Traffic offenders file: After eight points, the driver’s license is gone


After eight points, the driver‘s license is gone

Traffic offenders file: After eight points, the driver's license is gone-points

The Flensburg point system is radically simplified. The Federal Cabinet has approved a corresponding draft from the Minister of Transport. Now the Bundestag and the federal government still have toCouncil agree before the new regulation comes into force in 2014 at the earliest

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The federal cabinet approves the reform of the Flensburg traffic offenders file. From 2014 rowdies lose their driving license after just eight points. On the other hand, some offenses are punished less severely.

B.undes traffic minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) wants to clear out the Flensburg traffic offenders file. The Federal Cabinet has voted in favor of his bill, which has been hotly debated for months. Whether the changes will come this way is still open. The law still has to go through parliament, and it shouldn’t come into force until 2014 anyway.

The main aim of the reform is to make the system simpler and more transparent. Therefore, the number of point-relevant violations is also reduced

According to the plans of the Minister of Transport, drivers will only receive points in Flensburg for safety-related offenses – such as driving too fast or ignoring red traffic lights. Violations such as driving in an environmental zone without a corresponding sticker should no longer be punished with points in the future.

For reasons of the legal system, this would also have an impact on existing penalty accounts: The points previously allocated for such offenses would then be retrospectively deleted when the reform came into force.

Simplified system

Ramsauer also wants to simplify the system that regulates the number of points imposed per offense and the respective sanction. Depending on the severity, drivers will in future receive either one, two or three points for each abnormality. So far, the sum of the points has varied between one and seven. If a driver has one to three points, nothing happens.

If he reaches four or five points (yellow level) he will be warned. With six or seven points (red level), participation in a fitness to drive seminar is required. Eight points or more (black level) lead to the loss of the driver’s license.

No further training possible

Entries can no longer be removed by means of follow-up training, but there is a different limitation period for this. In the future, the points will expire individually and independently of one another. Offenses with a one-point penalty should be deleted from the central register after two years, two-point offenses after three years. In the case of very serious violations, however, the deadline can be up to eleven years.

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