unfortunately, this also means that all papers and the environmental badge have to be renewed, after all, the car number is noted on it.

By the time that is all done, the first half day should have passed. In addition, around 70 euros for fees and new signs are due at the registration office. The receipts should be kept. Because if the culprit is caught, he can be held responsible.

A lot of trouble that you would like to save yourself. That’s why you should make it as difficult as possible for thieves – and screw the license plate tightly to the car instead of sticking it in plastic holders.

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