Traffic light assistant: your car will now recognize the green wave by itself


Your car will now recognize the green wave by itself

Traffic light assistant: your car will now recognize the green wave by itself-assistant

The perfect green wave: when the Audi traffic light assistant is activated, a traffic light logo lights up in the middle of the central instrument panel. A countdown timer is also shown in the display the seconds that remain until the next traffic light changes from red to green. The time is constantly updated, depending on which lane you are using: a straight lane, for example, or a turning lane

Source: Audi

Audi presented a system at the CES in Las Vegas that can predict red and green phases on a track. That could help avoid traffic jams. And speeders were also thought of.

A.udi put the system through its paces on the busy streets in Berlin and Verona – and found it to be good. If the developers at the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer have their way, drivers will soon know exactly about every traffic light phase and adapt their driving style accordingly.

Audi is working on a traffic light assistance system that was presented on the sidelines of the electronics trade fair CES in Las Vegas and that is technically almost fully developed.

The online system can process data from the traffic control centers, determines the vehicle position via GPS and can thus predict red and green phases on the route, says Audi developer Michael Zweck. On a demonstration drive with an A6 in Las Vegas, he also calculated the optimal speed at which you can reach an upcoming traffic light while it is still green, and displays this in the cockpit. If the assistant is used across the board, this could help avoid traffic jams in the future.

In addition, when it is red, it controls the automatic start-stop system: while the remaining seconds of waiting time are counted down in the cockpit, the engine automatically restarts four seconds before it changes to green.

When red, read out emails

However, “Traffic Light Online” does not give 100 percent of the actual waiting time and that was deliberately programmed that way. Drivers should not be encouraged to race on the road and start Formula 1 when they switch from red to green.

The system can be expanded. In a next step, according to Audi, the traffic light assistant could also control the recovery of braking energy in electric and hybrid vehicles or influence the infotainment system: This could, for example, read out the latest e-mails or SMS in red phases.

The introduction of the traffic light assistant depends primarily on the availability of the traffic light control data, the availability of which Audi is intensively negotiating with special providers and the city authorities.

For countries like the United States with a largely uniform traffic light system, Zweck expects the system to start within the next two years. In Germany, the data are so different from city to city that initially there will only be pilot projects in individual urban centers, says the developer. The collection of all data via the respective traffic light system takes around two years per city.

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