Traffic light switching: Finally the green wave for cyclists is coming


Finally the green wave for cyclists is coming

Traffic light switching: Finally the green wave for cyclists is coming-finally

This is how it could work: A cyclist approaches a traffic light and automatically receives the green light

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The smartphone could soon bring a green wave to cyclists. Scientists are working on a project that could allow bikers to precondition a traffic light according to their needs.

D.he cyclists are, so to speak, the infantry among road users. First come the truckers and bus drivers, who have the right of the stronger on their side, then the car drivers, after them people on motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, mopeds and everything that rattles, and at the very end of the bucket chain are the cyclists out of the haze of traffic regulations.

In the past, when cycling was not yet considered chic and eco-friendly, it was the means of transport of the working class that rolled to work on two wheels; you saw multitudes of bicycles at the gates of Krupp, Mannesmann, Opel and Ford. Today, there is a bicycle can cost as much as a small car, it is again a status symbol, albeit at the other end of the rainbow. You cycle to demonstrate awareness, to protect the environment and to save the world.

"Half-wheel" is to be the folding bike of the future

The Berlin entrepreneur Felix Kruschardt wanted to invent a folding bike that doesn’t have to be folded – and so he designed the half-bike. The name fits, because that’s exactly what it looks like: Like half a bicycle. Source: The World

All well and good, only the cyclists remain the poor relatives of the motorists. Almost every car now has air conditioning, it can be started telepathically and parked automatically. The many “assistants” take on a significant part of the tasks that the driver would previously have to perform.

As far as I know, there are no bicycles on which the saddle is preheated, a camera takes over the view to the rear or the handlebars vibrate when another bike is in the blind spot. Cars, on the other hand, can already communicate with one another, and soon they will also be able to communicate with one another with an "intelligent road" can do.

How is that supposed to be coordinated?

Now the high-tech industry also wants to “pick up” the cyclists. A large German company "is currently working on a project that could allow bikers to precondition a traffic light according to their needs," I recently read in a press release.

And because I didn’t immediately understand how something like this was supposed to work, I read on. With the help of the system "cyclists who are equipped with a special app installed on their smartphone could use a green wave".

With the help of GPS, the app transmits the “movement pattern of the cyclist (speed, direction of travel, etc.) to the traffic control center”. If the cyclist passes a "virtual trigger point" at any point, "the app reports the activation of the point to the traffic control center, which in turn issues a command to the traffic light control".

Will the company bike soon replace the company car?

Some companies offer their employees a bike instead of a company car. It pays off for employers, employees and the environment. Thanks to e-bikes, long distances can also be covered with them. Source: The World

The result: "If the cyclist approaches an intersection, the traffic light could, for example, be switched to green or the green phase extended" and the cyclist can drive through quickly and without having to stop.

I admit I still haven’t fully understood how the green wave system for cyclists is supposed to work. There is not one cyclist out and about at night, there are thousands during the day. And when they all have this great new app, how should all the signals from the traffic control center be coordinated? From a second and a third app? So that cycling on the Ruhr Schnellweg is finally fun again.

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