Traffic morale: Almost every second driver ignores stop signs


Almost every second driver ignores the stop sign

Traffic morale: Almost every second driver ignores stop signs-almost

If you don’t stop here, it will be dangerous. Nevertheless, fewer and fewer motorists and cyclists are turning to stop signs

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Every seven minutes a person is seriously injured in a traffic accident on German roads. If you are surprised, you should study the results of a current investigation into traffic morality. After that he will prefer to avoid cities like Bautzen and Flensburg or even entire federal states.

Um the traffic morale in Germany is evidently not at all good. Stop signs and red lights are ignored on a massive scale. The Auto Club Europa (ACE) found this out in a large study.

The survey is based on traffic observations by 1,400 voluntary traffic inspectors, which were carried out nationwide from March to May 2009. The observers documented the behavior of all road users at stop signs and traffic lights. A total of more than 320,000 cars, motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds and trucks were recorded.

The immoral result: 5.6 percent of road users ignore yellow, 2.6 percent even drive over red lights. Most of them are in Thuringia, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony and Hamburg.

Cyclists play a particularly inglorious role at stop signs with 62 percent and at red traffic lights with 15 percent of rule violations. But drivers are also often color-blind. Van drivers lead the motorized statistics with a share of 3.2 percent. This is followed by motorcyclists (3%), bus and truck drivers (2.6%) and car drivers (1.9%). In Bavaria (1.74%) and Bremen (1.48%), the ACE registered the fewest red light violations.

In the case of yellow, the nationwide average still passed 5.6 percent of the drivers over the traffic lights, although they were obliged to stop. If the yellow and red light violations are added together, the rate of offenses at traffic lights is over 8 percent.

In many cities, every second driver crosses the stop line of a stop sign without stopping there, as is required. The average rate in Germany is 46.5 percent. Thuringia achieved a negative record with a share of 67 percent.

The violations are not cheap. If you run over a red traffic light (in 2007 this was punished almost 300,000 times in Germany), depending on the traffic situation, you collect 3-4 points in Flensburg and also have to pay between 90 and 360 euros. At the stop sign (around 85,000 violations registered by the police in 2007) 1-3 points and 25-60 euros are due. The "unreported figure" is many times higher for stop sign offenses. This is mainly due to the fact that flashes are much more frequent at traffic lights.

As a result of this behavior on the road, more than 98,000 traffic accidents occurred at traffic lights and intersections in 2007. 413 people were killed (a share of 9.5 percent of all traffic fatalities), 50,000 were often seriously injured. Disregard of the right of way was the cause of 15 percent of all accidents with personal injury.

ACE spokesman Rainer Hillgartner commented on the result of the traffic observation as an alarming sign that casts doubt on the established traffic morale: "We have already got the impression that the stop sign has degenerated into a meaningless street decoration in some places and that a yellow traffic light does not make you stop, but is often misunderstood as an invitation to accelerate."


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